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02-08-2004, 03:13 AM
like many others here, GPO is my first experience with orchestral samples, orchestrating midi, and orchestration in general. it\'s the first time i\'ve written for any instrument besides the guitar. i was gonna try a black metal/GPO crossover kinda thing, but i don\'t have the ability quite yet to complete anything epic. so this one\'s more simpler, smaller (maybe even a bit general.) i used only solo instruments. all done within cubase sx with a mouse and an Oxygen 8.

it\'s simply entitled...
How to Cheat Death Without Looking Like a Hack (\"http://www.geocities.com/e3eeeeee/HowToCheatDeathWithoutLookingLikeaHack.mp3\")

since it is on a geocities site, you probably need to right-click save (alt-click save). hopefully this works.

tips, suggestions appreciated.


02-11-2004, 05:28 PM
So, now you are right back on the top images/icons/smile.gif

I remember that i did listen to it before, but usually i have already changed page when im done listening to it. And besides, im not that good to comment this kind of music.

My opinions.
At first it sounds very 1600 but then the oboe turns it into something jazzy (!?). Its hard to explain this in any emotional way since im not english and therefore its not my motherlanguage. The instruments interact with each other in a very good way. I want to hear more music as you evolve. The piano in the end sounds like an improvation(?). Hard words from me: either leave it out of the song or improve it. images/icons/smile.gif I know you can improve the piano so no wet eyes here. Oh gosh! What have i done!? Great, now i have to listen to requiem to make peace with myself.
Geez, im full of jibberish. Sorry.
Try to play it slower and ad more fealings to it. Express what it is that you are trying to say with it. I usually try to think about what it is that i have written .. describing it in motions and pictures, and then i ad that to the piece in some way or another.

Everything is clear as a nutcake? Great!

02-11-2004, 11:34 PM
thanks for the helpful comments and the gracious bump.

actually i was worried it was too slow for my tastes! maybe because i\'m so used to music that\'s 200+ bpm? but yeah, it seems rushed at times.

i\'m also a fan of crossbreeding styles (i listen to too much final fantasy music) but maybe i\'m sacrificing some emotion in the process of favoring style choice? i think you\'re right about the last 2-4 bars of piano. i guess i was trying for something \'cynical\' but now that i hear it again it is kinda flat.

thanks for the encouragement. i\'ll keep your advice in mind in the next comp (coming soon).

not to reiterate my narcism once again, but if anyone else is interested i moved this demo to a Soundclick site, here:

HtCDWLLaH (\"http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/3emusic.htm\")

good luck to the other novices like me.