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His Frogness
04-06-2003, 03:53 PM
Hiya All,
I\'m excited to be initiating my membership into the prestigous on-line forums for GOS. What a library, eh? Anyway, it\'s been a real nightmare getting my DAW up and running.

This would be a 3 page post if I documented all the problems, but to be poignant, I bought Giga in January and finally got it all working last week. I\'m running SX on a Dell P4 2.8 with 1.5 gigs of Ram, and my Giga machine\'s an AMD 2.2 with 1.5 gigs of RAM. Both have the MOTU 2408 interface which I have connected through light-pipe. OH Yeah, I\'m ready for some serious music production! (btw, I would not recommend running Giga on the Asus A7N8Xdel boards, cool as they are).

So about MT, I\'m not sure if it\'s working. Should there be a big difference in sound when the alt up&down is functioning correctly? I searched the forums but all the relevant posts were about Giga and sequencers on the same machine. I\'ve yet to afford the MOTU Timepiece, so I\'m stuck with a Midiman 2X2 on the Giga machine, and I\'m using a Creative SB Live card on the Dell to send midi through the game port into the Midiman. That parts working, and I\'ve recorded some material just fine, but when I throw MT into the loop, I can\'t hear much of a difference. I\'ve followed the getting started guide to a tee. One thing would clarify this a lot. When MT is working, does the midi controller surface in Giga display the patterns alternated, as it would if you selected every other note in the sequence and transposed it up 3 octaves?(Cubase\'s sequence editor goes all the way to C-2 and I\'ve been inserting the trigger in A-2, A-1, A0 and A1, LOL) Also, is it possible to have MT set up incorrectly, but still hear the sequences played back? Any thoughts would be appreciated and, again, it\'s nice to be here images/icons/smile.gif

04-07-2003, 02:07 PM
His Frogness,

Welcome to the forum and glad you hopped into the GOS pond.

What MaestroTools does is Toadly awesome and you should notice quite a difference. There seems to be a wart in your installation or maybe something in your system just croaked. It could be the Windows device limitation bug. Bugs make frogs happy but are annoying for musicians. It seems that when MIDI devices exceed a certain limit, they disappear as if there\'s some sort of croaking device. Microsoft denies this but they are rumored to be amFIBians.

Please give me a call and we can troubleshoot the issues and you will turn into a happy prince. Ribbit! images/icons/grin.gif



Francis Belardino
04-07-2003, 02:43 PM
Welcome to the GOS family images/icons/smile.gif

Hey there, Gary!

04-07-2003, 08:33 PM
Must be raining a lot up there in Washington! Gary\'s getting a little jumpy!

04-09-2003, 06:27 PM
(btw, I would not recommend running Giga on the Asus A7N8Xdel boards, cool as they are)

I have no problems with mine... Just curious as to why you say this?


His Frogness
04-09-2003, 07:12 PM
Originally posted by JWB:
(btw, I would not recommend running Giga on the Asus A7N8Xdel boards, cool as they are)

I have no problems with mine... Just curious as to why you say this?

Jon <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well it\'s a long story. I should\'ve clarified that I was building this box SOLELY for Giga. I bought that board for a gaming box but ended up using it for the Giga box cause I ran out of cash and needed a working Giga box pronto. So, the Sound Storm chip is bypassed and doesn\'t support GSIF (not a biggie, I was gonna use my MOTU 2408 anyway)but it\'s lame that I can\'t take advantage of the S/P-Dif connection. You only get RAID on the Serial ATA, which kinda ticked me off cause all the advertisments I saw just said RAID. Toms Hardware advised against running RAM at 400 even though it supports it, and that was confirmed by 2 retailers, so I didn\'t even try. Ever since I\'ve gotten it up and running it\'s blue screened a lot and Giga generates errors a lot. Finally, the first board showed up DOA and Asus was MOVING at that time so it took 2 weeks just to talk to someone and 3 weeks after that to get a replacement.

95% of all my whining would\'ve been avoided had I done more research, but when compared to any other NForce2 board, well, there is no comparison, the A7N just can\'t be beat. I\'m not saying there\'s huge problems with it, just if someone was going to build a box from scratch exclusively for Giga, I\'d tell them to look around for something a little more tailored to audio production, if such a board does exist. Actually, it does exist, and it\'s in a G4. If I had to go through that again I\'d probably find a nice used Mac.

So did you build your computer from scratch? Have you experienced any problems at all?

04-09-2003, 08:26 PM
Actually in my case it was an upgrade to the nForce2 chipset after my Abit board died. My original Asus A7N8X also had problems but was quickly replaced by the vendor. I disabled the onboard sound and only run my Aardvark 24/96 breakout box with the latest XP drivers (GSIF support finally! images/icons/tongue.gif )

Ironically I\'m able to run GigaStudio 160, Sonar 2.2, and all my Giga files (on a separate partition) on one machine. Most people have problems with this configuration. The nForce2 is amazing and since I\'ve always liked AMD processors, the A7N8X was the best choice IMO. As for problems... luckily not one!

Glad your happy with your setup...now go make some music with GOS!


His Frogness
04-09-2003, 11:22 PM
Well I\'m glad to say that there was nothing wrong with win2k but rather, as is usually the case, I\'m a total moron. I had selected port 1 in MT and set 1 and 2 to mono so when I went back into Giga and heard simultaneous notes playing understood this to mean that MT was not working when, in actuality, my keyboard was going to port 2, and cubase was going to port 1. So, just to update everyone, my new uber-DAW has gone 3 days without a blue screen and I\'m gradually tweeking the bugs out of existence. Now, if I can just figure out why sometimes my CPU usage is at 30% when idle, I\'ll be stoked images/icons/smile.gif \'nother topic, \'nother forum I guess. Thanks for all your help Gary.