View Full Version : OK techno/Dance buffs...Some live performance questions???

Brian W. Ralston
04-11-2003, 06:05 PM
Ok....mainly I am looking to find out the \"vocoder\" equipment I need to make a vocalist in live performance have that robotic sound to her voice. Specifically....like in the Cher song \"Believe\" (I know...I know...its Cher....but really). Her vocals in that song are pretty normal except on a few lyric lines, where her voice becomes kind of robotic. How easy is it to do that in a live performance? What equipment would be needed in a live performance to run the mic through, etc....

I am sure this would be easier to do on a pre-recorded track and use some plug-in later...but I need to have the ability live. Any thoughts. Thanks guys!

04-11-2003, 06:23 PM
\"Believe\" was recorded with Digitech \"Talker\".
Digitech makes a couple of more \"pro\" voice boxes...
So check out digitech..

Oh, and please don\'t put techno buffs together with Cher, it\'s almost insulting..hehe.. images/icons/wink.gif

good luck,


Brian W. Ralston
04-12-2003, 12:07 AM
Thanks Alex...I will look into that. Yea....the Cher song was the best thing that came to mind as an example for some reason.....the song I am working on is for a musical I am working on....and it has some Techno/Dance music that will be performed live on stage in a couple scenes. (Kind of different for a \"Broadway\" like show).

But of course....My background is all classical and the electronic music stuff is new to me....but I am having a ball learning about it and trying to make it all work out live.

Perhaps soon I can post some examples of some of the musical demos we have done. The show will open in LA soon.

Anyway...thanks Alex.