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  1. Welcome New Game Audio Forum
  2. How is audio put into games?
  3. A welcome to the Game Audio forum from the Moderator.
  4. And here I was...
  5. Game Music: The Future For Stars?
  6. Known Sample Libraries Used?
  7. Giacchino's "Secret Weapons" score
  8. Native Instruments Joins G.A.N.G. and Gives Big Member Discounts
  9. game soundtrack reviews?
  10. fav game soundtracks?
  11. Reccomended conventions to network at?
  12. musical approaches for games
  13. the way of composing...
  14. WIN FREE Bela D Media Diva Classical Female Soloists Sample library
  15. Updating the old Wing Commander theme (QLSO)
  16. Game Soundtreack-tipps
  17. Bibliographie?
  18. Mace Griffin - Bounty Hunter
  19. what's up with the GANG site?
  20. WIN FREE >>>Scarbee R.S.P & W.E.P Sample libraries
  21. Battlefield 1942 ...
  22. Dealing with Ingame-Tracks...
  23. Track reviews
  24. Falcom Piano Arrangement Project
  25. Give Away winner is>>>> Simon Ashton
  26. sheetmusic and music from Arcanum
  27. Wow a Game Audio forum section!
  28. TOMMY TALLARICO Interview: A call for Questions
  29. Past Interviews of Game Composers
  30. A remix for you Castlevania fans...
  31. For Metroid Fans
  32. looping mp3's for ambience
  33. LOTR, Chance Thomas, GD, and the score.
  34. Soundtrack sampler
  35. Outtakes from Duke Nukem
  36. My Music
  37. Critique Me!
  38. Sonic Mayhem Produces T3 Remix
  39. Cat In The Hat tunes
  40. WIN FREE >>>???Click Here???? :)
  41. Score for Indiana Jones game
  42. Seasons Greetings To All
  43. Not so good news ............
  44. Wild Arms Soundtrack
  45. Give Away winner is>>>>kensuguro
  46. Sam Trumpets demo
  47. The Hobbit Soundtrack
  48. Pushing the envelope
  49. Soundtrack Download Links
  50. Clint Bajakian, VP of G.A.N.G. goes Truespec/Cubase/EW-QLSO
  51. That interview with Tommy Tallarico
  52. Outcast soundtrack
  53. Game composer article from Apple site
  54. Tommy Tallarico of G.A.N.G. Interviewed
  55. Lalo Schifrin scoring SplinterCell
  56. Compositions which are a MUST !!!
  57. How to get an agent ?
  58. For all you game soundtrack fans in the LA area
  59. Danny Elfman expanding into games, too...
  60. Game Audio Music Links Only
  61. everything about sound designers
  62. Best game laptop?
  63. G.A.N.G. Awards 2003 Nominees
  64. Bajakian on Apple
  65. Greetings and GDC
  66. Atmosphere wins G.A.N.G. award!
  67. Dude, check out these videos.
  68. sfx libs
  69. We are Moving to new server Please Read!!!!
  70. We Are Finally Back! With a new Server.
  71. 04/09/04 is the deadline for getting E3 passes
  72. Prisoner of War
  73. Lalo Schifrin video clip
  74. Direct Music
  75. G.A.N.G Awards - Congratulations Ian Dorsch
  76. Tips for selling yourself at GDC
  77. THE newbie question--- seeking advice
  78. WIP track.
  79. Killzone on the E3
  80. Gameboy Advance - music composing (MusyX ?)
  81. E3'd out!
  82. Some Music 4 Games reviews
  83. A couple killer tracks!
  84. How to record game footage?
  85. By the way, who landed this gig?
  86. *DELETED*
  87. Deathball Trailer
  88. Complex Sound: Car/Motorcycle
  89. Game Audio And Copyright... question
  90. Notable VG Music arrangments
  91. "Engine sound in racer game"-problem
  92. Silent Hill 3
  93. Lucas Arts Career
  94. Game Industry Contacts
  95. BAFTA Awards
  96. Some statistics
  97. hello..new around hear, have a ?
  98. DOOM 3 and Ed Lima
  99. Looking for audio samples for game music
  100. anyone know who is scheduled to do the music for Demon Stone?
  101. DoveZ - 2nd wave - original soundtrack released!
  102. ETF Project looking for an Audio Tech
  103. I really need your advice !
  104. Xmen: Legends
  105. Atari seeks : Audio Technician
  106. any portal on game developing?
  107. fresh meat.
  108. GPO Review in Music4Games
  109. Games and Sound Libraries Info
  110. Hello and a question
  111. Please Critique My Work
  112. BMI, ASCAP, Copyright, Creative Commons, etc.
  113. Whole lotta stuff up for opinion
  114. TEAM NEEDED: Zelda Ocarina Of Time reorchestrated
  115. Sponsorship from Game industry
  116. New Music from Me: Game Cinematic Music
  117. Sight of Spira/ Uematsu w/real guitars
  118. Guys, I hope you don't mind!!!!
  119. Half Life 2 Mod Dracten looking for musician (Fantasy, Science Fiction)
  120. Troopers 2004 Montage
  121. Lead Sound Artist needed, HL2:Alien Mod!
  122. GDC '05....worth it?
  123. What is G.A.N.G?
  124. Joris de Man and Killzone
  125. Austin, TX
  126. Music Tracks
  127. contract help
  128. I-Jet Teaser (including EWQLSO, VOTA, SD)
  129. Music From FINAL FANTASY-' Concert Series
  130. Gaming Industry Bigger Than Hollywood - Blockbuster Season
  131. complete guide to game audio
  132. past interviews with composers
  133. anyone here have a career in game music?
