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02-28-2003, 05:06 AM
I\'d just like to take the time out and tell you about a little story I like to call \"Russell Cox and the Flying Car.\" No, it\'s not like Harry Potter and Ron Weasley\'s trip to Hogwarts in their second year, with all sorts of magical elements and such, but it does have a moral so it\'ll be worth your read.

Our story begins on a dingy little road called I-240. The dingy little road has an exit called Lamar / Birmingham with a pretty deep ditch separating the two. The car in question ( a gorgeous black 1998 Nissan Altima GLE ) is driving down the dingy little road when the driver notices that an accident occured on the left side of the road. Naturally, traffic migrated to the right side of the road, so the driver did as well.

However, for some reason unknown, the steering wheel in the gorgeous car jerked to the right hard and the driver wasn\'t able to control the vehicle. The vehicle was going along with the flow of traffic, but the flow of traffic was going about 70-75 MPH. The car carrened into the ditch between the exit and the dingy little road. The car was going so fast that the ditch could not stop it and the car went up on the other side of the ditch. The force of the speed prior to losing control and the angle of the ditch propelled the car into the air and the car flew across the exit (the two shoulders and three lanes I might add) and landed in the ditch on the other side of the exit. The car spun 360 degrees and finally came to a stop when it slammed into a concrete embankment on its left side.

The embankment wasn\'t small -- there is a 10-12 foot drop into the waterway (which is about two feet deep in itself). The car slammed into the embankment as such an angle and speed that the car was resting on the embankment at a degree of about 50-60 degrees. The car, thankfully, did *not* tip over into the waterway. Miracously enough, the driver crawled out of the car with the only problems being stuttering, aphexia, shot nerves, and shock. The police officer who witnessed the entire event filed the report and handed a ticket to the driver of the now ugly mangled 1998 Nissan Altima GLE (missing the entire rear bumper, all four wheels knocked out of alignment, two tires blown completely off the rims, both axles ruined, and the engine literally crushed from the concrete embankment)

Moral of the story isn\'t drive safely, as I drive safely everywhere and this happened out of the blue. Don\'t take life for granted; you just never know when the unexpected will happen and can never be prepared. Tell your \'other\' or family members you love them. Have the ice cream sundae and screw your diet Life\'s too short to focus on the little things and forget actually *living* your life. I\'m going to be sore as hell for the next week -- no doubt about that as the impact literally slammed me into the driver side door and I slipped numerous times trying to get out the passanger side of the car and bruises are still appearing as I type this.

I did learn one thing though -- I\'ve never been to a hospital before now and will do my best to never have to go. I love how \"Emergency\" corresponds to a two hours waiting perdiod to be called back into a room, another two hours to be seen by the doctor, and one more hour to receive your discharge papers.

Good side is, the car is more than likely totaled so the money from the insurance money will pay that off. Then, most of the money that was going to the car will be going to buy gigs (first purchase will be either VSL or SI more than likely).


*forgive any grammatical and spelling errors -- I\'m too tired to go backa nd fix them*

03-02-2003, 03:10 PM
I think you\'ve got the wrong message board. This is a MUSIC forum.

03-02-2003, 08:22 PM
This is also the Off Topic General Discussion which is perfectly fine for this kind of post.

03-03-2003, 12:32 AM
Really? Wow! I didn\'t know that this was a site for music!

*snarls in sarcasm*

If you want to be technical, this *isn\'t* a forum, or site, for music. It\'s a place for the samples that composers and hobbyists use to congregate and discuss past, new, and future libraries.