View Full Version : Compatibility Problems On Stand Alone Instruments?

02-16-2003, 01:46 PM
This has me concerned to say the least.

Instruments that are 100% stand alone run the risk of being incompatible with your system configuration just as \"any other\" software you install on your computer.

No developer can assume their software is going to run on everyone\'s machine. Especially under Windows. images/icons/smile.gif

With computer software, if it \"just won\'t work\" with your system configuration you simply get your money back. As a software developer I run into this situation everyday. We just finally stopped trying to dispute it after all the chargeback fees we accumulated. images/icons/frown.gif

Eventually we ended up developing versions that expired in a few days, then they were able to purchase and download the full version.

Hopefully developers who decide to offer their instruments as stand alone programs will offer lite or demo versions so we can test them before purchasing, that would solve the potential problem 100%, but what should happen if they don\'t offer a demo?

Do we purchase the program, install it, only to find out it won\'t work or it has caused problems with \"other\" installed applications?

I hope Yellow Tools and East West decide to make lite/demo versions for testing. When I think back of all the nightmares I have had getting my DAW/Giga rigs stable it scares the bajeebas out of me to think what a incompatible install could do to my system. (Anyone else ever have the domino effect?)

Anyone else concerned about this?

02-16-2003, 03:45 PM
Yellow Tools ahs demos of Culture I believe on their site.

dont they all run on the kompakt engine?

02-16-2003, 05:06 PM
I think East/West is using a Konkat runtime engine, YellowTools has designed their own engine I believe. I hope EW follows Yellow Tools route and they offer demo versions of their products. Especially for you guys that are going to purchase $3000.00 worth of their Orchestra tools. I would think installing, testing, would be a HUGE consideration before you actually purchase it?

Personally I\'m looking at buying Hardcore Bass, Strom Drums and Atmosphere. But I have NO IDEA how I\'m going to get everything to run on 1-2 machines plus run my Sequencer and Gigastudio.

PLEASE oh PLEASE offer demo versions!!