  134. Loops
  135. BAFTA "Audio" & "Original Music" finalists
  136. Points for composers
  137. Good old vanity searches
  138. SAM Solo Sessions: Brass Reviewed
  140. Slightly OT: Composer Opportunity
  141. Game Companies
  142. sound effects
  143. Tim Larkin Interview
  144. UPDATE: Zelda Reorchestrated
  145. Any GM composers out there?
  146. Cell Phone MIDI Looping Problem
  147. Opinions on "The SFX Kit"
  148. Fat Man vs. Complete Guide: Which first?`
  149. Impromptu Uematsu
  150. A Uematsu orchestration
  151. G.A.N.G. Awards Nominees
  152. Help Wanted Sound Designer
  153. Cell phone MIDI problem Help please =(
  154. How important is "programming" knowledge?
  155. 1 more question about Drumset General midi assigments
  156. Seeya in SanFran
  157. Midi Exporting question
  158. World of Warcraft music - EWQLSO?..
  159. Looking for skilled Orchestral composer In the LA area
  160. GDC.. Whos Going?
  161. Is it worth handing out Demo @ GDC?
  162. Game music extractors?
  163. GDC NS Get-Together:Details
  164. GDC Post Mortem
  165. Video files on you audio demo
  166. List of 1557 Game Developers
  167. Cell phone music...how do you do it?
  168. Uematsu in Seattle
  169. Music for the Media
  170. Using Someone Else's melody in Demo Reel?
  171. Posting Demo Here for Critique?
  172. Moving from res/Mac to PC
  173. Project SAM True Strike 1 Review
  174. Music Pricing for Game
  175. Need help on sound design pricing
  176. Articles for your reading pleasure...
  177. Need Help on GBA Music
  178. Importing game music
  179. Shadow of Zorro's Music....
  180. Casino Sound Effects??
  181. Next Gen Consoles and "Custom" Music
  182. Setting up a GM project in Logic7
  183. Doom³ Music Article
  184. God of War soundtrack question(s)
  185. I'm STILL deciding on E3. Who's going?
  186. Howard Shore and Games
  187. "Halo 2" music in the Top 50 of Billboard soundtracks
  188. Gustaf Grefberg ripping off Harry Gregson Williams in Chronicles of Riddick score.
  189. Why aren't some Japanese composers using good sample libraries?
  190. Thanks all for recommending the complete guide to Game Audio
  191. Need some help from the Pros!
  192. G.A.N.G. Event at E3
  193. Stargate Trailer
  194. Video for demo
  195. Dawn of War: Thousand Sons ....looking for composer
  196. Request for advice re: composing for MMORPG
  197. PMI SUPER Group Buy
  198. Audio And Vehicle Testers - Video Racing Game Job
  199. Video Games Live
  200. Being Creative with the 128 GM Restrictions?
  201. ReWritten song for a game DW's "RECOMPENSE"
  202. OGG Vorbis Kicks A**!
  203. Anyone know if the Conker Score is available on CD?
  204. Epic Game Piece.. please comment
  205. "the game music library"
  206. New trailer for Battlefield 2 Modern Combat!
  207. Film Music Radio
  208. Man dies after playing computer game for 49 hours
  209. First little step into the game industry. Any comments?
  210. GDC
  211. Forest music and main
  212. Two Final Fantasy remixes..
  213. Grammy Pro Session
  214. Quick little guitar riff
  215. Sound designer job
  216. Company name?
  217. Setting up/Embeding Transition Cues for Adaptive Game Music
  218. Got the music ...got the hustzpah..already been on two record labels...
  219. My first title out now...
  220. Help! To take the job or not to take the job...
  221. Introduction
  222. Tim Larkin Interview at CDM
  223. Factors to consider when preparing budget?
  224. 2 new cues for Half Life 2 mod..
  225. ULTRA GROUP BUY and GIVEAWAY! Prominy LPC Guitars and PCP-80 Piano Up to 100% OFF!
  226. You might find this interesting....
  227. Greetings & Samples!
  228. My first demo reel
  229. Dewd... I'm in Mix Magazine :)
  230. Your View on the Use of Repetition in Games
  231. Kontakt or Gigastudio?
  232. Is my music good enough or even suitable for Games????
  233. Myst V soundtrack released and VGL
  234. Hi everybody
  235. Scoring opportunity for credit
  236. Kameo soundtrack...
  237. Video Games Live tour cancelled
  238. Feedback: Orc City Sample
  239. Would this work for an orchestral demo?
  240. More Hear and tell
  241. Getting started in sound design
  242. Tomb Raider Tribute Music
  243. FINAL FANTASY Symphony Tour
  244. new to the forum - and scoring for games :-)
  245. PSP game
  246. Music/Sound on Gizmondo... any1 can help?
  247. my first demo at this board - please check it out
  248. showreel - how to put it together?
  249. Portfolio Project
  250. Car Sounds