View Full Version : OT: Envelope Release, Wav Lengths and Polyphony

05-22-2002, 12:26 AM
I just noticed something which might be useful for some.

Until today I have always assumed that Giga greedily held onto a voice until the end of the release phase of its amplifier envelope (even if the actual wav file was shorter). Because of this I\'ve always been careful to minimise release times so that I get voices back for re-use as soon as possible and get the best polyphony I can.

Today I found that Giga is smarter than that.

When playing back a wav with no loop, no matter how long the release time is set for, when the actual wav file finishes, Giga gives up that voice for re-use images/icons/smile.gif

Of course, if you set a_loop_the voice will be engaged right to the end of the release stage. In these cases it\'s still important to watch that you don\'t have unrealistic release times, especially with older non-native conversions which had a tendency to write them quite long.

Just sharing the caring images/icons/grin.gif