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Scott Cairns
03-10-2003, 06:00 AM
Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have actually deleted some of the samples in the GOS library to save on disk space/overall file size and if so which ones?

Please don\'t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect to this awesome library, however, I feel that some of the samples are ones that I may never use.

I remember reading that Dave Govett went and deleted the REL patches. (At least I\'m pretty sure they were the ones he mentioned, sorry if I\'m wrong Dave!)

Has anyone cleared out any other files? Personally, I\'m not so sure that I would use more than a few of the SUS and Detache patches.

Also, is anyone using the WARM patches or do you prefer to make your own adjustments via EQ tweaks and wet/dry ratio\'s of reverb?

Please, I hope no one takes my questions the wrong way in regard to GOS, if anything half the playing techniques are wasted on me bacause of my abilities (or lack of) not the library itself.

Regards, Scott.

Tom Hopkins
03-10-2003, 01:07 PM

There are a lot of instruments in GOS. Many are variations that are intended to allow users to choose the ones most suited to their favored working methods. When I was programming these I fully expected users to become familiar with the choices and then delete the ones that were not needed – if only to gain greater clarity in the list of available instruments. Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. If you load a .gig file into the instrument editor, highlight and delete the ones you won’t need, and then save the file, none of the unused samples will be deleted from the sample pool. If at some future date you wish to “get back” the instruments you deleted this can be accomplished by applying the appropriate articulation file from the “revert” folder of the last update. If you have made custom modifications to your instruments you could still do this if you first saved an articulation file before you deleted the unneeded instruments.
2. If you wished to save HD space by also deleting any unused samples just do a “Save limited, unreferenced samples.” Keep in mind that if you do this the only way to return to the original instrument list would be to reload the .gig file from your original library CDs or DVDs. Articulation files won’t do it once some of the wave files have been removed.

The new update will include reduced RAM versions of the library (with some input from Dave). These are also reduced instrument-count versions. Generally, only the most advanced, RAM intensive instruments are included in these reduced versions. These are the instruments that most tax users systems. Some of these .gig files have been reduced to a small fraction of the original instrument count – just the most expressive choices. Since it’s a short list of choices it’s much less confusing to find the files you require. A similar approach could be employed by a user who wished to create a custom list of instruments.


P.S. I prefer to use my own EQ, not the WARM instruments. It’s considerably more flexible to use a multi-band parametric EQ than the rudimentary low pass filters in GigaStudio. Also, the filters in Giga are never completely out of the circuit even when set to be “neutral.” A small amount of high frequencies are always attenuated. That’s why the feature wasn’t built into all instruments but, rather, placed in separate WARM instruments.

Scott Cairns
03-11-2003, 04:34 PM
Hi Tom, thanks very much for your reply. I have now \"trimmed down\" the library to my satisfaction. The good thing is, now I am not faced with so many options for each patch! I can scroll through the list faster and find what I want.

Regards, Scott.