View Full Version : Need recommendations for Chicago area studios

08-18-2003, 09:01 AM

I need recomendations for studios in the Chicago area.

I need to get a vocal from an artist who recently moved from Nashville to Chicago.

We\'re trying to set it up for Wed or Thurs of this week (I know, short notice).

This vocalist is quite good, and wouldn\'t require a lot of time, maybe an hour, 2 at the most.

I need to find a place with a good engineer, because I wasn\'t planning on making the trip. Just Fed-exing audio files. I use Logic, but could make submixes that could be brought into a Protools session, or other DAW.

Preferably a commercial facility, but perhaps someone\'s private facility, if the gear used for a vocal chain was admirable.

If anyone has any suggestions, I\'m all ears. You could PM me if you wish.

Thank you.