View Full Version : A welcome to the Game Audio forum from the Moderator.

08-14-2003, 09:33 PM
Welcome to the Northern Sounds Game Audio Forum.

Multimedia has come a long way in the last 10 years. There are teenagers who have grown up seeing interactive games playing an equal roll with movies, computers and telephones in their entertainment landscape. Game previews are seen as often on television as movie trailers, and game soundtracks CD\'s can often be found in stores that sell the latest music, games and videos. There was a time when games just made \"bleeps\" and \"bloops\", but now games are often massive multimedia extravaganzas with top flight voice talent narratives, state of the art live and computer rendered video, and expansive rich orchestral scores and sound effects. Game rendering engines are now pushing the envelope of photo-realism (as sample technology is now pushing the envelop of realism), and the producers of games utilizing this technology demand equally realistic sound and music that have depth and impact.

This being a computer/technology based industry, look away for a moment and you are left in the dust. This is precisely why a forum like this is so important, especially here at Northern Sounds: a free exchange of ideas, innovation and information is essential to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of sound and music. Since I began reading posts at the Northern Sounds BBS three years ago, I have to say it has often raised my awareness of many new ideas and technologies, and has forced me to improve my own music to reach for the very high standards so often exhibited here. I have to say, learning from my interviews with many other composers (especially in the game business), that the regulars here at the NSBBS have a distinct advantage in technique and knowledge over everybody else. Since many of the leaders in sound, sample and music technology contribute here, we all enjoy a very unique advantage in the music business. The regulars here just know things that others on the \"outside\" don\'t. We can all continue to benefit from this advantage by contributing to these forums.

I, as a member of G.A.N.G., will consider this forum a first cousin of the Game Audio Network Guild forum, and indeed, I will be culling some conventional wisdom from that forum and posting it here with their permission, which they have granted. (This BBS is often referenced there.) I know there are some questions (and answers) that come up time and again which were answered there and we can repost here. Questions like, \"How do I get into the game business\", and \"How do I get a game industry job\". Exercise some patience before posing such obvious questions, and I will have some good source material posted here for your reference.

I do hope that composers and sound designers not related to the game industry will check in: many of the issues people in the game industry have are faced in the industry outside of games. I do think that game music and audio has matured to the point of being very related to movie, TV and other multimedia music. Additionally, game music and audio brings interactive sound and music to the table, and advances in this arena will have far reaching effect on all multimedia. Also, the game industry has exceeded the movie industry in income, so it is in the interest of all composers and sound designers to at least keep their eye on this industry.

In conclusion, I urge all to contribute to this forum, and find ways to give back for what they have learned here at the Northern Sounds BBS. My special thanks to the guys at Northern Sounds for making this all possible.