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12-14-2002, 03:12 PM
If there were a program that, once run, would install itself, and some system drivers, and fail to uninstall, and change all your existing midi setups, and require that it be run with GigaStudio all the time, no matter what your intentions ....

if the program warned you in advance, you wouldn\'t dare run it?

On Win xp, anyway, Maestro Tools is such a beast -- but it does not warn you in advance.

The tools might have redeeming qualities, but any program with these characteristics gets me more than a little annoyed. It took a good while with regedit to clean up and get my working programs and sequences to work again.

12-14-2002, 04:27 PM

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. The best thing to do when you experience problems is to give us a call or write and we can help.

The MaestroTools program does not install itself. You must install it through the setup. The problem you describe has also been experienced by some who have used an old Win98 version on their Windows XP machine. Make sure you have the right version of MaestroTools - the latest version with the XP drivers. Jeff also developed a separate uninstall program if there are difficulties with the usual Windows uninstall. I could send that to you if you wish.

We are doing everthing possible to provide the best tools for making music. Digital audio can be complex and dependent on many variables (sound card, setups, conflicting drivers, installations, programs, hardare, etc.). For example, we just discovered a limitation within Windows XP that limits the number of MIDI drivers that can be used (with no warning).
Contact us and we\'ll do whatever we can do to help.

Gary Garritan

Jeff Hurchalla
12-15-2002, 04:37 PM
Hi Vocal,
Sorry to hear Maestro hasn\'t worked out for you. I\'ll try to address a few of the things you mention, with a tiny background on it. Oh but first, it definitely does not self-install itself. It was designed for use with the GOS advanced version, which was Gigastudio only - so it wasn\'t too much of a stretch for Maestro to be Giga centered too. If you install Maestro, it should have absoulutely no effect on your midi setups- if you want to run Maestro you change your midi setup yourself. I wanted it to be a tool that you could use or not use with GOS as you like- I realized not everyone will like it, so it\'s not required to use it with GOS. Not sure if I should go on further.. but it\'s not unusual for a program to install midi drivers so that it can work- Gigastudio also does this automatically so that it can run, with midi and more.. but speaking of Giga, this is just not and shouldn\'t be an issue, other than saying it\'s working as it should.
If you have any problem uninstalling Maestro, it could really help me to fix it if you let me know, though I understand if you\'re not interested. If you\'d like, send me an email hurchalla @ yahoo.com.

12-17-2002, 11:12 AM
Thanks for your comments -- there are still some discrepancies between your description and my experience, but maybe, I noticed, it was because I did not install the version called \"Maestro XP\" on the update disk?

I may try again. One point you made might bear reconsideration for your future work --

>>> but it\'s not unusual for a program to install midi drivers so that it can work- Gigastudio also does this automatically so that it can run, with midi and more..

There is a big difference here -- installing Gigastudio and sample libraries to use it is a big investment of time, money, and effort-to-learn, so a user might expect to have to change things around as a result.

Installing Maestro tools, I would have thought, would make using one particular library more effective without causing changes in other setups. When I did so, my Sonar setups (and existing projects with other libraries) no longer worked. Sonar reported that I had chosen no midi inputs when I tried to choose the midi in to my Audiophile card. It\'s possible I could have worked out a way of handling it ... but then, as a trouble shooting device, I did as one should and tried to simplify the situation. So that led me to find that uninstalling Maestro Tools did not work -- and THAT led to the annoyance!

Jeff Hurchalla
12-17-2002, 06:51 PM
I\'ll definitely look into this and thanks a lot for letting me know more about what was wrong. It would be very important for me to address if any install could in any way affect another midi setup. I\'ll install the wrong version on my computer to see if it can cause any problems like you saw. I\'ve thought of the first Maestro (older and now-outdated) version being installable on XP/2000 as an annoying bug, but it hasn\'t caused any problems. I\'ll look to see if it could be otherwise.