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  1. Your Three Communities, Part 1: Your Super Fans
  2. Former Billboard CEO Accused Of Sexiual Harrasment, Hiding Misconduct Of Others
  3. CD Baby's Kevin Breuner On August's DIY Musician Conference 2018
  4. Performance Rights Disputes: What They Are And What Causes Them?
  5. MON. BRIEF: Sony Challenges Kesha Ruling • Billboard CEO Misconduct Allegations • Son
  6. Full List Of MTV VMA Nominees 2018, Fan Voting Open Now: Cardi B and The Carters Lead
  7. Study Reveals Challenges Facing All Musicians
  8. As Apple Music 'Passes' Spotify, Remember That Apple's Strength Is Also Its Weakness
  9. Tom Sarig On The Rediscovered Power Of An Indie Label [Podcast]
  10. How Micro-Influencers Help Sell More Tickets
  11. Finding The Balance Between Creativity And Business
  12. Essential Artist One-Sheet Checklist
  13. Spotify Taps Palestinian Musician Suhel Nafar To Develop Arab Music, Culture Hub
  14. 3 Social Scenarios That Make An Artist Website More Important Than Ever
  15. Billboard CEO Amato Paid $18 Million To Exit [RERORT]
  16. 34 Years On The Road: The Economics Of Mid Tier Touring
  17. Major Labels Demand More Slots On Spotify Playlists
  18. Apple Music Scores Ed Sheeran Documentary Exclusive [VIDEO]
  19. Lack Of Streaming Artist, Song Info 'Is Just D-U-M-B'
  20. Don't Wait For U.S. Music Modernization Act: What All Artists Performing In Canada Ca
  21. Why Americans Reward Themselves With Concerts, Events [INFOGRAPHIC]
  22. How To Read Piano Notes And Keys [INFOGRAPHIC]
  23. Bringing Together Tour, Radio, Fan-Targeted Advertising [CASE STUDY: Nathaniel Rateli
  24. Why The World Doesn't Yet Care About Your Music
  25. Spotify Opens Access To Official Playlist Editors To All, Guarantees Release Radar Pl
  26. Tunecore Adds Facebook, Instagram Monetization
  27. Netflix $9B Stock Tumble Also Offers A Warning For Spotify [Mark Mulligan]
  28. Ted Nugent Bans Guns At Show, Calls Protesters "Dumb F**KS [HYPOCRISY ALERT!]
  29. 5 Tips To Jumpstart A YouTube Marketing Strategy
  30. YouTube Exands Merch Sales, Channels To More Creators
  31. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  32. Ditto Scores Distribution Of New Chance The Rapper Release
  33. 'We Interrupt This Spotify Playlist...' Senate Bill Adds Emergency Alerts
  34. How To Spend Less, But Sell More Tickets
  35. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  36. This Week In Music Commentary
  37. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  38. Def Leppard Covers Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’ On Latest 'Spotify Singles' Exclus
  39. How To Get The Most From Spotify’s New Playlist Pitch Platform
  40. Why Every Indie Artist Needs A Ninja Guitar Tech
  41. Spotify Links With Festicket For 'Festival Finder'
  42. 5 Music Biography Must-Haves
  43. AM BRIEF: US Music Act Stumbles • Sonos Sets $105M IPO • Philly Keeps Made In America
  44. How To Target Event Emails To Drive Sales - Sierra Nevada Style
  45. 16% Of Spotify Subscribers Cancelled In Last 3 Months
  46. Sire Records' Seymour Stein: Moving On, But Not Slowing Down
  47. Musician’s Guide to Charity Fundraising [Cyber PR]
  48. Broadcast Radio Targets Millennials With New Format
  49. Why Blogging Is Still A Powerful Tool For Musicians
  50. Performance vs. Mechanical Royalties: What's The Difference?
  51. YouTube Expands Music Credits
  52. WED. BRIEF: Live Nation, Spotify Stocks Rise • BMG Adds Knox • Royalty Exchange Pivot
  53. Interview with Rich Goodstone of Bonnaroo and Superfly
  54. Cage The Elephant, Q Prime Rewrite Rules Of Music Investment with Royalty Exchange
  55. Rap, Activism, And Resonance: Measuring Event-Centric Fan Engagement
  56. Your Three Communities Part 3: Ambient Fans
  57. Milli Vanilli And 5 Infomous Lip Sync Disasters
  58. 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Member Of Your Local Music Scene
