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09-22-2002, 02:07 PM
Please indulge me as I\'m new to this forum. I read somewhere that when running Gigastudio and GOS with Sonar, there are certain circumstances in which won should not run Sonar from within gigastudio. I think that had something to do wih Marble Ports. Also, one should not choose Marble Ports or enable them in the MIDI devices section of Sonar under certain circumstances involving Maistro Tools. I want to use GOS patches that would best facilitate the repetition of notes in long, slow melodic passages. I\'m not exactly sure where these restrictions apply when choosing instruments to play melodies that may have notes that need to be rearticulated along with other notes that need to appear to have been played on one and the same bow.
Since I\'m blind and can\'t search through this database for a reply efficiently, would anyone kind enough to respond to this post pplease Cc me privately at kevjazz@rccn.com? I would be very appreciative of that additional effort.
Thank you,

09-22-2002, 07:05 PM

Please call or email me and I\'ll guide you through it. If we have someone in your area in California, perhaps we can offer personal assistance.

Gary Garritan