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  1. Southern Lord Records Reflects On 20 Years
  2. Tencent Music IPO Demonstrates Music Tech Investment Coming To Its Senses
  3. YouTube's $100M Upload Filter Failures Shows Disaster Article 13 Will Be For Internet
  4. Sounds Of Music 2018 From Pandora's Music Genome Project
  5. Soundcloud Artist Services Team Offers 5 Tips To Jump-Start Your Music Career In 2019
  6. $5K Gets You A Box At The Grammys With Two Congressmen
  7. Ed Sheeran Ranks Highest Grossing Touring Artist
  8. Spotify Stock Hits All Time Low And It's Going To Go Lower [NASDAQ: SPOT]
  9. FRI. BRIEF: Spotify Settles $1.6B Wixen Suit • Beyonce, SZA Albums Leak • Travis Scot
  10. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  11. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Avoid Open Mics • Hip-Hop Social Media • Write A Song
  12. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  13. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  14. Last Week In Music Commentary
  15. Maintaining Your Sanity While The Music Biz Is On Holiday Break
  16. 10 Basic Concepts For Success In Today’s Music Business
  17. Court Of Appeals Rejects ReDigi
  18. Muzooka: Manage All Media Assets From A Central Hub
  19. Pop Prodigy Greyson Chance Talks Gaga, Buzzwords And Cheap Wines
  20. Advice All Music Writers Should Follow In 2019
  21. Neil Young Launches Personal Streaming Service That Could Actually Work
  22. FCC To Suspend Operations Due To Government Shutdown, Copyright Office Stays Open
  23. Gifnote App Maker Audiobyte, Exceeds $6M Funding Goal, Extends Round
  24. AM BRIEF: Woodstock 50th Set • HMV Bankruptcy • Spotify Stock Comeback? • More
  25. Spotify (SPOT) Stock To Rise Up To 80%, says Top Analyst, Sees "Music Industry As Hig
  26. K-Popnomics: What Indonesia, Other Nations Can Learn From Korean Pop Music Industry
  27. Music Biz Weekly Podcast Looks Back At 2018 And What's Next In 2019
  28. Copyright Office Issues Interim Ruling On MLC Applications Including Oversight Of MLC
  29. AM BRIEF: RIAA Leadership Change • UK Biz Grows, Albums Tank • Coachella Lineup • Mor
  30. Business Of Indie: IBMA Leadership Bluegrass • Indie Country Thrives • More Metal Gr
  31. The Liberation of Music Sampling
  32. How Music Streamers Could Empower Fans On The Road Toward Sustainability
  33. 3 Essential Music Industry Job Hunting Tips
  34. HMV May Be Rescued From Bankruptcy By Buyvia
  35. Naxos Acquires Indie Label ARC Music
  36. RIAA Names Mitch Glazier Chairman, CEO and Michele Ballantyne COO
  37. Live Music, Merch Sales Management Strategies
  38. BTS Member Jimin Breaks Soundcloud Record
  39. AM BRIEF: BuzzAngle Music 2018 Report • YouTube + Coachella Expansion • MMA Lobbying
  40. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  41. 2018 On-Demand Music Streams +42%, Paid Streams +50% In Q4 [BuzzAngle Music]
  42. Prediction: Spotify To Incubate 'No Records Label Group'
  43. YouTube's Streaming Domination Clips the Market’s Wings [Mark Mulligan]
  44. Indie Soul, Funk Artist Jodie Abacus Talks MJ, Tour Tips and American Oddities
  45. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  46. This Week In Music Commentary
  47. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  48. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Ruin Your Concert • Venue Management • Best Outdoor Ve
