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02-25-2003, 02:52 PM
Hi. Im just reading all that comes into my hands on the topic of mastering, to see if I can get closer to getting that elusive \"commercial\" edge to my work.

Admittedly this is tough as hell, especially when you master your own pieces, as opposed to giving it to someone else which would come with a more objective point of view, but nevertheless...

Heres a theme I wrote less than a couple of months ago: Unmastered baroque piece (\"http://usuarios.lycos.es/Netvudu/Images/BaroqueTheme.mp3\")

and heres the mastered version Mastered baroque piece (\"http://usuarios.lycos.es/Netvudu/Images/BaroqueThemeMasteringTest.mp3\")

Theres way more than loudness maximizing, but as usual were talking about subtle stuff.

I think it sounds somewhat too treble, but I could be loosing some perspective too.

Please, point anything you think that could be improved here...


02-26-2003, 01:16 PM
If you dont reply Im not going to be able to disagree with you =p

02-26-2003, 09:03 PM
netvudu I am here!! Yes sometimes it seems like posts get ignored after a very short while. I think you should post it in another area as well. I have seen the mastering topic in other sections of this fine forum.

Sooo... it sounds great! It\'s a nice little composition to begin with, but your mastering truly brought out your basses to the front. Significantly more powerful. If it is a bit trebley it\'s only by a fraction. All in all I quite liked the difference.

What exactly did you use and what is your system.
I\'m also curious about your sample libraries. Very nice strings for baroque.
Good work, just keep doing what you\'re doing

a new guy

02-27-2003, 05:48 PM
hi Cristian. Thanks for replying.

Thanks also for the praising on the composition part. This is a really simple piece as you can see, and I just made it to start playing with orchestral arrangements and put into practice the harmony theory Im reading right now.
I thought baroque was great to start with a string theme.

Im very glad you think it sounds good.

As for your other questions, I must first warn you that my main advantage is that one of my best friends works as a sound tech and also teaches sound at a local college, so he has some expensive stuff. Although he also owns AO, I think I used MV strings (no Giga stuff though).
As for mastering, I used several Waves plugins. I think he acquired them in some sort of mastering-oriented bundle.

I must point that Im aware of sample libs rights, and thats precisely why I am not making anything but personal stuff (no pro stuff) with his samples.Ive been making a deep study of demos and libs for the last months to see what I will be buying when I have some money as Ill be in a tight budget.
I really need my own libs, as I cannot be at my friends place all the time I would like to, and I have several themes written that I would like to hear properly instead of played with GM.

Anyway, I hope I answered your questions.