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  1. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Support Your Scene • Guitar Essentials • Creative Mark
  2. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  3. Today Is Record Store Day - Stop Reading This Right Now And Go Buy Something
  4. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  5. This Week In Music Commentary
  6. AM BRIEF: Avicii Remembered • Tencent Music Nears IPO • Vevo Layoffs • More
  7. Brandon Ebel Talks Tooth & Nail Records [INTERVIEW]
  8. How Music Discovery Failed Me [Glenn Peoples]
  9. Apple Music Announces Major Nashville Expansion
  10. Nick Tieder of Frontiers Music: 'Your Biggest Problem Is Indifference'
  11. DistroKid Adds 'Synchronized Global Release'
  12. 8 Reasons Artist To Fan Social Apps Can Be Effective
  13. What To Expect From Today's Spotify Announcement
  14. AM BRIEF: Facebook, YouTube Reveal Takedown Rules • Deezer Gets 'Flow' • Rapchat Rais
  15. Bloodshot Records: 25 Years Of Independent Music [INTERVIEW]
  16. Spotify Expands Free Music, Adds Assisted Playlists
  17. Patience: The Most Understated Virtue In The Music Industry
  18. How People Are Listening To New Music In 2018 [Infographic]
  19. 3 Things Every Musician Needs To Remember Regardless Of Their Current Success
  20. IFPI Reports $17.3B 2017 Global Recorded Music Revenue [Mark Mulligan]
  21. The Rise Of Artist Curated Festivals
  22. Sony Music In New Royalty Legal Battle With SiriusXM
  23. Thinking Locally Is The First Step To Success
  24. Twitter Is Trending Again: Users Up, $655M Revenue
  25. Music Modernization Act Passes U.S. House Unanimously
  26. Google To Kill Play Music As YouTube Remix Launch Nears
  27. Music Industry Moves Past Site Blocking, Looking To Get Into App Blocking
  28. Bandsintown Adds Apple Music Integration, Shares Impressive Concert Discovery Stats
  29. #irespectmusic Tour Advocacy With Blake Morgan [INTERVIEW]
  30. Despite Controversies Facebook Adds 48 Million Users
  31. Optimizing The Day You Send Your Email Newsletter
  32. Be-Hookd's Silas Armstrong Talks Talks, Branding, Bots, Marketing Strategies [INTERVI
  33. LiveXLive To Live Stream Major AEG Festivals
  34. Making A Music Video With Big Effects, Small Budgets, And No Green Screens [INTERVIEW
  35. Instagram Challenges Snapchat As Facebook, Twitter Become Old News For Young Users [C
  36. Could Streaming Playlists Replace Music Blogs?
  37. Concerns For DIY Musicians Income After Congressional Interview For Music Modernizati
  38. This Years' Record Store Day Was The Best Day Ever
  39. Spotify To Test Raising Subscription Prices Next Month
  40. 3 Tips For Increasing Fan Engagement On Social Media
  41. Spotify Debuts New Interface For Freemium Users
  42. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  43. Getting It Done: The Week In DIY and Indie Music
  44. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Write A Hit • Music For Your Health • Being Tour-Ready
  45. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  46. This Week In Music Commentary
