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11-17-2002, 02:01 PM
As probably many sample users, I do have a close look at the Vienna Library site. I am wondering what the GOS people do think about this new product, which is not even on the market but seems already established as the ultimate breakthrough in sampling. Some of the demos are convincing for me, others not. Woodwinds seem particularly weak. Strings and percussion are quite convincing. But of course these are short demos, and personally, I did already buy expensive sample libraries in the past because the demos where sounding good, but the libraries where not good at all. If I ever do buy this library, it will for sure not be tomorrow....The way GOS came on the market was quite different and more sympatic to me. And GOS, so far, kept every single promise it made concerning quality, updates and support!

Also I did read something curious in their forum about Gigastudio

>the software is extremely buggy, doesn\'t work >very well on XP, and is extremely limited. Its >problems with Windows XP (while some have gotten >it to work) still plague it now over a year >after the NT/XP release came out. It also >requires proprietary hardware to work properly. >SB Audigy2, for example, won\'t work well with it >even though the Audigy2 is a wonderful sound >card. >

As members of a GS/GOS Forum, I did made an answer to this post, which I do feel as really out of place. The GS Nemesys/Tascam team did develop the HD streaming sampler system and many good music productions are made with GigaStudio. My personal experience was that GS was not easy to setup, but for me it does a great job now and I do not understand what the writer means by \"extremely limited\".

Some Vienna member did write an answer. Interesting....Let\'s wait and see!


11-17-2002, 03:31 PM
\"...which is not even on the market but seems already established as the ultimate breakthrough in sampling.\"

Harrumph. This remains to be seen. We will see if it is even evolutionary, much less revolutionary. Show me the money.