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  1. AmericanaFest 2018: NoiseTrade Songsmith Social [INTERVIEW]
  2. Spotify, Nielsen Deal May Mean More Money For Artists
  3. Amazon Music Adds 'Produced By' Exclusives From Al Green, Margo Price, John Prine, Mo
  4. How To Prevent, Deal With Arthritis As A Musician
  5. Scooter Braun Sues Troy Carter Alleging $10M Loan Default
  6. 50% Active Spotify Free Users Convert To Paid says Spotify CFO Barry McCarthy
  7. Stop Fans In Their Tracks With These Promo Tools
  8. Spotify Marketing Head Seth Farbman Is 9th Top Executive To Exit In Last 18 Months
  9. 4 Things Music Promoters Must Know About Instagram Geotagging
  10. This Week In Music Commentary
  11. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  12. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  13. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  14. 5 Small Business Tips For Music Industry Pros
  15. iOS 12 Now Live Bringing Key Changes To Apple Music
  16. Sprint Could Single-Handedly Rescue Tidal As A Platform
  17. How To Use Instagram Stories To Promote Music
  18. Music Modernization Act Vote Today And Just One Senator Could Kill It
  19. YouTube Music Charts This Week: Eminem, Kanye Break Records, Mac Miller Dominates
  20. Artist Growth's Matt Urmy On Touring App's Rapid Adoption
  21. 5 Tips To Create A Facebook Event From The Social Network's Events Team
  22. Artists Are Driving MMA Ahead, SiriusXM Should Join Them [Chris Israel, musicFIRST Co
  23. 5 Ways To Get Music Discovered In The New Digital Age
  24. Industry Reacts To Music Modernization Act Senate Passage: SoundExchange, ASCAP, RIAA
  25. Music Modernization Act Passes U.S. Senate
  26. Tencent Music Cuts IPO In Half [REPORT]
  27. The Biggest Challenge Facing Music Right Now [Hisham Dahud]
  28. Artist As Hacker: Book Excerpt + 80% Off Discount Code
  29. Aria Alagha (Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey) Talks Social Media Campaigns [INTERVIEW]
  30. Amazon Alexa Adds New Music Skills, TIDAL
  31. How To Sign Up For Spotify's Free Music Distribution
  32. Spotify Now Lets Artists Upload Music FREE
  33. The Musician's Delicate Balance: Unbridled Self-Expression vs. Listener Alienation
  34. eMusic Payment Problems Continue, More Labels Exit
  35. 4 New Ways To Beat The Facebook Algorithm
  36. Spotify Tests Personalization Of Editor Curated Playlists
  37. Attracting More Views On Your SoundCloud Releases
  38. Ticketmaster Responds To Scalper Collusion Exposé
  39. Passage Of Music Modernization Act Averts Artist Boycott Of Sirius XM
  40. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  41. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  42. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  43. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Mobile Apps For Making Music • Copyright And The Consu
