View Full Version : Selling more gear

04-27-2003, 10:28 PM
Well, QLSO is coming soon, VSL is out, and I\'ve got a bunch of stuff sitting around. (I also need a furnace and central air, so we\'ll see what takes precedence. images/icons/smile.gif )


Carvin HT150 150W Power Amp $150
Yamaha TX802 Rack Synth (DX7 II Rack) $200
Novation A-Station $400
Red Sound Elevata $275
Rocktron Chameleon 2000 Preamp $200
E-Mu Techno Synth Construction Yard $175
Terratec DMX 6 Fire PCI Soundcard $200
Frontier Group Dakota PCI Soundcard $300

Everything\'s in great condition, the A-Station and Elevata are new. PM me or respond in this thread if interested.



I\'ve removed the Suzuki Keyman, POD and Bass POD Pros, and XL1, as they\'ve sold.