View Full Version : Just an observation (re: samples for rock music)

03-05-2003, 07:57 AM
I think I hang around here too much. images/icons/smile.gif Lately I\'ve been working with a band, playing drums for them. (They\'re a big Journey tribute band here in Dallas,Tx) They are seasoned gigging musicians for over 15 years. I finally got the nerve to play some of my home brew music for them. Instantly the guitar players (guitar,bass) said the tone was really good, good guitar playing, they thought the overall mix was great. They asked \"isn\'t that DropD Tuning\". Trust me, it was pretty amazing to see their faces when I told them everything on the tunes were sampled instruments, and then they just got outright mad when I told them it was played via a keyboard. images/icons/smile.gif

Hanging out with you composer types has really made me strive to get a more realistic sound from my samples. However it is worth thinking that probably the majority of our listening public couldn\'t care less if our music consisted of samples or live musicians, as long as the music sounded good to them. images/icons/smile.gif