  44. This Week In Music Commentary
  45. 3 Steps To Proving Plagiarism Of Your Song
  46. 10 Most Influential College Radio Stations In The US
  47. UMG To Launch Multiple Artist Streaming, Download Portals
  48. SiriusXM Acquires Pandora For $3.5B and Why It Matters
  49. AM BRIEF: Inside Spotify Direct Uploads • Beyonce, Jay-Z 100K Surprise • Deezer Mood
  50. Shazam Removes Ads As Apple Completes Acquisition
  51. Ticketmaster Wants You To Purchase From Secondary Ticket Market
  52. Understanding The Music Modernization Act: Highlights And Benefits For Artists, Songw
  53. What Will Spotify Direct Distribution Pay Artists? Less Than The Labels Get
  54. What Free Spotify Uploads Means For Soundcloud, Artists: Bruce Houghton, Michael Bran
  55. Beware: Greg Maffei Is Now Music's Most Powerful Executive
  56. Spotify’s Big Tencent Risk [Mark Mulligan]
  57. More To Spotify’s Artist Direct Upload Strategy Than Meets The Eye
  58. Music's Urgency Of Inclusion
  59. Apple Music Growing 2.5X Faster Than Spotify In U.S.
  60. Industry Reacts To Music Modernization Act House Passage: SoundExchange, BMI, NMPA, M
  61. Is Led Zeppelin Launching Their Own Streaming Service?
  62. Effective Spotify Strategies For New Artists
  63. Avoiding Creative Burnout: How 11 Artists Take Care Of Their Craft, Themselves
  64. Blockchain Music Competitors On The Rise
  65. Amazon Music Unlimited Launches In Canada
  66. How To Inspire User-Generated Content On Facebook, Instagram
  67. Spotify Launches Free Co.Lab Musician Career Workshops - How To Apply Now
  68. PledgeMusic Payment Problems Continue say Multiple Artists
  69. On-Demand Streaming To Have 19.8% Compound Annual Growth Through 2026 [PMR Analysis]
  70. Instagram Shares Strategies For Selling Out Your Event
  71. Top Reason Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing, And Other Tips [Cyber PR]
  72. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  73. Can Airbnb Concerts And Sofar Sounds Revolutionize The Live Concert Industry?
  74. Next Big Sound Makes All Pandora Artist Data Public
  75. 3 Effective Techniques For Connecting With Your Audience
  76. Bandcamp Adds Territory Licences
  77. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  78. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Great Venues • Online Personas • MMA • More
  79. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  80. This Week In Music Commentary
  81. Bandzoogle New CEO Stacey Bedford On The Music Biz Weekly Podcast
  82. TuneCore Names Viacom's Neil Bhay As Tech VP
  83. Making Low-Budget Music Videos: 5 Simple Tips
  84. Music Supervision and Sync Roundup: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Metallica and More
  85. Bittorrent Traffic Suddenly Rising In Traffic Share Thanks To Streaming Fragmentation
  86. AM BRIEF: NAFTA Copyright Problem • Google Maps Adds Music • Judge Kavanaugh's UB40 M
  87. Sony, WMG Buy $200M Stock As Tencent Music Files US IPO
  88. Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Michael Stipe, More Confirmed For ‘Protest Kavanaugh’ Event
  89. The Music Messaging Evolution: From Newsletters To Interactive Storytelling
  90. This Record Label What The Future Of Music Business Looks Like [INTERVIEW]
  91. The Inconvenient Demographic Truth Of Radio
  92. IEBA Live Music Industry Award Winners 2018
  93. AM BRIEF: Tencent Music IPO • Gibson To Exit Bankruptcy • Ticketmaster Class Action S
  94. Ministry of Sound, Apple Music Deal = No Spotify Playlists
  95. SoundCloud Tracks Tab Now Sorted By Release Date
  96. Pandora, Soundcloud Partner For US Ad Sales
  97. Sony Music Faces Lawsuit For Under-Reporting Streaming Revenue
  98. Bandzoogle Celebrates 15 Years, Shares Impressive Stats
  99. Big v Small: How To Decide Which Cities To Focus On During Your Tour
  100. Spotify, Live Nation Add Dates For RapCaviar Live
  101. 9th Vienna Music Business Research Days: A Retrospective
  102. Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande Top MTV EMA 2018 Nominations
