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  1. Spotify Threatens Hacked App Users With Suspension As Practice Spreads
  2. Social Media 2018: YouTube Tops Facebook, Snapchat Gains
  3. Ireland Pledges Ban On For-Profit Concert Ticket Resale
  4. iHeartMedia Bankruptcy Delayed 2 Days, $15B Debt Erased
  5. Tower Records Founder Russ Solomon Passes
  6. 50% Of UK Music Consumption 2017 Was Streaming, 4M Vinyl Records Sold
  7. AM BRIEF: Genius Adds $15M • UMG To Share Spotify Windfall • Apple's Audio Ambitions
  8. CD Baby Paid Indie Artists $80M In 2017, Up 33%
  9. Red Ink Beneath Streaming’s “New Dawn” [Marc Ribot]
  10. UMG Says Artists Will Profit From Spotify Stock Sale, But What Does That Mean?
  11. New Year, New Artist Bio
  12. Singer/Professor Attempts Lawsuit Against Student For Bad Internet Ratings, Fails, Ap
  13. 5 Techniques For Selling More Concert Tickets in 2018
  14. Straight Outta Wakanda: How Black Panther's Score Solved Marvel’s Music Problem
  15. 5 Tools, Tops For Dodging Artist Burnout
  16. Apple Deleting iTunes LP Format: Beginning Of The End?
  17. iHeartMedia, 855 Radio Stations Go Bankrupt At 11:59 PM CST Wednesday
  18. Genius Raises $15M More To 'Become #1 Brand In Music'
  19. 47 Million U.S. Adults Have A Smart Speaker At Home
  20. A Letter To Songwriters On The Copyright Royalty Board
  21. Indies Demand Spotify Stock Profit Share, Sony Responds
  22. Gmail.com Signin
  23. Taking Space In The Crowd: A Solo Concert Experience
  24. Axl Rose Calls Apple's Tim Cook 'Donald Trump Of Music'
  25. Spotify Ad Studio: A Marketing Tool Worth Using
  26. Pandora Honors Int'l Women's Day With Playlists, More
  27. 10 Types Of Songwriting Jobs
  28. Americans Listen To 200 Billion Minutes Of Audio Weekly
  29. Kobalt Invests $150M In AWAL To Help 'Thousands Of Emerging Artists'
  30. Spotify, Google, Amazon 'Can't Find' Neville Brothers, Other NOLA Songwriters
  31. How Keep Your SXSW Networking Connections Strong
  32. Google Adds Direct Posts From All Musicians To Search
  33. Music Modernization Act: Barf, Just Barf [David Lowery]
  34. Warner Music, Facebook Finalize Licensing Partnership
  35. Writing About Music Sucks, But You Should Do It Anyway
  36. How To Fix Music Modernization Act’s Broken Audit Clause
  37. How The Copyright Stranglehold Dooms Spotify [Op-Ed]
  38. Fall Out Boy To Headline 'March for Our Lives' Benefit Concert
  39. NME and The Accelerating Decline Of Print Publications
  40. The Album Is DEAD, But Not Everyone Believes It
  41. Bankrupt iHeartMedia Owes Musicians Millions
  42. Facebook Messenger, DMs Are Best Way To Grow A Fan Base
  43. Lyor Cohen @ SXSW On YouTube, Music Industry Renaissance [WATCH]
  44. The Importance Of Investing In Your Equipment
  45. Pandora Partners w/ Linkfire To Improve Artist Marketing
  46. Kelly Nicole Foundation Is Changing The World Through Music
  47. Social Media Use Declining In U.S.
  48. Which Social Media Do Adults Over 30 Use? [CHART]
  49. Independent Labels See International Bonanza
  50. Step By Step Guide To Influencer Marketing For Music Businesses
  51. Social Media Music Marketing Isn't Just For Millenials
  52. Backline With Terrorbird Media's Lauren Ross
  53. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  54. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  55. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  56. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Increase The Gain • Band Relocation • Apps For Musicia
  57. Arrest Made For SXSW Bomb Threat, Roots Cancellation
  58. Tomb Raider Tops Black Panther At Box Office
  59. AM BRIEF: Facebook Under Fire • Spotify Playlist Payola • Artbit Launches • More
  60. Website Performance Metrics Every Artist, Band, Should Know
  61. Social Media Marketing 101: Content Calendars, How To Post
  62. Context, Not Genre Drives Playlist Popularity [Analysis]
  63. Spotify Cuts Off Playlist Payola Service SpotLister
  64. Last Week In Music Commentary
  65. Do Spotify's Investors Lack Confidence In The Platform? [Bobby Owsinski]
  66. Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Music To Others
  67. 43 Years In, Judas Priest Storms The Charts
  68. #DeleteFacebook Trending On Twitter As Users Exit
  69. Songwriter, Music Publisher Relationship Examined
  70. How To Construct A Mailing List For Email Marketing
  71. Facebook Adds Patreon-Style Paid Subscriptions
  72. Songwriters Demand Share Of Spotify, Facebook Deals With #soldforasong Campaign
  73. YouTube To Overwhelm Heavy Music Users With Ads
  74. Mona Fimreite Named Orchard’s International Sales And Marketing Director, Europe
  75. Tax Change Could Kill Corporate Gigs For Musicians
  76. Artists, Musicians Are Wasting Their Time With Social Media: Here's Why
  77. Facebook Loses $50B Market Value, #DeleteFacebook Rages
  78. Marvin Gaye Estate Wins $5.3M 'Blurred Lines' Appeal
  79. 5 Reasons Small Blogs Can Launch A Music Career
  80. How Retargeting Ads Can Help You Sell More Concert Tickets
  81. Smart Speakers Will Drive Music Consumption, Industry Growth says New Report
  82. Playlist Sharing Startup Cymbal Joins Deadpool
  83. How To Recover From SXSW (Or Any Festival, Conference)
  84. #DeleteFacebook Reminds Why Email Newsletters Matter
  85. Taxes 101: Five Tips and One Misconception That All Musicians Should Know
  86. Two Music Companies Named To Linkedin 50 Best Workplaces
  87. Music Industry Revenue Up 16.5% In 2017, says RIAA
  88. 7 Proven Steps To More Music Video Views In 2018
  89. FREE Webinar: How To Create An Effective Music EPK
  90. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  91. Spotify Stats Reveal Hidden Challenges And Opportunities [Mark Mulligan]
  92. Music Is "On The Move" says RIAA Chief Cary Sherman
  93. It's Time For People To Learn How Streaming Really Works
  94. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  95. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  96. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Find A Music Publicist • Partner With Your Venue • Soc
