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07-05-2002, 04:17 AM
I know this is terribly impatient, having just got my GOS update yesterday, but does anyone know the status of Gary\'s solo and divisi libraries?


07-05-2002, 09:51 AM
I guess I should share a little. In light of recent developments in the solo strings market. And the fact that I\'m trying to help Gary with some development ideas.

They\'re being worked on.

There\'s been alot of development towards going beyond traditional sampling playback methods for solo instruments. I\'m sure the library could have been done some time ago if there wasn\'t a drive to make something \"impossible\" become possible.

There\'s a strive to get some features perfect or not include them at all. These are features that are not just \"unheard off\" but stuff that most people consider impossible to do with solo instruments. Its a struggle, but its not just about making a bigger library with more articulations and then calling it \"the best\". Its more about trying to break barriers in sound production and technology as well as getting more articulations.

It will be a rough market tho. There\'s some good competition out there. Still, I think there\'s a strive to do and offer something different here, and I\'m glad to be part of the development. Seeing that I feel I\'m part of something that could very well revolutionize certain sampling techniques, if not atleast influence them for the future.

David Govett
07-05-2002, 02:28 PM
Just wanted to reinforce what the king said. The Garrian solo strings will not only be the sweetest sounding ones, but they will revolutionize some aspects of sampling. What I\'m encouraging them to do is concentrate all their resources on one single complete instrument (a solo violin preferably) and get it released at the appropriate single instrument price as soon as possible. That would of course be credited toward the purchase of the rest of the set. Thats my 2 cents anyway. Nonetheless, it will probably set the standard again.