View Full Version : High Priced Libraries = Better Support?

03-01-2003, 06:07 AM
I just got finished reading a thread in another forum here and basically everyone was cheering the developer for wonderful support and \"free\" updates, etc.

Now, keep in mind the library costs close to $1000.00 if I\'m not mistaken. images/icons/wink.gif

After reading the thread I realized NONE of the libraries I have purchased have EVER offered free updates or add ons, etc. Granted my most expensive library is well under $1000.00 but I was very envious of the level of support this developer is giving to his customers.

I can\'t help but think this was in the business plan when they first priced the library. I mean how much would they have sold it for if they simply said there will be no updates, no free add ons, etc.

All of the \"extras\" thrown in after the point of sale (support, free updates, etc) really makes the $1000.00 investment alot easier to digest. These guys are getting top notch support, FREE updates, FANTASTIC!! images/icons/smile.gif

My question is, would you guys be happier paying a higher price tag for sample libraries if they offered free updates, GOOD customer support, etc? Or is the initial point of sale price more important?

Personally, I know I\'ll never look at JUST the price tag ever again. I will research the company and find out how their customer support is, IF they offer free updates, etc.

I would think ANYONE planning to buy some of the newer libraries either available now or coming out soon should research the company behind the product to see what kind of support, updates you will get.

At what price tag should we EXPECT good customer service and timely updates or add ons?

03-01-2003, 10:25 AM
I would gladly pay extra for the support like Gary gives us on Garritan Strings. I suppose how much extra would be directly proportional to what type of support/updates are being offered. But in general more support would equal more cash from me! I think Gary has set the bar and perhaps expectations for high end sample libraries.

I could even see a subscription based library that allows the developer to continue developing a library. I haven\'t thought the subscription thing through, but it seems to me that this route would continue to infuse cash into the developers work and allow for a more open ended library.

Anyway, I feel good customer service is a very valuable commodity and I\'ll gladly shell out extra to get it!

03-01-2003, 02:01 PM
Customer suppoprt is certainly worth the extra money, but I have to begin with the quality and usefulness of the product.

I don\'t own GOS, and probably never will, because the music I create does not require orchestrally complex strings. But if I were to begin writing this way, I would jump on GOS because the support offered has been proven to be of extraordinary quality.

OTOH, I sequence with Digital Performer, even though the technical support sucks, because MOTU continues to offer updates, some free, some not, and the product continues to evolve, and does what I need 99% of the time.

In the end, it comes down to: do you get what you need? If tech support is important to you, go with the product that offers it and be willing to pay more. If you don\'t feel you need the support, and a cheaper product offers what is important to you, save the money. And if a product is more expensive, but doesn\'t sound good to you, and has poor support... images/icons/rolleyes.gif


03-01-2003, 05:58 PM
Some would argue that a library that needs updates means it wasnt \"right\" from the beginning.

Tho, thats pretty ignorant if you ask me. Considering that nothing is ever \"right\" for every application.

I think in Gary\'s eyes its more about giving the users what they want, and you only find that AFTER they have the lib. I do think Gary should atleast charge for the shipping/replication costs tho.

Nick\'s also provided Free Updates, as well as Scarbee I believe, SI is supporting their SISS user base.

I think updates are a great idea, they dont necessarily have to be free, but I dont think they should be over 50 bucks if they are actually UPDATES.