  49. Fake Beyoncé, SZA Albums Reveal Streaming Fraud Problem
  50. 2018s Most Memorable LGBTQ Album Covers
  51. Email Service Providers For Musicians: An Overview
  52. Tech Revenue To Hit Record $398 Billion in 2019
  53. Queen Spotify Streams Surge 333%, 70% From Under Age 35
  54. Everybody Loses After Metal Band, Photographer Get Pissy Following Copyright Threat
  55. So You’re Considering Advertising On Spotify?
  56. Nielsen Music 2018 Report: On-Demand Streams Up 49%
  57. How Music and Video Will Rescue Apple [Mark Mulligan]
  58. Hip-Hop Dominates U.S. Streaming, But Not Physical Sales
  59. RPM Music Distribution Shuts Down Without Warning
  60. Online Media's New Model
  61. CD Baby Paid Artists $100 Million In 2018
  62. Most Influential Music Blogs 2019
  63. YouTube Names Kurt Patat Global Head of Consumer and Entertainment Communications
  64. Old School Music Marketing Trick That Holds Up In 2019
  65. Do Touch That Dial: In-Car Listening Finally Shifting
  66. New Hope For Indies As Streamers Move Beyond Mega-Hits
  67. Business Of Indie: AWAL's Big Year • Indie Publishers Do Deals • V-Files • Hopeless T
  68. How To Sell Out A Show [Kosha Dillz]
  69. Lady Gaga Pulls R. Kelly Collaboration From Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and More
  70. AM BRIEF: More R. Kelly Fallout • Dueling Woodstocks •Zeppelin Turns 50 • More
  71. YouTube To Disable Automatic Posting To Twitter, Google+
  72. Data Trends and The Songwriter [Songtrust Report]
  73. Live Nation Music Industry Scholarships Now Accepting 2019 Applicants
  74. Indie Stores Report 2018 Vinyl Sales +10%, CDs -12.6%
  75. New Type Of Ad Coming From Spotify
  76. Goal Setting Guide: How To Kick Off 2019 Right
  77. Major Layoffs At Billboard, Hollywood Reporter
  78. Spotify Now Has More Than 200 Million Active Users, says Global Communications Head D
  79. AM BRIEF: Liberty Eyes CAA • Spotify Indie Play • Dylan, Scorsese Reunite • Gaana • M
  80. Dead & Co. Add Live Recordings To Spotify, Apple Music
  81. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  82. Record Labels Evolve To Stay Relevant In Streaming Era [Musonomics Report]
  83. YouTube Music Poised To Replace Google Play As Android Default Audio Player
  84. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  85. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Resources • Music Career • Inspiration • More
  86. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  87. This Week In Music Commentary
  88. AM BRIEF: Super Bowl Confirms 3 Headliners • R Kelly Protest Targets RCA • AU Targets
  89. David Bowie Blows Minds With Augmented Reality
  90. How Many Songwriters Does It Take To Write A Hit? 9.1
  91. Average Spotify Subscriber Pays $5.50 Per Month And Falling. That's Less Money For Ar
  92. 5 Tips For Preparing To Release New Music [Podcast]
