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07-16-2002, 12:10 AM
The winners of the Third Annual Young Film Composers Competition presented by Turner Classic Movies, Film Music Magazine and MP3.com, were announced recently.

The First Prize goes to Tim Smith!
Read about it at:
Film Music Magazine (\"\")
Great work Tim!
Some of Tim\'s music can be heard at: http://www.geocities.com/timzydee (\"http://www.geocities.com/timzydee\") or at www.gigastrings.com/mp3.html (\"http://www.gigastrings.com/mp3.html\")

A big congratulation goes to Tim for winning First Prize in the Competition.

Tim is a true Maestros and an inspiration.

All the Best,


07-16-2002, 02:27 AM

Thats so cool that a NS forum member won!!

SO COOL Congrats!!!

07-19-2002, 01:21 AM
Tim, congratulations and all the best to you, my friend.

I\'ve spent some time thinking about how I would have felt if, when young, I had won a competition similar to yours. And I envy you -- supportively.

I step gingerly up onto the soapbox and offer you this:

There will be times when you have a vision for a particular project or piece. When you speak of it to others their reaction may be to discourage you; suggestions may be made that you move in some other direction, one that suits the level of the other\'s understanding of your concept. The rationales offered you may even make sense...at the time.

Please remember this; that as your surely successful future career proceeds, you will certainly be buffetted by external pressures seeking to influence what you do. YOU are the only person who truly sees your vision. ONLY you.

Stay the course of your vision.



P.S.: Gary, I\'ve wondered: what were the obstacles you had to overcome as you developed (and upgraded) GOS?

07-19-2002, 01:39 AM
Congrats Tim,

Dont really know you but im awfull at cometitions,
really glad someone from the forum did so well.

Nice one. images/icons/smile.gif