  103. THU. BRIEF: Sony-Owned Music Streamer? • FB Tests Songs In Feeds • Spotify Song Suit
  104. How One Promoter Used Two Simple Marketing Tools To Sell More Tickets
  105. Facebook Tests Adding Songs To News Feed, Stories
  106. Court Blocks UMG Attempt To 'Vicarious' Infringement
  107. How To Collect All Royalties Due After A Release
  108. Musicians’ Guide To Networking in The Real World [Cyber PR]
  109. Arithmetic Online: The Ethical Pool Solution To Streaming Royalty Allocation
  110. How To Plan A Righteous Tour Route: 3 Quick Tips
  111. Is Music A Good Career Choice For Me/My Child? FAQ
  112. Recording Academy Invites 900 To Become Voting Members After Task Force Recommendatio
  113. Class Action Filed Against Eventbrite Over Ticketfly Hack
  114. Digital Music Promotion: 5 Keys To Success
  115. CEO Of Troubled PledgeMusic Steps Down
  116. Spotify Turns 10: Is It Friend Or Foe?
  117. Artist Growth CEO Matt Urmy Discusses Company’s Rapid Ascension [INTERVIEW]
  118. WMG Launches Multi Million Dollar 'Boost' Fund
  119. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  120. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  121. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  122. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Branding • Music Career • Streaming Data • More
  123. This Week In Music Commentary
  124. How The EP Killed The LP Star
  125. Tencent Music: A Different Kind Of Streamer [Mark Mulligan]
  126. 5 Key Priorities For New Artists
  127. GigRev: White Label Solution To Build A Mobile Fan Club
  128. Taylor Swift Finally Gets Political, Endorses Democrats and Calls For LGBTQ, Gender,
  129. Facebook Unveils Portal Smart Speaker with Spotify, Pandora Integration [Note Who's M
  130. Kayne West Sets Trump, Kushner White House Meeting, MMA Signing Rumored
  131. Advice For Moving Up, Not Sliding Off, Popular Playlists
  132. The 3 Best Ways To Ensure Your Next Event Is Sold Out
  133. Getting Started With Email Newsletters As A Musician
  134. Market Potential: African Music Business On The Move
  135. Here Is Why SiriusXM Pandora Deal Makes Sense
  136. Spotify Shares New Stats On 10th Anniversary
  137. Promoting A Limited Time Special Offer: A How-To Guide
  138. Spotify Shares Most Streamed Songs Of Last 10 Years
  139. Radio’s Most Innovative: Austin City Limits Radio [INTERVIEW]
  140. Kanye West, Kid Rock To Join Trump Today For Music Modernization Act Signing
  141. Maintaining Rights To Your Masters And Why It Means Everything
  142. What Is The Music Modernization Act and What Does Mean For You?
  143. Industry Reacts As MMA: AIMP, A2IM, Music Biz, ASCAP, SoundExchange, BMI, Sound Royal
  144. Trump Signs Music Modernization Act Into Law
  145. Premiere Your Next Music Video As A LIVE Facebook Event
  146. AM BRIEF: Tencent IPO Delayed • Kanye Invades Trump • Netflix Gets Musical • More
  147. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  148. Pandora, Snapchat Pair Up
  149. 'A Scary Time' (For Boys) Goes Viral For Lynzy Lab
  150. S.T.A.G.E.S. Of Email Marketing
  151. Key Industry Players Uninvited To All Male MMA Signing At White House
  152. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Tickets • Happiness From Music • Band Project Manageme
  153. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  154. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  155. This Week In Music Commentary