  97. This Week In Music Commentary
  98. 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Tops Weekend Box Office
  99. AM BRIEF: India's Top Streamers Merge • New $10M Simmons Rape Lawsuit • Tidal Adds Pr
  100. Spotify Predicts 200M Users, Up To $410M Loss In 2018
  101. American Idol Doesn't Produce Hitmakers: Here's The Proof
  102. Spotify, Google, Amazon Can't Seem To Find The Beatles To License Their Music
  103. Listen: First Album Composed By Artificial Intelligence
  104. How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists (From A Band That Did)
  105. Gunna, Band Of Heathens Enter Pandora Trendsetters Chart
  106. AM BRIEF: BMG Revenue Soars • Spotify Predicts It's Future • L.A. Reid's Hitco Hires
  107. SoundMachine, Napster Partner For Music Streaming Service Aimed At Businesses
  108. 10 Hilariously Horrible Music Video Product Placements
  109. Google, YouTube Help Users Avoid Paying For Spotify
  110. Guiding A Music Career Through An Evolving Landscape
  111. Picking An Artist/Band Name That Won't Get Buried At The Bottom Of Search Results
  112. Professional vs Amateur Musician: The Art of Showing Up
  113. Abbey Road Studio Names Nils Rodgers Creative Advisor
  114. Music Piracy Has Increased [New Study]
  115. DMX Wants To Stream His Playlist In Court Today
  116. BMG Revenue Jumps 21.8%
  117. SoundCloud Adds Scheduled Releases
  118. TrumpMasterFlex: AI Turns Trump's Tweets Into Playlists
  119. Guide To Facebook Live Tips For Indie Artists
  120. Next Big Sound Adds Free Weekly Performance Insights
  121. GoDaddy Ordered To Suspend 4 Music Pirate Domains
  122. Apple Music App Upgrade Puts Video In Spotlite
  123. What's The Point Of SXSW, Music Conferences? [Ari Herstand]
  124. Instrumental Raises $4M For TalentAI, WMG Buys Sodatone As Data Driven A&R Takes Cent
  125. 5 Tips To Make Any Newsletter More Visually Appealing
  126. Meredith Gardner Exits Capital, Named Maverick SVP Digital
  127. Taylor Swift Video To Premier Exclusively On Spotify Tonight [UPDATED]
  128. With Spotify Deeply Linked To Facebook, How Safe Is Your Streaming Data?
  129. Music Modernization Act Is Good For Songwriters, But Don’t Add CLASSICS and CASE Acts
  130. RIAA's 2017 End Of Year Report: A Cynical Take [Op-Ed]
  131. Dear Musicians: Conversation Is The New Connection
  132. Your Marketing Plan Is Your Future - Do You Have One? [Cyber PR]
  133. Charlie Walk Exits Republic Records After Multiple Sexual Harassment Allegations
  134. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  135. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  136. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  137. This Week In Music Commentary
  138. AM BRIEF: Spotify Stock News • DoJ Eyes Live nation, Ticketmaster • Rock Hall Scores
  139. WMG Eyes Partnership With Exec It Fired For Cheating Musicians, Songwriters
  140. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek On Eve Of Stock Offering: "We are only in the second inning."
  141. What Analysts Are Saying About Spotify On Eve Of Stock Offering Is Pretty Scary