  59. 7 Easy Steps For Landing A Job At A Record Label
  60. 9 Big Takeaways From Spotify's Q2 Earnings Call
  61. Spotify Denies High Churn Rate
  62. Hacking Spotify To Grow Followers, Streams, Playlist Slots
  63. How Tech Is Changing Live Music
  64. Sell Out Shows With These 5 Key Social Media Tips
  65. Can You Identify The Types Of Music Fans?
  66. How To Find The Right Video Agency
  67. Facebook Sheds $119B Market Cap On Weak Financial Report
  68. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  69. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  70. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Sell Out Shows • Record Label Job • Submitting Your Mu
  71. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  72. Orchard Pulls All Labels And Artists Off eMusic For Non-Payment
  73. This Week In Music Commentary
  74. Troy Carter To Exit Spotify In September [OFFICIAL]
  75. Vivendi To Sell Up To 50% Of Universal Music Group
  76. How To Connect With Millennial Music Fans: 4 Ways
  77. iHeartRadio Launches 'Your Weekly Mixtape'
  78. Pop Music Eats Itself: A&R Is Facing A Data Driven Crisis [Mark Mulligan]
  79. Buying, Selling Music Merch: The Basics
  80. Spotify Isn't Priced At $10 Everywhere, And That's Just Fine [Glenn Peoples]
  81. Pitchfork Launches Dedicated Hip Hop Vertical
  82. Harry Fox Agency Unfairly Blamed As MMA Debate Rages [Chris Castle]
  83. eMusic Releases Questionable Blockchain ICO Plan
  84. Pandora Q2: Revenue Up, Listener Hours, Active Users Down
  85. 50% Of Universal Music Is For Sale, But Who Will Buy It?
  86. For Better Or Worse: Drake Defines Streaming Era Success
  87. Jerry Garcia Music Arts Launches Indie Record Label, Celebrates His Birthday
  88. Why Congress Should Support Startups In The Music Modernization Act
  89. Swapping Your Performing Rights Organization: What To Consider
  90. Understanding Music Streaming's Incredible Growth
  91. Deezer Adds $185M At $1B Valuation, Rotana Partnership
  92. How Get A Blog Premier For Your Next Release
  93. NYT Expose Looks Inside The Culture Of Billboard Magazine
  94. Music for Mourning: The Heartbreak of Losing Your Favorite Artist [Kyle Bylin]
  95. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  96. Proof The Album Is Almost Dead
  97. Patreon Payments To Creators Fall After Fan Payments Flagged As Fraudulent
  98. What Are All These Different YouTubes, And Am I Earning Money From Them?
  99. Top Song, Artist, Concert, Movie Searches Summer 2018
  100. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  101. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  102. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Drums • Killer Website • Promote Your Band • More
  103. This Week In Music Commentary
  104. Americanafest Finalizes 2018 Lineup
  105. David Crosby Slams Low Royalty Payments, Byrd-mate Roger McGuinn Agrees
  106. They Broke Out Of Retirement Home To Attend Heavy Metal Music Festival
  107. Meet The Google Funded Group That Hacked EU Copyright Vote [David Lowery]
  108. 'Mission Impossible' Still #1 After Weekend 2 Box Office
  109. AdRev Payments To Artists, Publishers Passes $100M
  110. Geo-Targeting Your Facebook Event Invites
  111. 6 Major Takeaways From Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's Fast Company Profile
  112. Ingrooves Adds 5 In Marketing, Label Development
  113. Embracing Difference: A Look Inside OddChild Music [INTERVIEW]
  114. SoundCloud Adds Mobile Feature Spotify Lacks: COMMENTS
  115. How Amazon’s Twitch.tv Cheats Music Creators
  116. Industry Giant Brian Eno Talks Music, Global Politics
  117. Soundbetter Passes $10 Million Paid To Musicians, Producers
  118. Music Drives Social Media [MusicWatch]
  119. 5 FREE Ways To Promote Music Long Before It's Released
  120. How To Get Into Vinyl On A Tight Budget
  121. CEO Tim Cook Is OK That Apple Music Loses Money, Slams 'Bits-And-Bytes' Streaming
  122. Nashville Music Hackathon Registration Opens
  123. Billboard All Time Top 100 Offers More Shock Than Surprise
  124. Sensing Blood In Water, Major Labels Sue ISP Cox For 'Ignoring' Their DMCA Notices
  125. 5 Advantages Of Releasing An EP
  126. Musicians Income Rises Even As Streaming Takes Its Toll
  127. Old Aerosmith Tour Van Found Woods Sells For $25,000
  128. DJ Abroad: How To Book, What To Expect
  129. Calling 'Bulls**t' On Tim Cook's Anti-Spotify Rhetoric
  130. Streaming Music’s Third Wave: Emerging Markets
  131. Spotify, Samsung Counter Apple Music's 2 Top Advantages
  132. 4 Essential Social Media Copywriting Tips From Grammerly
  133. Accommodating Fans At Outdoor Festivals
  134. The Downsides Of Releasing An EP
  135. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  136. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Budgets • Band Equipment • Outdoor Music • More
  137. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  138. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  139. This Week In Music Commentary
  140. Making Social Media An Extension Of Your Band's Brand
  141. 10 Bands 1 Cause: Pink Vinyl From Modest Mouse, Silversun Pickups, Run The Jewels, Mo