  93. Tidal Responds To Criminal Investigation Report
  94. AM BRIEF: Spotify Inks T-Series • CAA Music Turns 35 • More R. Kelly Defections • Mor
  95. Why I Ditched Music Streaming Services (For Now) And Bought A 1-800 Number
  96. Pandora Adds In-App Voice Control
  97. How Jay-Z, Dr. Focus Group Their Releases
  98. Is Podcasting's Bubble About To Burst Or Just Catching Its Breath?
  99. Alicia Keys To Host 2019 Grammys [VIDEO]
  100. Verizon Wireless Adds Free Apple Music, Adding Millions Of Subscribers To Streamer
  101. AM BRIEF: Verizon Adds Free Apple Music • Article 13 Nears • Audiomack • New SXSW Spe
  102. A2IM Names Chase Varga Marketing Manager
  103. ASCAP Named Pandora Nicole Carbone-Rogers SVP Events
  104. UCLA Law School Offers Music Community Free Legal Advice
  105. 5 Collaborative Opportunities Most Musicians Are Missing
  106. Who Will Buy Universal Music Group? [Mark Mulligan]
  107. Best Of The 2018 Best Of Lists [Glenn Peoples]
  108. Tinder Adds Spotify Song Sharing So You Can Soundtrack Your Hookup Pitch
  109. Colin Kaepernick NOT OK With Travis Scott Super Bowl Gig
  110. SoundExchange Goes Full Klasky
  111. SXSW Adds Keynote, Featured Speakers For 2019
  112. Spotify Updates Preferred Distributor List
  113. How To Take Advantage Of Memes, Memes, Memes, Memes...
  114. How To Geo-Target Your Mailchimp Emails Automatically
  115. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  116. Songs Are Getting Shorter and Streaming Is To Blame
  117. Show4Me Closes $12.8M Round For Music Crowdfunding, 'Fan Interaction Network'
  118. If You Don’t Understand Video Monetization You Need Help With Your Digital Strategy
  119. Importance Of Putting Out A Single First, Even In 2019
  120. Sony Music Severs Ties With R. Kelly, But Continues To Profit From His Recordings
  121. Cardi B's Epic Trump Shutdown Rant Is Now A Song [LISTEN]
  122. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  123. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Maximizing Productivity • Sound System • Innovative Mu
  124. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  125. This Week In Music Commentary
  126. Article 13 Falters, 'Final' Negotiations Postponed
  127. AM BRIEF: Article 13 In Doubt • Spotify To Launch In-Car Player • R. Kelly Returns To
  128. Spotify To Sell $100 In-Auto Voice Controlled Player, May Launch In India 1/31
  129. All Your Sources Of Music Revenue And How To Collect It
  130. 3 Steps To Effective YouTube Tags
  131. Artist's Guide To Securing Partnerships
  132. 6 Incredible Groups Promoting Music Education In Africa
  133. AM BRIEF: Tencent Stock Upgrade • Spotify Adds Artist Blocking • Apple Music, Spotify
  134. CD Baby, SACM Partner To Empower Independent Mexican Artists and Composers
  135. Making Free Pay: The New Data Battle Ground [Mark Mulligan]
  136. 'The Roaring Crowdfund' Explores The Wonderful World Of Music Crowdfunding
  137. Music Groups Use New Australian Copyright Law To Skewer Stream Ripping Sites
  138. BUSINESS OF INDIE: Spitfire Launches Label • Absolute Adds Marketing Packs • Triple
  139. New Nielsen Music Report Reveals Industry Quite Healthy
  140. PledgeMusic Payment Problems Continue, Lefsetz Weighs In
  141. AM BRIEF: iHeartMedia Bankruptcy Exit • Oscar Music Surprises • UMG Adds Epic Rights
  142. 6 Best FREE Tools, Ideas For Show Promotion
  143. Why Subscriptions Matter To Musicians [Jack Udell]
  144. Leon Bridges Turns Trump's Tweets Into Songs [VIDEO]
  145. 5 Emails Music Publicists Enjoy Getting From A Band/Artist
  146. RealNetworks Takes Control Of Napster Music Streaming Service For Just $1M Up Front
  147. Patreon Says 3M Patrons Are Paying Creators $500M A Year On The Platform
  148. The Truth About Advances In The Music Business
  149. 5 Techniques For Making Your Programmed Drums Sound Realistic
  150. New Titles Entering The Public Domain
  151. AM BRIEF: Soundcloud Founder Exits • Pitchfork Paywall • Dubset Direct MIx Distro •
  152. PledgeMusic Co-Founder Benji Rogers Offers Help As Late Payment Problems Widen
  153. PledgeMusic Issues Statement On Late Payments To Artists With Vague Promise To Do Bet
  154. Indie Label Tru Thoughts Celebrates 20 Years of Innovative Vinyl Releases
  155. Jay-Z, Meek Mill Launch Criminal Justice Reform Alliance
  156. Making The Most Of Your Ideas (Even The Bad Ones)
  157. Symphonic Brings Music Industry Sessions To Puerto Rico
  158. BUSINESS OF INDIE: ADA Promotes McGilvray • Downtown Loves Cats • Metal On YouTube •
  159. Music Distribution: Upfront Revenue vs. Revenue Sharing
  160. Sound Royalties, GLAD Empire Partner To Fund Indie Artists
  161. Why We Need More (Quality) Music Journalism
  162. Royalty Exchange Passes $50 Million Paid Milestone
  163. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  164. Analysis Of Every Billboard Top 5 Song In 2018 - The Structure And Composition Of A H
  165. PledgeMusic: ‘It's not the Ca – it's the FLOW’ [Martin Atkins]
  166. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  167. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Guitar Performance • Spotify Is A Win • Programmed Dru
  168. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  169. This Week In Music Commentary
  170. YouTube Could Emerge On Top As Article 13 Flounders
  171. AM BRIEF: New Spotify Fake Streams • Kanye Sues Label, Publisher • Orchard Sells Film
  172. Grammys + IBM + Muzooka = New AI Powered GRAMMYconnect
  173. Three Simple Tips, Tricks To Boost Music Using Video
  174. Mystery Artists, Tracks Hacked Into Spotify Accounts To Generate Fake Streams
  175. 5 Common Denominators of Successful Songwriters, Composers, Producers and Engineers
  176. Dreamville Sessions: The Album Cycle Reimagined [Jack Udell]
  177. How Rihanna Has Been A Game Changer For Music, Fashion, Beauty
  178. How Should Remixers Be Compensated?
  179. SpoundRoyalties Opens Nashville Office, Networking Space
  180. FestWorld Founder On Launching A Music Magazine In The Digital Age
  181. Toolkit Essentials: DISCO - Catalog Management Made Easier
  182. Pandora CEO Roger Lynch, Other Execs Exit As Shareholders Approve Sale To SiriusXM
  183. Four Types Of Indie Music Fans
  184. Is Printing, Selling Physical CDs Still Worth It?
  185. BUSINESS OF INDIE: Fearless Turns 25 • Humble Angel Adds Dance Imprint • Orchard Sell
  186. SoundExchange 2018 Artist Payments Top A Record $953M
  187. She Rocks Awards Celebrate Women In The Music Industry
  188. Live Albums: Lost Art Or Underutilized Asset? [Jake Udell]
  189. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Top Models Face Fyre Festival Subpoenas
