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e petit Prne
03-24-2004, 03:57 AM
I love, what Ive heard from the demos of \"Vocal Planet\". These CD-Roms have fresh new material and good recording quality.


I only need the world vocals and 399,-- Bucks to buy all and only use one cd-rom is very expensive. I think, Im not the only one having these thoughts.

Why dont you sell the CD-Roms separately for say... 100 - 120,-- each ?
The advantage would be to have a lot more customers like me, who want to buy only one special part of this library, which makes perfect sense for me, as each volume can stand for its own.

Perhaps, when I need the others, I will buy them one by one. The costs are controllable this way and one pays only for what he really needs.

Could this be an idea ?

03-24-2004, 07:34 AM

I second Alex\'s notion. I\'ve mentioned in a thread before that it would be great to have individual sounds available for download. $50 -$100 bucks for a single instrument. Easier for us to afford the sounds we want. More money for you. These days a 100 meg download is not bad so you wouldn\'t have to worry about burning individual cd\'s etc. Something like Wizoosounds with your sample sets would be amazing.

Just a thought,


PS Atmosphere is amazing. I would love to see a \"world\" version, a \"guitars\" version, a \"vocal\" version, and a \"Catherine Zeta-Jones\" version. (I\'ll work out the develpoment details with you on the last one! images/icons/wink.gif )

03-24-2004, 09:27 AM
also splitting trilogy in three packets (electric bass, acoustic bass, synth bass), would be great..

03-24-2004, 09:54 AM
I second this request. I only want the world vocals. images/icons/smile.gif

03-24-2004, 09:03 PM
Thanks for the responses and ideas. We appreciate the dialog and suggestions on this kind of approach, but that type of direction is not something that will happen from Spectrasonics for a number of different reasons. In our opinion, the smaller and individual collections approach has not been very successful, and considering the massive costs of a project like Vocal Planet -which was by far our most expensive sampling production ever and took over 5 years to complete- we aren\'t convinced that it would be worth the cost and effort to split it up. The market for that kind of product is also a much more specialized market. The world vocals were one of the most expensive and difficult parts of the project to record, so separating it wouldn\'t be very much cheaper.

The Spectrasonics philosphy is primarily about offering \"epic\" kinds of products that not only include sounds your looking for, but also many sounds you might not ever have thought of using, but continue to inspire and be useful for many years to come.

To put it in perspective, one session with a professional vocalist costs more than the price of the entire Vocal Planet library, which gives you the benefits of a lifetime, unlimited-use license to use over 11,000 performances from over 500 different amazing singers from all over the world in your music (with no additional royalties, licenses or copyright hassles).

There is no collection in the industry even remotely of the same size and scope, fully guaranteed to be 100% copyright clean, with a massive variety of extremely rare and hard to find sounds. It\'s a relatively small investment for something that will continue to be useful for many, many years.

Hope that\'s useful info!

Thanks for considering our products. They aren\'t the cheapest on the market, but we take pride that they are consistently awarded the highest marks in quality and value.

All the best,