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  1. Guide To Releasing Your Own Music
  2. What Should Be Included In A Tour Sponsorship Deck
  3. How Has Playlist Culture Affected Our Listening Choices? An Experiment
  4. Marshmello Fortnite Concert May Reveal Next Realm For Artists
  5. Record Store Day Names Pearl Jam 2019 Ambassador
  6. YouTube's ContentID System Being Repurposed By Blackmailers Thanks To Its Failings
  7. 4 Techniques To Make Instagram Stories Work For You In 2019
  8. Cardi B Deletes Instagram Account Over Online 'Bullshit' [VIDEO]
  9. Music Industry Veterans Launch Global Sweetshop Management, Marketing Agency
  10. AM BRIEF: Qobuz Launches US Hi-Res Streaming - Music Supervisor Awards - Beatport +
  11. SoundCloud Now Has 5X As Many Tracks As Spotify
  12. Billboard’s Power 100 List: The Right & Wrong
  13. PledgeMusic Silent One Week After All Campaigns Suspended
  14. Tow truck Roadside Assistance
  15. The Elusive Obelus: Streaming’s Issue With Denominators
  16. 5 Things You Need To Have Ready Before You Tell Anyone About Your Music
  17. UMG Revenue Grew 10% In 2018, Streaming Up 37%
  18. Article 13 Finalized And It Will Change The Music Industry
  19. Bankrupt RPM Distribution Owes $6.7 Million To Labels
  20. FRI. BRIEF: UMG Revenue Up 10% • Pollstar Award Winners • Symphonic Launches Bodega S
  21. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  22. Indie Labels On The State Of The Music Union: If Content Is King, How Does It Feel To
  23. How To Make The Most Of A Song, Album Premier
  24. Email Lists For Musicians: Where To Get Started
  25. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Email Lists • Release Your Own Music • Starving Artist
  26. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  27. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  28. This Week In Music Commentary
  29. PledgeMusic Issues An Update
  30. Spotify Reports Growth and A Hint of Profitability, But Questions Remain [Mark Mullig
  31. 16 Cool People I Met At Pollstar Live! [Kosha Dillz]
  32. Why Spotify Isn't Simply A Music Company [Cherie Hu]
  33. How To Label MP3’s With Song Information (Meta-Tags)
  34. The Music Experience Quadrant
  35. AM BRIEF: UMG Valued At $50B • Rhapsody Class Action Settled • Mumford + Amazon • Un
  36. If You Perform Live, You're Probably Not Getting Paid Royalties That You Deserve
  37. SEC Charges Major PledgeMusic Shareholder With $25M In Penny Stock Fraud
  38. 25 Year Old Rock Song Mysteriously Tops Japanese Charts
  39. Rhapsody and Napster To Pay Songwriters Up To $10M In Class Action Settlement
  40. If You Aren’t Posting Your Pre-Order Link, You Need Help With Your Digital Strategy
  41. AM BRIEF: Indie Creators Earned $6.8B • Ryan Adams Silenced • 'Leaving Neverland' • M
  42. Amazon, Google & The Morality Of Driving Fans To Big Tech
  43. Webcast Listening Has 12% Year On Year Growth, Spotify Averages 2.5M Simultaneous Str
  44. When Do We Become Uninterested In Discovering New Music?
  45. Soundcharts Launches New Music Data Platform With Unlimited Team Access
  46. Ninja Tune's Peter Quicke Named New AIM Chair
  47. Spotify Is Widening Lead Against Apple Music [CHART]
  48. TIDAL Launches $1 Million Emerging Artists Grant Program 'TIDAL Unplugged'
  49. Spotify Game 'Top Of The Spots' Is Truly Addictive
  50. Hitting The Billboard Charts: The 4 Phases
  51. Universal Music Topped $7 Billion In Revenue Last Year
  52. Before Universal: Kacey Musgraves And Triple Pop
  53. 5 Music Startup Trends To Follow In 2019 [Cherie Hu]
  54. Song Stories: The Future of Virtual Reality and Music Experiences w/ Cortney Harding
  55. AMLC Makes Case For A More Independent Mechanical Licensing Collective
  56. 129 Members Of US Congress Renew Assault On Musicians With The 'Local Radio Freedom A
  57. Next Big Sound Adds Pandora Streams To Audience Map: Know Where Your Fans Are
  58. The Pledge Music Debacle [Iain Baker of Jesus Jones]
  59. Tips For Writing A Music Business Resume
  60. Music Think Tank Call For Submissions: Share Your Thoughts!
  61. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  62. 2019 Must-Attend Music Conferences