  47. AM BRIEF: Sony Earnings Soar • Country Playlists Go Big • Memorial For Troy Blakely
  48. It's Time to Stop Selling To Your Fans
  49. Live Nation's $20 Concert Ticket Offer Is Live Now
  50. What Happens When Paid Streaming Has 96% Market Share? Sweden Has Answers
  51. Streaming Habits Mirror Purchasing Habits: The Big Lie Of Spotify [David Lowery]
  52. Apple Music Extends Free Trial Beyond 3 Months
  53. Deezer, Jazz FM Partner To Honor Iconic Record Labels
  54. Tencent Plans $4B US IPO That Also Benefits Spotify
  55. AM BRIEF: Tencent Music Plans $4B U.S. IPO • Piracy Watchlist • Orchard, Nightlife Mu
  56. The Music Industry Doesn't Need To Be Saved
  57. Modern Music Modernization Act Only Goes Half Way [Op-Ed]
  58. Gibson Guitars Files For Bankruptcy
  59. Bob Dylan Launches ‘Heaven’s Door’ Whiskey Brand
  60. Why Taking Time Off From Music Can Harm Your Career
  61. Music's Alarming Gender Gap [Infographic]
  62. Sony Sells $750M Spotify Stock, Will Artists Get Fair Share?
  63. Being In A Band Changes Your Life: Here's How
  64. Spotify [NYSE:SPOT] Earnings Report Today: What To Expect
  65. AM BRIEF: Sony Sells $750M Spotify Shares • Tencent Music $25M IPO Valuation • Spotif
  66. Spotify Reports 170M Users, Stock Drops 8%
  67. Kanye West Makes Great Music Again
  68. Spotify and Instagram Link, Oculus Live Venues Unveiled at Facebook F8 Summit
  69. 'Big Tech Abuses Outdated Laws To Decimate Music Economy', says CAKE Lead Singer John
  70. Spotify Stock Rising Ahead Of Today's Earnings Report
  71. Full Stream Ahead: Spotify Q1 2018 [Mark Mulligan]
  72. Global Music Database Test Launches with BMG, WMG, More
  73. 7 Tips For More Powerful Email Blasts
  74. Sign Petition To End Sexual Harassment At Music Fests
  75. Touring Abroad: What US Artists Need, How To Get It
  76. Pandora Q1 2018 Beats Expectations, Listener Hours Fall
  77. #1 iPhone App Is About Music and You've Never Heard Of It
  78. 3 Tips To Get More Followers On SoundCloud
  79. UPDATE: Spotify [NYSE:SPOT] Ends Day Down 5.66%
  80. The Awesome Candor Of Sarah Shook [INTERVIEW]
  81. Playlists Allow Artists To Focus On Music Over Image
  82. CHANGE TWITTER PASSWORDS NOW! 330M Accounts Compromised
  83. Music Stocks: Pandora, Live Nation Soar, Spotify Down
  84. How Yo Use Facebook Live To Engage Your Fans
  85. Meek Mill, Amazon To Produce Justice System Docuseries
  86. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  87. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  88. This Week In Music Commentary
  89. 'Avengers: Infinity War' Passes Historic $1B In 11 Days
  90. AM BRIEF: YouTube Music Service Leaks • Alt-Ticketmaster Raises $30M • ASCAP Expo Beg
  91. Features Leak, Will YouTube Streaming Music Service Launch Tue. At Google I/O.?
  92. Live Money vs. Streaming Money: Which Comes First?
  93. Guide To Keeping Fans Engaged On Social Media
  94. Dos And Don'ts: A Musician's Guide To Working For Free
  95. WMG Sells $400M Spotify Shares, No Profits For Some Labels
  96. AM BRIEF: Music Biz 2018 • Ticketmaster Adds Facial Tech • Instagram + Music • More
  97. Another Look At Spotify Promotion Service Playlist Push [Brian Hazard]
  98. Instagram To Add Music To Posts, Code Reveals
  99. 10 Famous Song Titles Never Lyrically Featured In The Song
  100. Music Played More Often On YouTube Than All Other Platforms Combined
  101. Spotify, Instagram Team Up To Make Music Sharing Easier
  102. 10 Reasons You Should Join Us At ASCAP EXPO Right Now [Kosha Dillz]
  103. Taking Flight Again: Twitter Is Making A Comeback
  104. 4 Offline Marketing Ideas For Venues, Festivals
  105. TIDAL Inflated 'Hundreds Of Millions' Beyoncé, Kanye Streams [Report]
  106. Jay Z Forced To Testify In SEC Stock Fraud Investigation
  107. TIDAL Calls Inflated Streams Report 'Smear Campaign'
  108. Why Artists And Influencers Have More Power Than Ever
  109. 'This Is America' Sparks New Musical Resistance
  110. A Musician’s Guide To Creating Community – 9 Steps to Nurture Your Super Fans [Cyber
  111. From Living Room To Live Room: Recording Studio Breakdown [INFOGRAPHIC]
  112. Spotify Updates Hate Content Policy, Pulls R. Kelly From Playlists
  113. Using Merch Sales To Engage With Fans
  114. Ex-Ticketmaster CEO Amasses $30M War Chest To Shakeup Ticketing
  115. George Martin's Iconic AIR Studios For Sale [VIDEO TOUR]
  116. Full Music Modernization Act Introduced In U.S. Senate
  117. How To Market Music Using Facebook Ads [Brian Hazard]
  118. LANDR Adds Royalty Free Samples From Dirty Projectors, More
  119. What Sweden Has To Tell Us About Streaming's Future
  120. 7 Tips For Turning Playlist Placement Into Long Term Streaming Activity
  121. YouTube Music Charts Makeover Offers Unfiltered Billboard Chart Alternative
  122. How To Make The Power Of Community The Key To Music Industry Success
  123. 5 Techniques For Marketing Music To New Fans
  124. Songtrust Now Administers 150K Songwriters, 1M Copyrights, 20K Music Publishers
  125. SoundExchange, RIAA, ASCAP, BMI, Others Voice Strong Support Of Senate's Music Modern
  126. TIDAL Lands Exclusive On Unreleased Prince Music
  127. Warner Music Quietly Launches Free Tunecore Competitor
  128. Music Downloads Had A Short And Unhappy Life
  129. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  130. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: New Fans • Songwriting Laws • Band Breakups • More
  131. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  132. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  133. This Week In Music Commentary
