View Full Version : 16th Triplets

Steve Lum
01-22-2003, 02:32 PM
[EDIT] OOPS! Sorry... missed the huge \'Developers\' sign at the door. 1000 Pardons!

I\'m a GOS Lite user (wish I had mo\' money:)) and have been working with it for, say, six months. Most things I can do fairly convincingly, but I haven\'t settled on a good way to do fast phrases.

I play guitar, and often in fast phrases one doesn\'t always pick each note, but might \'hammer\' through groups, as appropriate/required, picking only when changing strings or on metrical accents. I assume string players do something similar with their bows... sorta like \'fast legato\' ? (oxymoron?) Is this true?

Would anyone care to comment on their technique for fast phrases with GOS?