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  51. so what IS the BEST midi keyboard for playing PIANO???
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  53. To pianist
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  56. Welcome
  57. Why do many piano VSTI's include a LFO?
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  60. About Akoustik Piano 1.1.1 Update
  61. PianoTeq
  62. Please hear to demo of the NEW PIANO
  63. Yamaha P-250vs CP300
  64. OT: Sonatina No. 2 by Pijper
  65. need a little help!
  66. Grand Piano 2 sample
  67. temperaments and tunings
  68. A Piano for EmulatorX
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  70. Very nice new VST that sounds to me as though it increases realism of piano samples
  71. Sustain Pedal Layers
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  76. Anyone using Ivory Standalone on PC?
  77. Desert Island Piano Lib.
  78. Release sample triggering question
  79. A question for Steffen Fahl
  80. Emperor arrived- what a stunning piano
  81. Fabric computer keyboard that plugs in.
  82. Anyone Actually Play The Garritan Steinway At Namm Show?
  83. Producing "Hollywood" piano sound...
  84. Yamaha Silent Piano?
  85. Tascam releases new Giga continuous velocity piano
  86. Ivory 1.6 Help
  87. Art Vista Virtual Grand?
  88. I search a Diskclavier Owner for ...
  89. Sampling a Disklavier
  90. Tribute to White Grand and 7CG
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  92. Milan Hamburg Steinway. Anyone hear anything about the close perspective set?
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  97. Ivory Key Noise Problems
  98. Opinions desired on Piano Game
  99. Identify this Yanni Piece.
  101. notation software
  102. roland srx 11 piano flash card uppgrade
  103. Opinions on Ivory Italian Grand
  104. ProAudioVault Bluthner...
  105. pmi 290 ... updates?
  106. Tine Piano
  107. TruePianos
  108. Pianoteq 2
  109. Mini keyboard with weighted keys?
  110. Opinions on Freehandsystems?
  111. everything sounds rubbish live and in mono...
  112. Do they still make UN-weighted keyboards?
  113. Kornel's PSR script
  114. Black Grand Pedal Thump
  115. White Grand + PianoTeq
  116. Another recommend topic, (help choosing)
  117. first question
  118. And you think it's hard on the *piano*...
  119. Cristofori
  120. Sampletekk pianos on Ivory
  121. Fatar SL990PRO any good for its price? Also, any good piano learning software?
  122. Help! Roland RD-700SX
  123. Reverse L & R channels
  124. Is Ivory good for pedal-down, soft, slow New Age work?
  125. Piano for sketching: Roland SRX-11 or 128mb piano library?
  126. Ivory 1.63, anyone updated yet
  127. Learn To Play Gospel Music !!!!
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  129. Galaxy II Wow!
  130. Opinions on new Pianoteq V2.1?
  131. PMI Emperor and Kontakt2
  132. Great program to adjust the velocity response note by note on a midi keyboard
  133. Anybody try the Tascam CVPiano yet
  134. Midrange in the Tascam CVPiano
  135. Sympathetic resonance, explanations to avoid misconceptions
  136. Another simulation problem for Piano :
  137. Galaxy II or Ivory?
  138. wacky crazy off topic piano question
  139. Virtual Sostenuto
  140. Choosing a Weighted Keyboard
  141. Playing Ivory Live
  142. Art Vista Grand and Sibelius 5
  143. How Midi Keyboards work (internal vs external libraries)
  144. Found out how to kill the thump noises in Tascam's CVPiano
  145. Mid/Side EQ's On Piano Emulations
  146. Kawai MP8 II is finally released
  147. an audio demo
  148. Ivory - which sound card to go with it?
  149. MP8 vs MP8-II vs. Doepfer lmk4+
  150. Live Ivory commentary + live rig questions
  151. note counting questions
  152. New Linux Audio & Music Forums
  153. Clavinova CLP240 vs Casio Privia 110
  154. Blüthner digital model one got a great review in SOS
  155. Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?
