View Full Version : Virtual Maestro Tools 2.35 PC/MAC now available

Roman Beilharz
09-23-2002, 03:24 AM
GOSsip!! VMT 2.35 is there for you!

As people continue to ask, where and when the latest version of VMT will be available, I like to inform everyone around here, at least:

Contact Gary, he will mail you 2.35. Tell him, if you need the PC- (*.zip) or the MAC-version (*.sit).

Just for all, that don\'t know it yet:

VMT 2.35 is a layer for Emagic Logic Audio 4.72 (or higher) and simulates the MaestroTools-processing plus some nifty features MT is not capable of; such as:

1. Multi-Channel-keyswitching with up to 4 channels specified for articulations like LEG, EXP LEG, EXP/Xfade, Auto ALT, CPress ALT etc. ER-patches can get played with manual or auto-alternation in parallel to non-ER-patches.

2. Auto VAR randomizes MW-data and CC82 for easy recording of authentic sounding fast lines.

3. The unique Blend-feature automates the release-envelope of all patches responding to GPC2. Play legato (overlapping notes), and notes will crossfade nice into one another; separated and staccato playing will not cause exaggerated note-tails.

4. Auxiliary functions provide easy setup for 61- or 76-keys-controllers.

5. The MW-curve-button changes the response of your mod.-wheel for more room in the lower MW-area.

6. The program-set-switcher allows to pre-define up to 2x4 pgm-changes and switch between them using keyswitches G0 and G#0.

7. The phrasing display reflects the current mode of processing for each incoming event (Up-Bows, Down-Bows, Legato, Auto ALT, Pgm-Set A or B, MIDI-Channel-Slot)

...and some other things; make sure you check my manual before using the layer and for details.

Roman Beillharz

09-23-2002, 07:49 AM
Is there a version of Maestro Tools that works from within Cubase, or, if not, any chance of there being one? I haven\'t started using my GOS yet, because I\'m still saving to buy Gigastudio, but I know already that my machine will complain about running Maestro Tools and Cubase via a MIDI loopback utility.