View Full Version : Buying New PC, Which Is Better?

06-18-2002, 03:00 AM
I\'m buying a new PC for working with Logic audio 5.1.3 + Gigastudio and SoundForge and a lot of plugins.
Which motherboard brands and models and Hard Drives brands and models are recommended?
I\'m thinking about Pentium 4 1.7ghz or Athlon XP+
Can you guys send me a good configuration?
Includding best chipsets for audio, i heard some chipsets are not good for audio aplications.

Thanks a lot.

06-18-2002, 09:41 AM
Ahh..too many options! I prefer the Abit or Asus brand of boards myself. The new Abit Max series is nice. FireWire, USB 2.0, LAN, 5.1soundcard, 333Mhz DDR, ATA-133 RAID, it has it all. However, nVidia is about to release a new nForce board which will be DDR-400 capable, dual lan ports, firewire, usb2, ata-133 raid, soundcard, GeForce 4-mx video, and so on. I am usually not a fan of the fully integrated board, but when it has this much firepower, and still leaves you room for other things, it is something to consider. The soundcard gives you your 5.1 and s/pdif needs, so you can add a GSIF capable board and you are set for GigaStudio. (I recommend the Echo Mia, at $200 it has probably the best 24/96 input/output you\'ll get in that range, with 8 virtual outs and balanced i/o).

Since a DDR-333 board is about as fast as any PIV with the RAMBUS memory, or at least close to it, a DDR-400 board should prove at least as good as any PIV in terms of memory bandwidth. Again, the nForce memory architecture is faster than that of other boards, so if the nForce reviews for the new boards show positive results, I\'ll be moving to that board myself. As I have seen many post, an XP1500+ with 512MB DDR-266 or DDR-333 should be plenty fast to play all 160 voices, assuming a fast 7200RPM hd is used for the sounds. With on-board Raid, I personally see no reason not to set up 2 7200rpm hds with RAID 0 to get even better performance.

On the other hand, the PIV2.5Ghz is a damn fast machine, faster than the XP2200+ at its best in every test. If you got the money, I\'d consider that route. From what I have read, the PIV is more stable with most hardware than the AMD boards.

06-18-2002, 01:11 PM
I just put together two new systems, both with MSI boards. One has the Via KT333 chipset, the other has the Intel 845E chipset. Both have Nvidia video cards (Geforce3 TI200 in the Intel, Geforce4 TI4400 in the Via) Both systems are overclocked, using DDR333. The Intel board has an Intel P4 1.6A CPU overclocked to 2.4GHZ (150 FSB), the Via board has an AMD Athlon 1900XP overclocked to 2100XP (141FSB). Both boards have an Echo MIA card, so I will be able to run Giga on either one. The one with the Via KT333 chip has RAID on board, and 5 PCI slots. The other has 6 PCI slots. Neither have onboard NIC\'s, and both have onboard sound that I disabled (opting for SB Audigy and SB Live, respectively.) Both are running Windows XP. So far, I\'m quite impressed with both systems, and am in the process of giving them major shakedowns before I move my work onto them. (Right now they\'re just really fast DVD and CD burning machines. images/icons/smile.gif )