  134. MON: Spotify Music Ban Criticized • Music Biz Begins • Audiam Opens Royalty Portal
  135. Childish Gambino’s 'This is America' Passes 85.3M YouTube Views In 1st Week
  136. Top 20 Social Media Tools
  137. QUICK HITS: The Orchard • Symphonic • Warner Music • Spotify
  138. Could Spotify Buy Universal? Should It? [MARK MULLIGAN]
  139. On Music Licensing, Placements and Samples with Deborah Mannis-Gardner
  140. AM BRIEF: Carter Exits Spotify? • Merlin Sells Spotify Stock • Music Biz Day 1 • More
  141. Apple Music Has 50M Subscribers, Up 2M In Single Month
  142. Is Troy Carter Leaving Spotify Over New Hate Content Policy?
  143. 13 Must-Use Instagram Tools For Event Marketers
  144. TIDAL Referred To Norwegian Police Over Beyonce, Kanye West Streaming Manipulation
  145. eMusic - Don't Go Blockchain! [David Gerard]
  146. Pandora Learns More Ads Doesn't Mean More Subscribers
  147. Live Nation Launches Fund To Back Female Founded Live Music Businesses
  148. BET Awards Nominees 2018: Khaled, Lamar Dominate
  149. Americana Music Awards Names 2018 Nominees: Isbell, Price, Carlisle Lead Eclectic Pac
  150. AM BRIEF: MMA Senate Hearing • Kickstarter's New Music Head • Metallica Was Right • M
  151. YouTube Adds Artist, Songwriter Credits To 500M Videos
  152. Guide To Independently Selling 25,000 Albums
  153. Tidal's Troubles Mount: Late Payments Join Streaming Massive Manipulation Charges
  154. 3 Sites To Help You Determine Your Brand
  155. Senate To Vote On Net Neutrality Today
  156. No Artist, Writer Credits For Cover Or Live Videos, YouTube Spokesperson Confirms
  157. How We Crowdfunded $18K With No Experience Or Fans [Part 2]
  158. Eyellusion Raises $2M For Hologram Tours
  159. Billboard Hot 100 To Measure Streams Differently
  160. Revamped YouTube Music Free and Premium Launches Tues.
  161. A 3 Step Plan To Consistently Gain New Fans
  162. Kickstarter Names Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves New Director Of Music
  163. The Art Of Being Heard: Are Big Data And Analytics The Future Of Music Marketing?
  164. Is YouTube Finally Serious About Music Subscriptions?
  165. Promoting Music On A Budget
  166. Want To Write Music For TV? 4 Tips For Producers
  167. Rap vs. Pap: Dr. Loses Trademark Battle With Gynecologist Dr. Drai
  168. 10K Radio Stations File BMI Lawsuit To Pay Songwriters Less, PRO Responds
  169. Staying Safe And Secure This Festival Season
  170. Skullcandy To Sponsor Emerging Artist Concerts, Podcasts
  171. UMG Revenue Up 4.5% As Vivendi Confirms IPO, Sale Plans
  172. TOP POSTS: The Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  173. Smokey Robinson Gives Moving Defense Of Artists Rights At Hearing Over Music Moderniz
  174. Spotify, Apple Music and The Future Of Ad Supported Streaming [Zach Fuller, MIDiA]
  175. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  176. MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Jannelle Monáe • Promoting On A Budget • Safe And Secure
  177. REWIND: New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  178. AM BRIEF: Is YouTube Music Too Late? • TIDAL Bites Back • Facebook Stories Soar • Mor
  179. BTS Breaks YouTube 2018 Record, 36M Views In 24 Hours
  180. Why EPs Are Still Important
  181. How To Succeed On Soundcloud
  182. 7 Techniques For Increasing Your Facebook Fan Engagement
  183. Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, Orchard, Deezer, Others Sued For Copyright Infringeme
  184. YouTube Music Launched Today: What To Expect
  185. AM BRIEF: YouTube Music Launch • Sony Buys EMI Music • TuneGO Raises $7.7M • More
  186. Sony Takes $2.3B Controlling Stake In EMI
  187. Intro To New YouTube Music Subscription Service [VIDEO]
  188. 100% Indie Artist Shares How He Got 2 Billion Streams [VIDEO]
