View Full Version : BD & Bassline: Attack & Release detail question

04-09-2003, 07:21 PM
greez to all,

when it comes to Attack and Release adjustement of mostly BDs and Basslines i ask myself what would be best to do:

is it useful to adjust the Attack first in the sound source\'s menu (VSTi/HardwareSynth- Sampler) and then still the compressor own Attack setting when puttin a compressor over it where u have to adjust Attack and release in any case? a compressor will never sound well if not setting the Attack release values to the appropriate value but is it maybe better eg. for stepping BDs to leave the Attack to 0 in the sound source\'s menu (even if it doesnt fit in the groove quite well at this point) and then just use the added compressor\'s Attack setting to make it fit in the groove? or would u say it is better to kind of set the Attack value twice which means first in the sound source\'s menu and then later again when adding the compressor (in the compressor menu).

thx for nfo,