  156. AM BRIEF: Apple Buys Asaii Music Analytics • Mixcloud Signs UMG • BMG Acquires World
  157. Naxos Joins eMusic Exodus Over Non-Payment
  158. 8 Reasons People Hate Your Website
  159. 3 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know
  160. If It's Too Good To Be True, It Is
  161. Female Performers Get Just 5% Of Country Music Consumption
  162. Is Chance The Rapper Running For Chicago Mayor? News Conference Today
  163. AM BRIEF: Spotify Latin Chief Joins WMG • Winamp Returns • Investors Covet Dire Strai
  164. 8 Ways To Build A Musician's Marketing Strategy
  165. Spotify Lists Preferred Distributors, Just 5 Make Cut
  166. MUSIC GEEK ALERT! Winamp is Making A Comeback As All-In-One Player
  167. Don’t Get Fooled Again: Piracy Still A Huge Problem [Chris Castle]
  168. How Playlist Pitching Really Works On Apple Music
  169. Leonard Cohen Poem Nails Kanye West's White House Rant
  170. Stairway To Heaven Isn't Blurred Lines
  171. Spotify Announces DistroKid Investment, Integration
  172. Uploading Your Music Online Doesn't Get You Tons Of Fans
  173. Richard Branson Gets Walk Of Fame Star, Announces New U.S. Festival Series
  174. First Round Voting For Grammy Awards 2019 Begins Today
  175. SoundCloud Go+ Adds HQ Streaming
  176. 9 Ways Instagram Stories Is Perfect For Concert Marketing
  177. Rules For Success For Blockchain Music Entrepreneurs [George Howard]
  178. Hospital Creates Spotify Playlist Perfect For CPR
  179. Spotify + DistroKid On Road To A Two Sided Marketplace
  180. YouTube, Eventbrite Partner For Direct Concert Ticketing
  181. Sonic Branding: What Is It?
  182. The S.T.A.G.E.S. Of Email Marketing [Part 2]
  183. Evaride Talks Hustling Their Way To A Debut Streaming Hit [INTERVIEW]
  184. Spotify Playlist Submission Exits Beta, 1 of 6 Scored Official Playlist Placement
  185. What Role Will The Copyright Office Play In “Noncommercial Use” Of Pre-1972 Recording
  186. Latin Music Boom Here To Stay
  187. How To Approach Venues For A Booking
  188. Neil Young, Alanis Morissette Among Polaris Heritage Prize Winners 2018
  189. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  190. EU Commission Approves Sony EMI Publishing Acquisition With No Conditions
  191. Spotify Paid Premium Grows To 38% Of Users
  192. Apple Music Ups Latin Game With ¡Dale Play! Playlist
  193. Think Small: The Key To Building Genuine Music Community
  194. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  195. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  196. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Copyright In China • Music Venue Maintenance • Booking
  197. This Week In Music Commentary
  198. AM BRIEF: Soundcloud Monetization Slammed • Impala Battles Sony EMI • Live Music Tops
  199. QUICK HITS: YouTube Nashville • Live365 • ONErpm • Position Music • Big Deal • Warne
  200. SoundCloud Bows To Critics, Revises Premier Agreement
  201. 7 Tips On Networking In The Music Industry
  202. What Iceland’s Tight-Knit Music Community Can Teach Us
  203. Is Spotify Already Too Big For Record Labels To Stop It From Competing With Them? [Ma
  204. Spotify Stock Hits All Time Low Ahead Of Earnings Call
  205. AM BRIEF: Sony Music Revenue Up • Spotify Stock Falls • Prince Documentary • New Kany
  206. Is Radio Destined To Become The Next Blockbuster Video?
  207. Martin Atkins' Punk Rock Rules For Music Business Success
  208. Universal Music Global Accelerator Network Adds 8th City
  209. Behind The Curtain: Inside The Bandzoogle Support Team
  210. Your Music Publishing Questions Answered
  211. Americana Music Association Launches Touring Initiative with Caitlin Canty, Oshima Br
  212. Live Nation Plants Hollywood Flag with 'A Star Is Born'
  213. Can't Wish Away The Mistakes In Original 'Stairway To Heaven' Verdict
  214. Spotify Stock Bounces Off Bottom, Analysts Stay Bullish
  215. Miami Winter Music Conference Announces 2019 Plans
  216. Facebook Daily Users Flat In US, Down In EU
  217. 3 Reasons Your Last Music Release Failed [Cyber PR]
  218. The S.T.A.G.E.S. Of Email Marketing [Part 4]
  219. Why Rock Is Still King On The Concert Circuit
  220. Spotify, Google Partner For Free Smart Speakers with Premium Family Plan
  221. Benefits For Producers, Engineers In Music Modernization Act
  222. ASCAP Opens Registration For 'I Create Music' EXPO 2019
  223. The 5 Best Theatre Set Designs
  224. Mastering Isn't A Dark Art, It's Simply Misunderstood
  225. Tomorrowland Suffers Massive Data Breach
  226. Would You Pay To See A Classic Rock Hologram Perform A Show?
  227. Apple Reportedly In Talks To Invest In iHeartMedia
  228. MUSICIANS: Health Care Open Enrollment Begins Today
  229. Can Spotify Ever Meet Stock Market Expectations?
  230. Will Streaming Music’s Growth Alter Streaming Music?
  231. Getting Playlisted On Spotify Just Got Easier
  232. YouTube's Lyor Cohen Warns Of Creator Apocalypse If Article 13 Become law
  233. How To Get Your Songs Placed In Movies And On TV
  234. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  235. How To Premiere Your Next Video On YouTube
  236. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  237. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Production Mistakes • MMA • Horror Music • More
  238. REWIND: New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  239. This Week In Music Commentary
  240. Cabello Wins Big, Grande Shut Out At MTV EMAs 2019
  241. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Mines Box Office Gold
  242. AM BRIEF: Music & The Midterms • ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Rules • Spotify To Apple Watch •
  243. Pandora Adds Christine Colbert To Indie Relations Team
  244. Spotify For Artists Will Charge For Some Services, says CEO Daniel Ek
  245. 4 Most Important Twitter Practices For Artists In 2018
  246. A Great Music Marketing Plan Is More Than A Bunch Of Tools
  247. UMG Is First To License Africa's Top Steamer Boomplay
  248. Contracts Studio Producers Should Be Familiar With
  249. Izzy Azalea Is Thrilled To Be ‘Officially Unsigned’
  250. Pandora Reports Solid Q3, 6.8M Paid Subscribers