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09-09-2002, 02:57 PM
I\'m planning on a purchase...so I have some very specific questions regarding GOS vs. GOS Lite. Actually, I\'ll just list what I require and hopefully GOS Lite will meet the requirements images/icons/smile.gif Because I can\'t really afford the full GOS at this point:

1) I need a REALLY clear & realistic string sound, for all instruments. To get an idea of the string sound I\'m currently working with, go to http://www.jorsm.com/~bears (\"http://www.jorsm.com/~bears\") and go to my music page. I need WAY better than that. Also check out http://www.jorsm.com/~bears/planeshift (\"http://www.jorsm.com/~bears/planeshift\").. bear in mind that piece is just a rough draft, but it has a section in the beginning where you can really hear the strings. My main problem w/ most synth strings is that when you press the keys, they have a slow attack..which is nice for slow pieces, but useless for fast pieces.

2) MUST have agitato, marcato, pizzicato, and tremolo for all instruments. Tremolo is a biggie.. none of the keyboards I\'ve ever owned have had a useable tremolo.

I suppose that\'s my \"MUST\" list.. images/icons/smile.gif Pretty small. Now, some questions about GOS Lite:

* Can I play a note & specify whether it\'s down bow or up bow?
* Can I play several notes quickly in one bow stroke? (i suppose that\'s \"legato\".. forgive my lack of musical training)
* Does Lite have the coughing & other ambient sounds?
* What about unconventional string sounds, like slapping the bow on the instrument? Playing on the bridge...etc.. things like that.

That\'s about all I can think of for now.



09-09-2002, 03:20 PM
GOS LITE has great sustains (vibrato and NV), grand detaches\', marcatos, portatos, tremolos, sordinos and pizzicatos.

You won\'t find Col Legno or Bartok Snaps, sul ponticellos nor separate up/down bowings.

Playing fast lines will depend on your usage of Marcatos for attacks and sustained tones. Essentially it requires you to switch (keyswitch or otherwise) between different articulations to be able to simulate strings playing both with a fast attack and slower sustains.

GOS LITE is a great collection and although it doesn\'t have everything, it will give you a great palette from which to create incredibly realistic string lines. It definitively blows away (IMHO) anything else that\'s out there in that price range.

To make things even more appealing, Gary offers a very comprehensive upgrade path to the full version and you will find dealing with him a much more personal experience than some of the other developers.

09-09-2002, 03:54 PM
Thanks images/icons/smile.gif Now, a few questions with regards to your post..

What\'s Col Legno? And sul ponticellos? I assume Barton Snaps are when you strike the instrument w/ the bow

You say GOS Lite does not offer the option of separate up/down bowings. If that\'s true, then if I play a note, which will I hear, the up bow or down bow? (since I can\'t choose)

Thanks again.

09-09-2002, 10:00 PM
Col Legno is a term where the instrument is struck with the wood part of the bow causing a snap or hit type of effect. It\'s particularly useful for scary music.

Sul Ponticello refers to playing close to the bridge of the violin creating a thinner almost nasal sound.

As far as the up/down bowing....it\'s hard to tell to be honest with you. I have played GOS\'s up and down bowed instruments and I must admit that although it\'s a pretty neat feature of the full library, in practical uses it\'s more of a subtlety than a very pronounced effect. With careful playing and by programming volume automation, you can simulate an up and down bowing sound pretty convincingly. Usually an up bow is characterized by a slight strenghtening of the sound towards the end due to the violinist\'s hand position towards the end of the stroke. The opposite effect is usually achieved with down bowing. The funny thing is that classically trained violinists work their butts off to even out the sound of an up and down bowing to where they are very uniform!

I would say don\'t worry about it too much, it sounds like you\'re focusing on the details when what you should really focus on is the overall sound.

Gary has set a benchmark in quality and realism with GOS which has yet to be beaten. GOS LITE brings that sound to more affordable levels. I am sure you won\'t be disappointed!