  142. Will Payments Fall As Spotify Tests Unlimited Ad Skips?
  143. What To Consider Before Hiring A Music Publicist (HELP!)
  144. City National Acquires Exactuals Artist PaymentHub
  145. AM BRIEF: IMPALA Protests Sony EMI Deal • Ticketmaster Resale Shift • Amazon Music To
  146. Music Supervision and Sync Roundup: BlacKkKlansman, The Bold Type, Fallout 76 and Mor
  147. 6 Apps For Tracking, Analyzing, Earning More Royalties
  148. 5 Spotify Hacks You Need To Know
  149. Spotify On Course To Pass Pandora In U.S.
  150. QUICK HITS: Pandora • Eventbrite + Picatic • AEG, BSE Global • John Mellencamp • Doll
  151. Lost Ones Launches As Virgin EMI Imprint
  152. AM BRIEF: Spotify Attracts Hedge Funds, Expands Credits • Virgin Adds Lost Ones • Blu
  153. Pandora Offers Free Year with T-Mobile, Just For 1 Day
  154. Pre-saves vs Pre-Adds: What They Are, How To Use Them
  155. Spotify Adds Songwriter, Producer Credits To iOS App, Promises Corrections, More Data
  156. How To Copyright Music, Why It Matters
  157. Meet Yoko Ono - Radio's Biggest Fan
  158. AM BRIEF: Smart Speaker Battles • Billionaire Buys Spotify Stock • Velvet Underground
  159. Janet Jackson Partners With Tech Driven Indie Cinq Music For New Release
  160. Discogs Analysis Shows Continued Vinyl, Cassette Growth
  161. Music Industry Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin
  162. 5 Ways To Win During Music's 'Moneyball' Moment
  163. Can Jazz Help You Be More Organized?
  164. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  165. Best Items In The Hard Rock Vault
  166. A Look At How Little Music Revenue Is Going To Artists
  167. IEBA Names Nominees For 2018 Touring Industry Awards
  168. 11 Things To Keep In Mind When Calculating A Tour Budget
  169. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  170. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Headphones • Aretha Franklin • Fill Your Venue • More
  171. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  172. This Week In Music Commentary