  63. Court Denies WMG Injunction, Clears Spotify India Launch
  64. Thriving After 15 Years: 6 Keys To Independent Music Success
  65. What Beatles 2018 Success Says About Streaming's Future [Mark Mulligan]
  66. Sound Royalties Offers PledgeMusic Artists $3M In Low Interest Royalty Advances
  67. Most Artists Don't Understand Their Record Deal, Do You?
  68. Spotify Launches In India Without WMG Deal, Premium Costs $1.67 Monthly
  69. Gaming Facebook Algorithm To Create More Cost Effective Ads: A Musician's Guide
  70. BUSINESS OF INDIE: Merlin Turns 10 • Shaggy To Downtown • New AIM Chair • More
  71. Teen Musician Rejects $3M Deal: No Need For Label Thanks To Internet
  72. RIAA Names New Board Of Directors
  73. AM BRIEF: Spotify Launches In India • Pandora Adds Audio 'Stories' • Drake Tops Glob
  74. CD Baby Announces Global Expansion, New Hires
  75. Behind The Curtain Of The New Balance X BEGINNERS Campaign (Part I)
  76. Are YOU A Male Ally To Women In The Music Business?
  77. 3 Weeks After PledgeMusic Suspended Campaigns, Hundreds Of Artists Still Unpaid
  78. 9 Simple Reasons To go To SXSW 2019 [Kosha Dillz]
  79. Did Technology Bring About The Death Of Good Music?
  80. This May Not End Well... Top UMG Top Suitors Are A Streaming Service and A Private Eq
  81. AM BRIEF: Tencent, KKR Eye Universal Music Bid • SXSW Adds Keynotes • Fender Next •
  82. ASCAP, BMI Issue Joint Open Letter On Consent Decree Reform [Full Text and Analysis]
  83. SXSW Adds Keynotes From Spotify, Gimlet, Malcom Gladwell
  84. Gimme Radio: Building A Fan Driven Music Streaming Service
  85. Gracenote Partners With Muzooka For Photos, Artist Assets
  86. Proven Ideas To Sell More Music Merchandise [INFOGRAPHIC]
  87. SiriusXM Adds 10 Emerging Artists 'Discovery' Channels
  88. Live Nation Reports 8th Straight Year Of Revenue Growth
  89. How Do Indie Music Blogs, Radio Survive? The Harsh Reality
  90. AM BRIEF: 3rd Year Of Double-Digit US Industry Growth • SiriusXM Drives Liberty Reven
  91. Why Spotify Cares About India And Why it May Not Deliver
  92. Owning Music Is Important - Vinyl Can Help
  93. Behind The Curtain Of The New Balance X BEGINNERS Campaign (Part II)
  94. Playing To Strangers: Why Marketing To People Who Haven't Heard You Is The Most Profi
  95. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Independent Radio/Blogs • Small Streamers And Unsigned
  96. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  97. Facebook Files Lawsuit To Stop Fake Likes, Followers
  98. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  99. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  100. This Week In Music Commentary
  101. AM BRIEF: Vinyl + CD > Downloads • Record Stores Day Releases • SubHub • Tickets Bots
  102. How To Pull Off A Great Looking Music Video On A Budget
  103. QUICK HITS: AWAL + Apollo • Songtrust • Marcie Allen Van Mol, Bebe Evans • Music Row'
  104. 4 Ways To Prep For The Chaos Of SXSW 2019
  105. How Smart Speakers Increase The Artist and Fan Divide
  106. Hypebot Crashes The Music Biz Weekly Podcast: Streaming, PledgeMusic, Smart Speakers,
  107. AM BRIEF: Spotify India Week 1 • Kobalt Raising More Funds • Supreme Court Corners Co
  108. Put Your Best Tweet Forward: 2019 Edition
  109. 2 Additional Rules For Success For Blockchain Music Entrepreneurs [George Howard]
  110. 100 Million Use Paid Music Streaming Services In US [MusicWatch]
