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Paul Nicholls
01-19-2003, 10:31 PM

I am a relatively new user of GigaStudio and GOS, and I am also coming back to use them after a few months working on another project. I have a Mac with Sibelius and Logic runnng on it. I find when I send MIDI messages to change a GOS program that GigaStudio is not responding. Bad news, since I at least need to be able to change from Pizz to Arco. I remember that changing programs using MIDI messages, just like a hardware sampler, was one of GIgaStudio\'s most valued features and certainly essential to getting convincing string parts out of the program. I would like to at least know I am correct in that assumption before I engage in my troubleshooting. If there is a preference place in GS that allows MIDI program changes I would like to know where it is, because I have not found it yet?


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Andy Brick
01-20-2003, 11:16 PM
Hey Paul,

Can you get regular note data? If so than the chances are you have a midi data routing problem. Try this:

Create and solo a track in your sequencer of nothing but patch change data. In the lower left hand corner of Gigastudio there are midi status lights indicating midi activity on the incoming midi ports. If those dont flash than Gigastudio is not seeing any patch data in which case the problem is most likely not due to Gigastudio. In addition to normal signal routing trouble shooting, make sure you check to see if your giga setup is expecting to see midi data via Maestro Tools. If it is, and you dont have MT active, I dont believe you will get any midi data coming into GS

If it does blink than it could very well be that you are sending an incorrect bank change message. Make sure you have not only the correct patch numbers but the correct bank select commands (cntrl. 32 & 0 )

What you are trying to do is definitely doable as I have about 300 patches loaded into my default orchestral setup. Via MOTUs Patchlist Manager I have created 4 seperate bank change commands then I assign each of the 4 ports of gigastudio 160 to its own bank.

This setup allows me to load the 1/2 RAM GOS into port 4 while selecting any of the GOS patches via bank 4 commands, Miroslav Brass go on port 3 with bank 3 commands and a Miroslav Brass patchlist assigned to that bank . I do similar things for the winds and percussion.

Good luck


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01-21-2003, 12:47 AM
Giga Studio accepts program change.
It also uses control change #0 and #32 to change patch.

Think program change as street number, CC #32 as street name, and CC#0 as city name, state and zip.

Giga studio see any midi number between 0 to 127.
But some software see between 1 to 128. In that case, you have to fix input number.

Sorry, my poor English.

Paul Nicholls
01-21-2003, 01:25 AM
HI Ken and Andy,

Thanks very much for the info, I think I am sending out my patch changes using the wrong controller number. I was certain that GS could do this sort of patch change and I the note data and some volume control changes where being sent properly. I think I just have to get my code right in Sibelius to get this job done. I will try out what you suggest and get back to you. Also see how Logic handles this stuff.


Paul Nicholls

Steve Lum
01-22-2003, 02:40 PM
Another possibility.. I don\'t know about your specific sequencing software, but in Sonar a patch change can also include bank information, and if your bank/patch pair don\'t match Gigastudio\'s map, the instruction may have unintended results, including none. That\'s usually the source of my patch woes.