  173. BTS Sets YouTube 24 Hour Debut Record with 'IDOL'
  174. Tencent Music Sets Oct. 18th For $30B US IPO
  175. Will Virtual Reality Concerts Ever Go Mainstream?
  176. Billboard #2 Sells Just 1K Downloads As Decline Accelerates
  177. MusicLife Raises $5M For 'World's First Music Exchange'
  178. AM BRIEF: Taylor Swift As Free Agent • Eventbrite Pre-IPO Moves • Bumberry Joins Appl
  179. Teen Social Media Cord Cutting - Should It Worry The Music Industry?
  180. CMA Award Nominees 2018 Announced - The Full List
  181. State Of The YouTube Music Economy 2018 [Mark Mulligan]
  182. 7 Performers Who Created Masterpieces with GarageBand
  183. No Old Wine In New Bottles: Remastering Does Mean New Sound Recording Copyright, says
  184. AM BRIEF: Jackson Estate Wins Fake Vocal Suit • Caroline + Just Gold • Indie Power Pl
  185. 5 Tips For Crafting A Captivating Newsletter
  186. How To Get Verified On Instagram, As Badges Open To All
  187. Spotify $4.99 Student Tier Now Includes Showtime, Hulu
  188. Emo Rap, Genius and Google: Bright Spot In Dark Places
  189. Now Submit Directly to Spotify’s Playlists
  190. BMG Leads Fight To Limit 'Safe Harbor' Protections
  191. A2IM Backs #LOVEMUSIC Campaign, Urges Action
  192. AM BRIEF: Viagogo Exits UK for NYC • A3C Hits Atlanta • AIMP Songwriters 2018 • Sono
  193. Is It Time For US Music Industry To Speak With One Voice? [Emmanuel Legrand]
  194. 5 Unique Ways Of Strengthening Your Fan Base
  195. What Netflix Can Teach Us About Font Psychology [Infographic]
  196. Crash Course On Using Spotify, Other Streaming Services - For Indie Acts
  197. CD Baby Names Heli Del Moral As VP Int'l Development, Expands Global Initiatives [EXC
  198. Watch Aretha Franklin Funeral Live Now [Livestream]
  199. Eminem Releases Surprise Album 'Kamikaze': Stream It Now
  200. Why DJ Abroad And How To Do It
  201. AM BRIEF: BMG Revenue Rises • Yandex Block Looms • Apple 9/12 Event • Sony Spotify Ch
  202. Watch Sessions From CD Baby DIY Musician Conference 2018
  203. Elton John, Young Thug Join Rap Battle In Snickers TV Spot [VIDEO]
  204. Have Questions? We Have Answers - Know Your Music Publishing Rights [SoundExchange]
  205. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  206. Uganda Military Arrests Musician, Politician Bobi Wine #FreeBobiWine
  207. LABOR DAY BRIEF: YouTube Adds 4 Countries • Farewell Aretha • Berklee Online Tops 97%
  208. How Much Does It Cost To Tour In 2018?
  209. Spotify Sucks At Classical Music, Primephonic Launches with Better Search, Lossless,
  210. Family Plans Return To Bite Spotify, Streaming Platforms
  211. How Streaming Is Changing Shape of Music [Mark Mulligan] Part 1
  212. Social Streamer Caffeine Adds $100M, Live Nation Content
  213. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  214. Apple Music Adds 116 'Top 100' Daily Charts
  215. Spotify's Risky Play: Direct Artist Licensing
  216. Eventbrite Sets IPO Stock Price At $1.8B Valuation
  217. A Letter In Support Of The Music Modernization Act From Berklee President Roger H. Br
  218. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  219. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Mixing • Vinyl • Manager • More
  220. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  221. This Week In Music Commentary
  222. AM BRIEF: Mac Miller R.I.P. • Apple Music Revamps Album Display • Twitter Adds Audio
  223. Kosha Dillz Remembers Fellow Jewish Rapper, Recovering Addict Mac Miller
  224. YouTube 'Nashville Sessions' Help Artists Grow Online
  225. SXSW 2019 Announces First Keynotes, Speakers
  226. SoundCloud Adds Discover Weekly Like Playlists
  227. Apple Music Fixes How It Displays Albums, Singles
  228. SXSW 2019 Ticket Prices, Showcase Fees Rise In 2 Days
  229. AM BRIEF: Google Pushed To Ban Viagogo • AEG Expands Global • Spotify + Nielsen • Mor
  230. How To Get On Spotify's User-Generated Playlists
  231. Could This Company Be The Last To Distribute CDs?
  232. Not Ready For A Music Manager? Try An Accountability Team
  233. More Misdirection, Dodgeball On Royalties From SiriusXM
  234. We're Live Tweeting Music Announcements From Today's Apple Event: How To Watch Online
  235. Quincy Jones Joins Jammcard $1M Funding Round To Expand 'LinkedIn For Musicians'
  236. EU Parliament Approves Strong Article 13 Copyright Directive, Will End 'Safe Harbor'
  237. AM BRIEF: EU Adopts Article 13 • Apple Event • Jammcard Adds $1M • Techstars Music •
  238. 3 Ways You Should Think Differently About Releasing Music
  239. Why Can't I Get Music Press?
  240. How To Retarget The Right Concert Attendees On Facebook
  241. ASCAP Announces 2019 'I Create Music' EXPO Dates, Releases 60 Hours Of 2018 Video
  242. Getting More Gigs For Your Band
  243. Spotify (Finally) Increases Song Download Limit (A Lot)
  244. SXSW 2019 Tickets, Showcase Fees Go Up Tonight
  245. Americana Awards Winners 2018 - Full List: Jason Isbell, John Prine and More
  246. One Step Closer For The Music Modernization Act
  247. Challenge Of Posting Classical Music Without Copyright Violation: A Glimpse Of The Fu
  248. Music Streaming Market Stares Mid-Year 2018 [MIDiA]
  249. How To Use Samples In Your Tracks Without Ruining The Mix
  250. Changes To Apple Music As iOS 12 Rolls Out