  111. Songwriters Can't Sue Without Copyright Certificate says U.S. Supreme Court, RIAA Cri
  112. Streaming Playlist Innovation: What's Next?
  113. Artists Are Increasingly Rejecting Record Deals
  114. Fortnite Hosts Weezer-Themed Island
  115. Starbucks Launches 'Cloud Macchiato' with Ariana Grande
  116. 2019: The State Of Sampling
  117. Orchard Co-Founder Scott Cohen Joins WMG As Chief Innovation Officer
  118. AM BRIEF: SiriusXM, Pandora Add Content Team • WMG + Dubset • Infinite Dial Report •
  119. NoiseTrade Continues Serving Artists As Owner PledgeMusic Struggles, President Exits
  120. Streaming Revenue Impressive, But Can It Ever Make Up For Lost Physical Sales?
  121. Kobalt Is Now A Next Generation Major Label In The Making [Mark Mulligan]
  122. 6 Analytics Tools: How To Change Future of Music Marketing
  123. Towing Hamilton
  124. Eventbrite Stock Down 30% On Higher Than Expected Loss, Weak Revenue Projections [UPD
  125. 2018 Was A Good Year To Be Spotify [Russ Crupnick]
  126. Annie Lenox, Apple Music Team For #GlobalFeminism Film For International Women’s Day
  127. Publishers, Songwriters Respond To 'Tech Bullies' Spotify, Pandora, Google, Amazon Ap
  128. Spotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon Join To Fight Higher Royalties For Songwriters
  129. Surprise Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Songs
  130. Spotify To Come Pre-Loaded In Millions Of Samsung Phones
  131. Apple Music Is Only Major Streamer Not Trying To Cut Songwriter Royalties
  132. Benji Rogers Exits DotBlockhain Media
  133. BUSINESS OF INDIE: Record Store Day 2019 • Drake Goes Indie? • Music Biz Conference •
  134. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  135. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Blog • Fan-Friendly Website • Eating Healthy On
  136. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  137. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  138. This Week In Music Commentary
  139. IMPALA Joins 200 Groups Supporting EU Copyright Directive
  140. AM BRIEF: EMI Music Sues Kanye West • Apple Music Playlists Get Artistic • Songwriter
  141. I AM Pop Raises $2.2M As BMG, Orchard Sign On To Fan Messaging Platform
  142. 2 Types Of Spotify's Algorithmic Playlists, How To Land Your Music On Them
  143. Facebook Live For Artists: 7 Best Practices
  144. From Azoff To Slipknot, Music Biz Condemns Spotify, Google Attack On Songwriter Rates
  145. Measuring Return On Investment, Defining Success In The Music Business
  146. 7 Email Marketing Tips For Artists To Reach Out, Connect With Their Fans
  147. Red Hot Chili Peppers To Livestream From Giza Pyramids
  148. AM BRIEF: Spotify Defends Songwriter Position • Ditto Adds Management • Prism Raises
  149. YouTube Launches In India Priced 20% Under Spotify, With Licences From All 3 Majors
  150. 11 Shows And Panels You Need To Be At For SXSW Starting Today [Kosha Dillz]
  151. Bandsintown Data-Driven Big Break SXSW Showcase Returns To Austin Wednesday
  152. How Spotify Can Fix Its Songwriter Problem [Mark Mulligan]
  153. Austin's Prism Raises $2.2M For Live Music Booking And Management Software
  154. 9 Steps To A Successful #SXSW [Ariel Hyatt]
  155. Ditto Music Launches Management Division
  156. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's Statement EU Anti-Competition Complaint Against Apple [FULL T
  157. Spotify Files EU Anti-Trust Complaint Against Apple
  158. WED. BRIEF: Spotify Files Apple EU Complaint • XITE Music Video App US Launch YouTub
  159. YouTube Music Launches In 13 New Markets plus India
  160. 'Local Radio Freedom Act' Is Actually Anti-Creator, Anti-Property-Rights [Richard Jam
  161. CD Baby Adds Low Cost Audio, Banner Ad Placement For Indie Musicians, Labels
  162. Streaming, Artists Without Labels Are Driving Music Industry Growth [Mark Mulligan]
  163. New Report Reveals Why Piracy Persists In The Streaming Era
  164. A2IM, RIAA, Music Trade Groups Unite To Improve Digital Attribution, Credits
  165. Facebook Expands Spotify Integration, Watch Party, More
  166. #HowWeListen: Amber Horsburgh/Deep Cuts [INTERVIEW]
  167. Napster Turns A Profit, Partners With Univision
  168. Jack White's Third Man Records Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  169. BUSINESS OF INDIE: SXSW 2019 • Third Man Turns 10 • Ben Folds + Patreon • AIM • More
  170. Supreme Court Tells Songwriters: “You’ll Have to Wait”
  171. Music Industry's Revenue Growth Continues, But There Are Warning Signs
  172. Best Times To Post On Social Media 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]
  173. Jaxsta Adds Warner Music To Global Music Metadata Platform
  174. Spotify’s New Hulu Bundle Could Hurt Musicians - Here's Why
  175. Africa’s Boomplay Inks WMG Licensing Deal
  176. 10 Surprising Benefits Of Classical Music
  177. How To Pretend You're At SXSW 2019 Edition plus The Official #SXSW 2019 Playlist
  178. Guide To Selling Merch, Music At Shows Without Being ‘Sales-y’
  179. Black Box Income Most Musicians Don’t Even Know About
  180. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  181. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Classical Music • Brand Or Mouse • Reaching Out To Fan
  182. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  183. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  184. This Week In Music Commentary
  185. AM BRIEF: Will Google By Universal Music? • Spotify Goes On Offensive • SXSW Recap •
  186. 7 Actionable Tips For Music Labels To Escalate Their Online Video Revenue
  187. Myspace Has Lost 50 Million Tracks From 14 Million Artists
  188. How To Prepare For A Post-Album Music Industry [Keith Jopling Of MIDiA]
  189. 'Band vs Brand" - Filmmaker Bob Nalbandian Examines The State Of The Music Business
