View Full Version : best sounding native (VST/DX) EQ, Comp and Reverb plugin except Waves stuff

04-20-2003, 12:02 PM
greez to all,

pls vote for the best sounding VST/DX EQ (parametric 6 Band), Comp (1 Band) and Reverb except Waves stuff (also: i dont need those 3 being optimized for mastering purposes but for insert chain puposes in sequencer still).
i am aware of the very good quality of the Waves EQ, C1, and Renaissance Verb but cant go for Waves for financial reasons.
i heard TC Bundle is good but are all 3 mentioned desired components (EQ,Comp,Reverb) good or is it eg. just the Reverb. then i was told that Timeworks stuff is good but here as well i ask myself if it might eg. only partially be good so it would be wise to go for the TC Bundle AND the Timeworks one to use eg. only the Reverb from TC and the EQ and Comp from Timeworks due to individual quality reasons.

pls post ur favourite (best sounding = only quality counts to me not the cpu load!) plugz for the 3 mentioned purposes here mentioning the plugin\'s name and manufacturer name.

one love,