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Scott Cairns
03-13-2003, 07:26 PM
Hi, I just thought I would share this with everyone...

Last night I managed to set Cubase as the master and Vegas as the slave on the same machine.

The reason I did this is that Vegas lets you output full screen video via firewire without losing your second monitor (something Cubase won’t do). I used Midi over Lan+ to create a local pipe. This is specifically for connecting one midi device to another on the same machine.

Initially I had no luck until I realized that I had different frame rates set on the two applications. The playback was a little jerky at times and this is something I will be experimenting with, trying different resolutions/codecs/formats etc.

This means I am now running midi and vst’s from cubase (plus triggering Gigastudio) and audio/video from Vegas. As the song progresses the plan is to render the tracks until everything is in Vegas.

No doubt some of you are already doing this type of thing, but as it was a bit of a “voyage of discovery” for me, I thought I would share it in the hope that it might help someone out, somewhere along the way.

Regards, Scott.

03-23-2003, 03:44 PM
Hi Scott,

Very interesting! I\'m gonna be doing a few short films soon, so it\'s good to hear some options for syncing up video with Cubase. The video options in Cubase 5.1 were rather lacking (ie., probs with quicktime clips, no audio playback) so its always great to hear some other approaches.

Houston Haynes
03-28-2003, 06:34 AM
Scott - sounds quite interesting. I have ACID Pro 4.0 and have thought about it - but right now I\'m simply using the video window in Cubase SX.

Quick Q: What kind of monitor are you using off of the firewire port?


Scott Cairns
03-28-2003, 07:31 AM
Hi Houston, I am actually outputting to a television. THat\'s the beauty of the firewire out. You can\'t actually go directly out from the firewire to a TV though, you need either a handycam or a converter. For me it is the latter, I bought an ADVC 100 made by Canopus (\"http://www.canopus.com/US/products/advc-100/pm_advc-100.asp\").

It\'s quite handy as I can capture analog or digital through the ADVC 100 plus output both too.

When I clean up the office/studio a bit I\'ll post some pics of my setup. I actually got a carpenter to build me a shelf like Hans Zimmer has, the computer monitors sit under it, the TV on top and the speakers either side. The only difference being that I dont have a gazillion dollar plasma TV screen in my setup!

Actually similiar to this; http://www.macawinteractive.com.au/images/hans-zimmer.jpg