  156. Whcih IVORY Piano do you use the most/least?
  157. Best Piano Virtual Instrument / Sampler?
  158. Galaxy II update
  159. Film Scoring, Some Rock, Some New Age Jazz....
  160. Best Bosendorfer? Opinions?
  161. GG's Steinway Grand
  162. PMI Hybrid
  163. My new piano piece...can you guess which piano?
  164. PMI B290 plugin - faulty samples?
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  167. IVORY-cuts and clicks
  168. Help with VST software..
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  171. Attention Ivory owners-question?
  172. PianoTeq and realistic piano emulations
  173. AKP on youtube
  174. guess what piano
  175. Concerto 20 - 2 mvt - Mozart - AKP
  176. Advice Needed: A good USB MIDI keyboard controller to use with Sibelius
  177. Anyone at NAMM played the Garriton Steinway?
  178. 70's Rock piano
  179. Bluethner Digital Model One
  180. When i love again the Steinway B of Olivier Truan
  181. New User, some questions?
  182. What do you think of this piano
  183. Galaxy II: User's opinion wanted
  184. East/West Quantum Leap pianos(?)
  185. New forum area and section
  186. Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano II? My wishlist for the Successor of Ivory
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  188. Choosing a weighted keyboard
  189. Sustain Pedal noise in Piano Libraries
  190. New East West Bechstein/Quantum Leap Pianos
  191. Which Software for Learning to Play Piano?
  192. Starting to play piano again. Some help needed
  193. Nocturne 20 Chopin by Olivier
  194. does anyone have the garritan steinway yet?
  195. Moving the mics for recording a piano multisample?
  196. Garritan Steinway demos are here!
  197. Moved to new server
  198. Movie of tempo changes in Logic 8 Chopin on BDMO
  199. Here is the Garritan Authorized Steinway Virtual Piano User's Guide
  200. SPAM survey by Steven Johnson - Do not answer
  201. Thoughts on EWQL Pianos???
  202. Garritan Steinway on Muse Receptor
  203. Garritan Tech Support
  204. what's a good c7 sample
  205. OT: I just want a normal piano
  206. GPO Steinway- Delayed Responce
  207. What controller ? ( Yamaha ? )
  208. New Demos of the Authorized Steinway Virtual Piano
  209. Acoustic Pianos - Need your input.
  210. [help] Identify this piano sound!
  211. Galaxy I versus Galaxy II, receptor
  212. TBO clicking sound problem
  213. Virtual MIDI Drivers for Authorized Steinway & non-hosted music apps
  214. New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...
  215. DDarwin: About converting KSounds pianos
  216. EastWest QLPiano versus pmi Bösendorfer
  217. Win an Authorized Steinway Virtual Concert Grand!
  218. Virtual Piano near a real Grand piano
  219. sympathetic string resonance in NI Akoustik Piano
  220. Art Vista on receptor
  221. AUTHORIZED STEINWAY Synced to Video - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1
  222. importance of sympathetic string resonance
  223. need help for choosing gear
  224. 3D Modeled Video of Schumann's Von Fremden Landern (Garritan Authorized Steinway)
  225. White Grand in Structure
  226. Steinway Grand and Logic 7
  227. Steinway garritan reaper problem
  228. New Roland RD700GX replaces my Kawai MP8
  229. TBO delays within the sample - is this accurate?
  230. Garritan Steinway player's perspective
  231. little History of ancient kyboards and their music
  232. Bardstown vs Garritan Steinway vs Pianoteq
  233. Selling my Prokeys 88 for a Keystation Pro... Anybody interested!?
  234. Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos compatible with Cubase/Nuendo/and other software?
  235. best laptop/soundcard for live performance of piano vsts....?
  236. Sampled Bach
  237. Piano different perspectives vs. reverb
  238. galaxy II download vs boxed edition
  239. galaxy II's bluthner vs BDMO?
  240. William Coakley is creating a piano VSTI
  241. Best playability with a minimal system
  242. Garritan Steinway on Yamaha P100?
  243. GAS on Solid State Hard Drive
  244. Steinway Chopin Scherzo
  245. Garritan Steinway?
  246. Happy with Galaxy II
  247. Ivory pianos assessment: which one is best?
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  249. what happened to vintaudio?
  250. garritan steinway vs ewql?