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10-04-2002, 08:24 PM
I was wondering how many people are using GOS and Sibelius? I\'ve made a Sibelius plug-in that analyzes the score track by track and inserts the correct program changes. There are also options for using legato mode and auto alternate. I thought I might improve it and possibly sell it for a small fee, but I have no idea how big the market is.

Anthony Lombardi
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10-08-2002, 07:47 AM
I work with Sibelius and this has potential. Please call me at the number below. Thanks.

Mike Gill
10-08-2002, 11:54 PM
I use GOS and Sibelius. I have amended an exisiting plug in to put in the correct controller for the expression instruments, I tend to finish things off in Cubsase SX to get accurate results. I would be interested in aything that might save me some work.

Perhaps you could provide more detailed information on what the plug-in does.

Have you spoken to Sibelius? They are always looking for plug-ins, even for small markets, I\'m planning to do a hit point one if I get the time.

10-09-2002, 03:17 PM

I also do use Sibelius with Sibelius, but only in order to have some accoustic feedback of my score. Mostly only a piano sound. Until now I did the real MIDI/AUDIO stuff with Logic, but since I always do write the score first, it would be great to be able to do do some more MIDI with GS and Sibelius. The Plugin does sound really interesting!

I want to add that until now my experiences with Sibelius and MIDI are not that successful. If I do save a LOGIC file as MIDI and do open it in Sibelius some strange results are coming up. Many unecessary MIDI messages (Event List) and some other (especially program changes) are on the wrong place. Dynamic is bad, because Sibelius uses volume for cresc. amd dim. The opposite, saving a LOGIC file as MIDI and open it in Sibelius is even worst. The notation is a mess which takes more time to fix as to write it new and the playback was in all cases very different from the original. But it may work for 4/4 music including only quarter and some eight notes ;-) Sibelius is a good notation program and LOGIC a great sequencer. Until now unfortunately this are two different things.

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10-11-2002, 10:44 PM
Well it looks like there are a few out there interested.
The plug-in isn\'t completely automatic. Here\'s the steps to use it:

1. Insert technique text on all staffs for the plug-in to detect. This text can be visible or hidden. For example \"marcato\" or \"~marc\". Unfortunately the Manuscript language doesn\'t allow detection of articulation symbols attached to notes.

2. Select as much music as you want on one staff, for example Violin I.

3. Run the Violin I version of the plug-in (the other versions work exactly the same but with different program numbers).

4. In the dialog, enter the program numbers for each articulation. If these are the same all the time, you only have to do this the first time you run it, since the numbers are automatically saved. Thereís over a dozen articulations, but you donít have to use all of them. If you donít write the technique text for a specific articulation in the score, the program number for it will be ignored.

5. Place a check in ALT if the program is an ALT program. This will enter the note A0 in the score (for Maestro Tools), and allow automatic alteration of up and down bows.

6. Place a check in LEG if you want to enter Sustain pedals wherever there\'s a slur/phrase mark (for Maestro Tools).

7. Click OK.

Unfortunately the plug-in has some quirks. Since I can\'t detect tremolo note slashes, you need to write \"tremelo\" as technique text, or \"~trem\" hidden text wherever there\'s tremelo. Also you need to remove the tremolo slashes on notes, unless the tremolo is measured tremolo.

The other problem in Manuscript is that you can\'t add hidden objects besides text, so the note A0 is visible in the score if you use the ALT option.

By the way, you don\'t need to use every option of the program. If all you want to do is replace phrase marks with sustains pedals, you can do that.

Iím going to try and contact someone at Sibelius responsible for the Manuscript language, since the language needs some more work to be truly usefull for playback optimization.

Anthony Lombardi
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