View Full Version : keyboard fixing

03-16-2003, 10:57 AM
I have a Fatar Studio 610plus controller. The G# key (right smack in the middle, 31 of 61 keys) quit working. I\'ve torn it apart several times with no better results. the mechanics of the key seems fine and nothing different than the others. the rubber trigger pad works fine like the others do. When it\'s put back together, the G# key still doesn\'t work. This is driving me nuts! I\'ve fixed broken keys in the past (....ex-wife images/icons/mad.gif ) and this seems like a simple fix.
I use this controller for semi-weighted key stuff and I could live without the middle key (transpose), of course fixing it would be the best idea. My other controller is Fatar 880.

any help?

Aaron Dirk