View Full Version : a benchmark recording for new users?

10-29-2002, 09:18 AM
Gary (and all),
This is Bill Myers in Louisville. I\'ve had GOS (my first venture in to GigaStudio and PC\'s, for that matter), for about 6 months now. I\'m still running into a ton of problems that remain unresolved. One of the largest is that I\'m just not getting the \"sound\" out of the library that I\'m hearing other users rave about here. It crossed my mind that the following might be *very* useful to new users.
If you all could create a benchmark recording, one made with no e.q. or DSP, using all sections of the string orchestra and post with it the patches used, panning, etc., it could serve as an invaluable tool to those of us trying to set up the library for the first time. It would be a huge help in sorting out audio problems, identifying the source of the trouble. Right now, I\'ve narrowed my problems down to:
The GOS library and/or
the GigaStudio app and/or
the Windows XP OS and/or
the audio interface I\'m using and/or
the midi interface I\'m using and/or
etc., etc., etc.
just a thought,