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Roman Beilharz
08-23-2002, 02:40 AM
Hi folks,

I guess these are some good news for a bunch of you - I spent two days to improve my layer for Logic Audio. Here are the news:

1. At first I made it of course cope with the ER-alternation-mapping (both automatic and manual/aftertouch), too.

2. Furtheron the fantastic VAR-concept gets its \"intelligent\" counterpart: the (random) AutoVAR-function as a new option for the AutoALT-mode. This perfect \"auto-team\" makes recording convincing fast lines very easy and saves a lot of editing and/or dubbing time.

3. Jeff Beal opened my eyes regarding what has ever been awkward for me with the EXP- and Xfade-wheeling:
The linear mod.-wheel-response of the standard GOS-patches sometimes makes it difficult to handle the p-mf-range. A click on the new MW Curve-button of my layer changes the real-time-response of your mod.-wheel to a more neg. exponential-shape.

4. Do you tweak your GPC2 (CC17/release) a lot to make legato lines \"melt\" better to simulate the non-sychronous note-changes of the single instruments of a section? You will have to turn the release time down at non-legato passages and at note ends, at least. Worth it? See:
I am too lazy for such things, so I created a new Blend-option, that makes notes that you play legato blend nice into one another, while portato-notes as well as ending notes don\'t have exaggerated tails. Works great with all Grand Detaches, LEG and EXP-patches, that respond to GPC2 (see your GOS-manual\'s directory for details).

Give me some days to review the readme-file and create the MAC-version; next week version 2.30 will be ready for you.

Greetings... oo-\' (this is a Violin)

Roman Beilharz

08-23-2002, 06:56 PM
Hi Maestro Roman,

This is good news! People have been raving about the Logic Environments you programmed and it\'s hard to imagine how it could even be improved. But you are crazy in a good way.

The random VAR function, the non-linear MW curves, and blend-function are brilliant and will bring us a little closer to realism.

Thanks for sharing your work. images/icons/smile.gif 00-\'


Roman Beilharz
08-25-2002, 10:56 AM
Thank you Gary,

you really know how to encourage people to give their best images/icons/wink.gif .

Today I decided to reformat the meanwhile rather stuffed readme-file into a html-coded document with index, links and screenshots. That should make the complexity of some things a little easier to understand. Some real-life-examples might be helpful, too. Takes me some more days to work in between everything else, but I believe it was worth it.

And driving up the autobahn from Frankfurt to Kassel I had the idea of creating a \"pitch-bend-wheel-to-slides-toolbox-automatic\" next, that could alternate between \"from-slides\" and \"to-slides\". I just have to find a comfortable way of switching to the toolbox-patches without GS-editing. Pgm-changes might not be the most comfortable way to get this working well...

rrrrrrmmmbbbllllssszzzzz (roaring and steam-hissing brain-cell-activity)


8 (a double bass)

Tom Hopkins
08-26-2002, 10:23 PM

I\'m catching up after the weekend. It sounds like you\'ve done some additional valuable work with Virtual MT. On the subject of the slides toolbox, I have already constructed a version of this idea which I put together while I was programming the slides toolbox. My approach combined specially programmed instruments (not present in this version of the slides toolbox) with a complimentary Logic environment. I\'ll email you with details - it might save you some work. On the other hand, I\'d be curious to see what you come up with on your own!


Roman Beilharz
08-27-2002, 02:38 AM
Yup, Tom,

sounds great, I would very much appreciate to get more info and/or data about your notion to do the \"slides thing\". Since I have finalized Virtual MTools 2.33 a few minutes ago, I feel a little lazy now to re-invent the \"slides-wheel\" (if not absolutely necessary).

Keep me posted...