  189. YouTube Music Is Rolling Out Now
  190. ALTERNATIVE TAKE: Music Modernization Act Database? - ?Landmark Or Landmine?
  191. R. Kelly Streams Increase After Spotify Ban
  192. Irving Azoff Calls Out 'Liar' Cohen, YouTube Over Payments
  193. How To Book Convention Concerts (Without Pissing Off The Staff)
  194. Pandora Adds Personalized Playlists With A Twist
  195. ALTERNATIVE TAKE: How Recording Industry His A New Attempt To Expand Copyright
  196. A2IM Board Nominees Announced, Voting Begins
  197. Court Approves $43.4M Spotify Artists Compensation Fund Settling Class Action Lawsuit
  198. Beginner’s Guide To Launching Social Media Ads
  199. FREE Webinar: Ask A Booking Agent
  200. EDM Business Down Worldwide
  201. How To Diversify Your Music Promotion Efforts
  202. How To Write, Produce A Hit Song In 2018...Or At Least Increase Your Chances
  203. Online Studio Soundation Raises $500K, Appoints New CEO
  204. Could ASCAP, BMI Consent Decrees Be About To End? Justice Dept. Antitrust Head To Spe
  205. 8 Crowdfunding Campaigns To Keep Your Eye On And Why
  206. Mixcloud Pacts With EU Licensor ICE For 12M DJ Sets
  207. Vevo To Shutter Apps, Site And Stream Only Via YouTube
  208. 5 Techniques For Engaging Social Ringleaders - The Most Important Music Fans
  209. Spotify Launches 'Game Plan' How To Video Series For Artists
  210. Iconic Tests Copyright Infringement Software For Indies
  211. Why Twitter Still Matters For Musicians
  212. Why Music Data Shouldn't Drive 100% Of Decisions
  213. 5 Web Tools For Musicians To Try
  214. Share A Toke With Snoop Dogg In New Hulu VR Experience
  215. The Reason Record Labels Hate Free Streaming Tiers
  216. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  217. How Record Labels Screwed Up The Music Industry, And How Spotify, Apple Saved Them
  218. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  219. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music PR • Crowdfunding • Rehearsal Venue • More
  220. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  221. This Week In Music Commentary
  222. MON. BRIEF: Spotify Rethinks 'Hate' Policy • MusicCares Blame Game • Vevo Hackers Ar
  223. BOX OFFICE: 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Debut Disappoints
  224. AM BRIEF: BTS Takes K-pop #1 • Pandora Adds Family Plan • Spotify Rethinks 'Hate' Pol
  225. An Expert's Tips On Music Business Networking
  226. Followers vs Listeners: How To Accurately Measuring Attention On Spotify
  227. Google Home Smart Speaker Sales Soar, Great News For YouTube Music
  228. Does Spotify, Apple Need A New Model To Pay Musicians?
  229. Reigniting Our Love Of AM Radio
  230. Taking Your Band From Local To Regional
  231. Music Video Distribution Unlikely To Change Much As Vevo At Last Succumbs To YouTube
  232. Live Nation's Michael Rapino Among Best Paid U.S. CEOs
  233. AM BRIEF: YouTube Deletes Violent Videos • BMI Radio Royalties Battle • U2 To Third M
  234. Credentials To Universal Music Computer Systems Exposed
  235. Spotify 'Hate and Hateful' Policy Crisis Is About Social Responsibility [Mark Mulliga
  236. How Spotify Is Killing Jazz, Soul, Classical Music
  237. Music Choice Seeks Support Of Legislation To Cheat Artists Out Of Royalties
  238. Azoff Responds To Grammy, MusiCares Allegations
  239. BREAKING: Ticketfly, Major Venue Sites Offline After Hack and Ransom Demand
  240. How To Promote Your Demo On No Budget
  241. Coachella Announces 2019 Dates, Advanced Sale
  242. AM BRIEF: Spotify Admits Hate Policy 'Rolled Out Wrong' • Apple Music Biz Revamp • AI
  243. 5 Techniques For Getting New Fans To Love Your Music Brand
  244. Cover Art Mistakes That Get You Booted Off Streaming Services
  245. Kendrick Lamar Accepts 'Beautiful' Puliizer Prize At Colombia University Ceremony
  246. Spotify Is 'Cash Flow Positive,' says CEO Ek, Admits Hate Policy Handled Badly
  247. What Is a Retail Marketing Plan And How Can You Use It To Sell Your Music?
  248. Vevo Flop Reemphasizes How Badly The Record Labels Underestimate Technology
  249. Major Layoffs At Pollstar As Oak View Moves Trade To LA
  250. Amuse Going Head To Head With CD Baby, TuneCore