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Bruce Mitchell
12-03-2001, 05:32 PM
Re: Mixers. I am wondering if anyone is mixing GOS thru an analog tube mixer? I suspect that the strings might \'breathe\' more on an analog mixing console than on a digital mixer. Sure Digital mixers are quieter for the price. I use a Soundcraft Spirit 328 which is ok but I suspect its days are numbered. Would a Mackie Digital board sound much better? Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks.

12-04-2001, 05:58 AM
Hi Bruce,

I\'m using a Mackie d8b and would say that you probably wouldn\'t hear a significant difference. However, something that drastically improved the sound of my d8b, and from what I\'ve been reading, any piece of digital equipment, was adding an external word clock unit. Many d8b users including myself have bought the Lucid Genx6, which is much cheaper ($400) than the Aardsync 2. If you are relying on the Spirit\'s internal clock, you may find a worthwhile improvement for not much money by doing the same.

The Lucid has 6 word clock outs, so my Hammerfall card on my PC is also clocked from there, as will be my Giga PC, when the RME Multiface arrives.

But, I don\'t think it will sound like analogue, so if that\'s what your after, maybe you need to get a small analogue submixer.

Good luck in your decisions,