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Francis Belardino
07-04-2002, 09:19 AM
Hi all and happy 4th!! God Bless America!!!

OK...so, I was updating GOS with, yet another round of awesome updates and as I was loading the JB Release samples my PC froze (Son of a) and now, when I try to launch 1st Violins... I get file is corrupted error. (Son of a)

So, Gary and or Tom (Tom, I lost your new email address) I would like to just start over and start clean. I would like to trash all of my GOS files and reload the original set again.

My question is. Can I skip update CD\'s UPDATE DISC 1 & 2 after I load the original and then install update DISC 17&18 or do I have to install in full order? Am I making any sense what so ever?


Thanks everyone images/icons/shocked.gif

Francis Belardino
07-04-2002, 12:09 PM
I thank you, Tom.

Tom Hopkins
07-04-2002, 11:28 PM

Save yourself a ton of work - there shouldn’t be any need to trash all of your GOS files, just the one you had loaded when you experienced the crash. I’m guessing from your description (release samples, JB combinations, and failure to load 1st Violins) that you were working on one of the 1st Violin Long Bows at the time of the crash. You should be able to replace that file from the original CD and directly apply the latest update. The critical issue is the requirement for matching wave pools. It would be necessary to perform any earlier update that added actual wave data to the file in question (e.g. the earlier update added wave files to extend the range of certain short bow instruments, so you would need to apply that earlier update to the short bow files following replacement from the original CD - *before* applying the latest update). But you won’t need to do any guessing here: If the wave pools don’t match you will get an error message giving you that information during the update process as you try to apply the new articulation file. At that point you will need to either perform the earlier update or contact us for a replacement file.


P.S. You can get my new email address from Gary or use the \"send private message\" function at the top of the posting on this page.