  190. Registering Your Band Name, Logo
  191. 4 Instagram Best Practices For Musicians In 2019
  192. R. Kelly Is Shopping New Album, But Who Will Release It?
  193. Is It Possible That Radio Dodged The Digital Bullet?
  194. Monetize Music Fandom, Not Consumption: What Japan, Global Industry Can Learn From Ch
  195. With Spotify Canvas, Artists Add Moving Visuals To Tracks
  196. THE PITCH: FeedFM - Music For Fitness and Wellness
  197. How To Keep Fans Engaged On Social Media Before A Show
  198. Spotify India Launch Delayed To March, Majors Yet To Sign
  199. PledgeMusic Issues Update As Talks To Save It Continue
  200. Penske Media Acquires 100% Of Rolling Stone Magazine
  201. SoundCloud Appears To Be Getting Healthier
  202. Wear Justin Bieber's Middle Name On Your Crotch For $138
  203. How To Develop A Context For Your Music
  204. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  205. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  206. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Context For Your Music • Band Brand • MIDI Keyboards •
  207. This Week In Music Commentary
  208. AM BRIEF: Spotify Eyes $200M Gimlet Buy • Marshmello + Fortnite Draws Millions • Siri
  209. Maroon 5 Superbowl Show Mediocre, Big Boi The Winner, Amazon and Pandora Stats Confir
  210. Building Your Dream Team: Managers, Music Management Companies
  211. Your Spotify Streams Could Be Supporting Fake Artists
  212. Marshmello, MySpace and Why Best Means More Than First [MARK MULLIGAN]
  213. Getting Press For Your Music Harder Than Ever, But Maybe That's Not A Bad Thing
  214. HMV Rescued From Bankruptcy By Sunrise Records
  215. Warner Music Group Reports Strong Q1, Digital Up 17.6%
  216. AM BRIEF: HMV Sold • Festicket Adds $4.6M • Paid Streams To Overtake Free • Spotify P
  217. This Week's YouTube Music Charts: Ozuna, Marshmello, Imagine Dragons and More
  218. BUSINESS OF INDIE: Secretly Moves To AMPED • EMPIRE Adds Staff • A2IM West Coast Mixe
  219. Classical Music Listeners Still Favor CDs
  220. 5 Ways Five Artists Met Their Managers
  221. Paid Streaming Will Surpass Free This Year [Survey]
  222. Why Musicians Should Think More B2B And Less About B2C
  223. Musicians File Class Action Suit Against UMG, Sony To Reclaim Copyrights
  224. This Infographic Tells Story Of Spotify's Strong Q4
  225. Spotify Reports 207M Users, 97M Paid, Strong Q4 Financials
  226. Spotify Acquires Podcasters Gimlet, Anchor To Create 'Audio-First' Streaming Service
  227. Spotify Stock Slides On Earnings, Acquisition News [UPDATE]
  228. Article 13 Moves Forward As France, Germany Sign On
  229. Orchard Co-Founder Issues Warning To Music Industry: 'You're Probably Going To Be Rep
  230. WMG Names Eliah Seton As President of Independent Music and Creator Services
  231. Copyright Royalty Board Ups Songwriter Royalties 44%, Coalition Bids To Oversea Mecha
  232. Daily Users Up 9% As Twitter Posts 5th Quarterly Profit
  233. NMPA Warns Spotify May 'Declare War' On Songwriters Over 44% Royalty Rate Increase
  234. Instagram Soon To Allow Sharing Of Links To Entire Stories
  235. Musiio Raises $1M To Bring Spotify-Like AI To Other Music Services, Labels, Publisher
  236. How Does Imagine Dragons Create Memorable Melodies?
  237. Music Streaming Rates 2018: Per Stream Rates Drop and YouTube's Value Gap Is Very Rea
  238. PledgeMusic Advises Artists To Suspend All Campaigns [UPDATE]
  239. Spotify's Podcast Play Not A Sure Winner says MIDiA Analyst Mark Mulligan
  240. Why A Trademark Can Be Valuable To Your Music's Brand
  241. Inaugural Music Business Power 10 List [Glenn Peoples]
  242. How Artists Can Drive Brand Partnerships
  243. Building Your Dream Team: Music Lawyer
  244. 16 Best New Gear Releases Featured At NAMM 2019
  245. Dirty Money And The Legend Of The Starving Artist
  246. How To Use Affordable Ads On Spotify To Promote Music
  247. Is Orchard Co-Founder Scott Cohen Poised To Become WMG's Resident Futurist?
  248. Being A Successful Musician: What Actually Matters
  249. Identity Theft New Trend In Music Piracy
  250. PledgeMusic Shutdown Continues