  190. The Importance Of Artwork In Your Music
  191. BTS Pre-Sale Exceeds 2.6 Million Albums In Just 5 Days
  192. Songwriting Workflow: What A Month Of Daily Releases Taught Me
  193. JUNO Award Winners 2019: The Full Winner List
  194. AM BRIEF: Spotify Plans Songwriter Town Halls • 2.6M BTS Pre-Sale • Recording Academy
  195. NMPA, Downtown, Ole, Peer, Others Sue Peloton For $150M In Song Infringement
  196. The Value Consistant Branding In Music
  197. PledgeMusic Debacle Update [Iain Baker of Jesus Jones]
  198. The Recording Industry Is Growing, So Why Do We Need Article 13? [Op-Ed]
  199. A Formula For Viral Music Marketing [Jack Udell]
  200. Could You Be Making A Record Almost No One Will Hear?
  201. Fall Out Boy Sued Over Use of Furry Llama Puppets
  202. ADA Inks Sara Evans' Born To Fly Records
  203. Patreon Raises Some Prices, Reports 100K Creators Earn $500M Yearly
  204. Pandora Adds 'Modes' For Custom Lean Back Listening
  205. Tencent Music [NYSE: TME] Stock Falls 10.3% Wednesday
  206. 6 Event Marketing Tips From The Facebook Live Team
  207. BUSINESS OF INDIE: Chess Club Records • Big Hit Entertainment • Prima Classic • Ditto
  208. Streaming Music Forecast 2018 - 2106 [MIDiA]
  209. 5 Excellent Free Software Options For Creating Music At Home
  210. How To Take Responsibility For Archiving Your Music, Data
  211. Facebook Could Be the Future of Social Music, But Isn’t Yet [Mark Mulligan]
  212. Song Stories: How Boise's Treefort Music Fest Grew From A Small Event Into A Huge Suc
  213. The Awkward Truth Behind Skip Rates
  214. Spotify Songwriter Town Hall Charm Offensive: Go Ahead, Make My Day [Op-Ed]
  215. Tools For Managing Music Merch
  216. Hypebot, MusicThinkTank Join The Bandsintown Family
  217. Major Label Signs An Algorithm To A 20 Album Deal
  218. Spotify Begins Label Licensing Talks Amid Major Disputes
  219. How Fans Are Building A Vibrant Gimme Radio Community
  220. Key Tips For Getting Started On Your Artist Website
  221. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  222. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  223. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  224. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Ancient Music • Attractive Stage • Practice Space • Mo
  225. This Week In Music Commentary
  226. Scooter Braun Settles $10M Lawsuit With Troy Carter
  227. 7Digital Names New CEO As Simon Cole Exits
  228. AM BRIEF: Dueling Mechanical Licensing Collectives • Apple Music Refresh • Spotify
  229. New Pinterest Stats Show Why It Shouldn't Be Ignored
  230. Neighboring Rights: What They Are, Why They're Important
  231. Spotify To Surpass Pandora Sooner Than Expected
  232. How to Sing A Happy Tune At Tax Time: Musician's Guide
  233. Burnside Distribution Turns 25
  234. Reunion Tour! Bands, Breakups and Contracts
  235. Article 13 Copyright Directive Approved
  236. 50+ Music Companies File Copyright Suits Against ISPs Charter, Bright House
  237. Spotify Continues Podcast Push With Parcast Acquisition
  238. AM BRIEF Music COs Sue Major ISPs • Paleton Takedown • Azu Goes Solo • More
  239. This Week's YouTube Music Charts: Sia, Post Malone, Maroon 5, Cardi BCross Billion Vi
  240. What Maren Morris' History-Making First-Week Numbers Say About Country In The Streami
  241. PledgeMusic Update: Millions Owed, Buyer Interest, Noisetrade Co-Founders Unpaid
  242. Music Management Commissions - What's Fair?
  243. Spotify Adds Personalization To Curated Playlists and That's Great News For Artists,
  244. A Wholistic Perspective On The Article 13 Solution To The Value Gap
  245. Learning How To Fail: An Essential Part Of Success In The Music Business
  246. Apple Music App Now Installed On 40 million Android Devices
  247. Eat, Sleep, Write: 5 Apps For Every Musician, Songwriter
  248. LiveXLive, iHeartMedia Pact For Live Streaming, New Content
  249. CD Baby Acquired By Downtown Music
  250. Fans Want To Hear Your Narrative: Building A Story For Your Music Career