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Joris de Man
02-06-2003, 03:04 PM
I had to rename this thread since naughty words are not allowed on this board...

Anyway, my reply was:

Yep, sometimes I wonder why I\'m still sticking with the Mac...and then I remember Logic, Protools, Soundhack, Metasynth, Altiverb etc.
I have a PC at work and at home which I use for some occasional editing and Gigastudio, but for some reason it never feels as \'solid\' as a mac.

After a long search I found 1 dealer that still had an older model left...but he wouldn\'t give me a discount (the newer dual 1ghz was $100 cheaper than the older one he is offering), so I left it and looked around some more. I really hate having to go back to him tommorow and do his deal:)

I\'m sure there\'s an anorak somewhere at Apple who\'s got a funky pie chart that can explain the economic sense in crippling new macs this way, but for customers like me (and about anybody else who uses a mac for serious audio) it is a severe pain in the bottom. Why should I commit to a company that screws over it\'s own userbase and doesn\'t even support it\'s own operating system?

The worst thing is that despite all this crap I\'ll be buying that Mac tommorow :-\\



Joris de Man
02-07-2003, 07:02 AM
Hey Lee,

I agree that OS X is a big step forward. I use it at home on my PB and love it (well, most of it anyway). The stabillity it brings and improved performance (potentially, anyway:) are much needed upgrades for the Apple platform.

However, what I don\'t like is being forced to use it when Apple thinks I should. Sure, Protools is out this month; but part of Protools charm is the plugins for it and although many company\'s have shown their commitment to X, it will still be a while before all these are converted..
And just like with the move to PT HD, some of the much loved plugins will be lost in the move.
But it is just part of the issue, for me the problem is that quite a lot of the tools that I use everyday are not yet OS X compatible..sure, they will be, but they aren\'t yet.
I want this machine to be an upgrade, and forcing me to use X would mean that at least, for the time being, it would be a downgrade in terms of functionality.
Apple could have easily solved this by at least allowing users to boot OS 9 for the time being, until everything is ready for X, but they chose not to, and that is my point. Deliberatly crippling the firmware as to not run OS 9 is in my opinion at least, messing with your customers.