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Bob Wolski
09-16-2002, 02:07 PM
Hi, I am seriously considering taking the plunge and buying the GOS/GigaStudio160 bundle. It\'s exactly what I\'ve always wanted, but didn\'t think existed. Before I do I need to be sure about some things. I have SonarXL 1.3. Will GOS work seamlessly with Sonar? I have an Audiophile 24/96 soundcard which does have gsif(?) drivers. I use WDM drivers when using Sonar. Is there a potential conflict here? I\'ve never used GigaStudio before, but it seems to be what I\'ve been looking for to achieve sonic realism. Also I have a Roland digital piano, midi capable, but it doesn\'t have any sliders or mod wheel. It does have the three foot pedal, though. From what I\'ve read on the GOS website, the mod wheel is used ALOT, almost like it\'s necessary for reproducing realistic modulation techniques for strings. I may get a small midi controller box if I get GOS but without one, is it still possible to draw in MaestroTools controller data in Sonar instead of doing it on the fly with the mod wheel? This is how I do it now, draw in my controller data after I have recorded the notes.
Also, out of curiosity, do people copy the instruments to their hard drive or do they keep them on the cd and have to keep swapping out the cd to use other instruments?

BTW, My system is: ECS K7S5A MB, AMD 1700+, WinXP, 512MB SDRAM, 40G WD and 30G Maxtor HD\'s, Audiophile 2496, Sonar XL 1.31.

Thank you,
Bob Wolski

09-16-2002, 08:26 PM
Hiya Bob...

Your Audiophile 2496 only have stereo outputs and its multi-client... But once you put it in multi-client mode, you either assign your left/right outputs for GigaStudio and the other output for Sonar... That makes all your things mono... I really don\'t think its possible to have Sonar and GigaStudio using the two stereo outputs simultaneously although you should check... My info on this card could be outdated!!! images/icons/grin.gif

I copied all the files from GOS into my HD... That\'s the only way to go... I guess you could draw in controller data, but that would take ages!!!


09-17-2002, 01:48 AM
I have no idea what is being referred to with the \"multi-client\" terminology. Unless you\'re referring to playback and record at the same time.

I use almost this exact same setup without any problems.

(Audiophile 2496/GOS/Gigastudio160/Sonar)

My Roland keyboard has a mod wheel, but it\'s one of those that\'s either on or off. It\'s easy to insert a midi cc#1 envelope on any track in Sonar and make adjustments from there. I have a volume pedal too but I prefer inserting the envelopes even for cc#7. I actually prefer to sculpt the dynamics that way.

The only difference in my setup is that I go from the s/pdif out of the audiophile into an s/pdif in on a SB Live or an external hard disk recorder for effects/mixdown/and monitoring. Perhaps that\'s why I don\'t know anything about \"multi-client\".

09-17-2002, 02:20 AM
I agree, you could draw in MaestroTools data, but it is really much, much easier to play it in live because of the way Gary has set up the patches.

Remember that you don\'t always have to use MaestroTools, but it is great for adding to the realism of your sequences when working with GOS. Frequently I have it turned off, especially if I\'m doing rough sequences with GOS or just experimenting with ideas.

On the subject of copying files to your hard drive, I would say that you most certainly have to copy them to your drive. Especially if you are writing for a large string section that uses a lot of the articulations with a lot of the large programs I don\'t know if any CD player could keep up with that - the result being a bottleneck that might cause dropouts/pops/clicks. Expect to reserve about 8 or 9 gigabytes for the entire library (I believe that my GOS installed is about 8GB or so). And, do remember to keep room available for your Windows swap file if your .gigs are located on the same drive.

If you have the option to order on DVD you might want to consider the DVD version because you\'ll only have to swap disks a couple of times when you install, instead of 18 :-)