  142. Live Music Leads To A Longer Life [STUDY]
  143. Genius Partners With YouTube For 'Song Stories'
  144. Amazon Music Subscriptions Doubled In Last 6 Months
  145. Music Think Tank: Call For Your Submissions
  146. 10 Facebook Groups Musicians Need to Join Right Now
  147. It's D(PO)-Day For Spotify [SPOT] - Mark Mulligan
  148. Spotify [SPOT] $132 Reference Stock Price Set For Debut Today
  149. AM BRIEF: Spotify Stock Watch • Soundcloud Financials • Gibson CEO Mea Culpa • More
  150. Spotify Ends Solid First Trading Day At $26.7B Valuation
  151. How Musicians Can Use Pandora AMP, Next Big Sound To Build An Audience
  152. What Smart Speakers Mean For Music, The Music Industry [Stuart Dredge]
  153. How To Achieve Longevity In The Music Industry
  154. Record Deal Advances Skyrocketing (If You're A Hip Hop Artist)
  155. Spotify Stock Struggles, Live Nation Rises In AM Trades
  156. 4 Amazing Tech Tools For Making Music
  157. Your Band Is Your Brand
  158. Meme Delivers Fleetwood Mac Hit 41 Years After Release
  159. Which Music Streamer Pays Best? It's Not Spotify [CHART]
  160. 5 Tips To Boost Your Spotify Streams Legally
  161. How To Book (And Survive) A Tour Without Losing Money
  162. Music Industry Gender Pay Gap Is Very Real [New Stats]
  163. YouTube's New TrueView Advertising Feature Could Mean More Revenue For Artists
  164. Multi-Platinum, SESAC Songwriter Of The Year Jim Brickman Launches Songwriter Bootcam
  165. DistroKid Adds Free Spotify 'Hyperfollow' Fanbase Builder, Pre-Save Tool
  166. AM BRIEF: Sonos Eyes IPO • MTV Adds 'TRL' AM • Sony's $1B Spotify Windfall • More
  167. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  168. This Week In Music Commentary
  169. 2018's Live Music Trends That Are Changing The Industry
  170. How Much Does Streaming Earn U.S. Record Companies? [CHART Year To Year]
  171. Q&A With Megadeth's Dave Mustaine
  172. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  173. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  174. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Marketing Manifesto • Live Performances • Your Band Is
  175. AM BRIEF: Facebook vs Congress • Spotify Announces Announcement • TuneGO + Priority •
  176. Cardi B Teaches How To Be Cardi B In New Spotify TV Ad [VIDEO]
  177. Every Minute On The Internet... The Futility Of Trying To Be Everywhere [CHART]
  178. Musician's Guide To Setting Up A Pre-Order Campaign
  179. NestaMusic's Robby Towns Talks Marketing, Technology [INTERVIEW]
  180. Why It's Critical To Hire A Graphic Designer For Your Next Release
  181. Vevo, YouTube Hacked, Top Music Videos Affected
  182. AM BRIEF: Music Modernization Act Introduced Today • Vevo, YouTube Hacked • Zuckerber
  183. Music Publishers Win Major Victory vs Wolfgang's Vault
  184. Why The Music Business Favors Night Owls
  185. Which Songs Don't Qualify For YouTube Content ID
  186. Record Labels vs Spotify: Who Needs Who More?
  187. YouTube, Vevo Respond To Major Music Video Hack
  188. Facebook Is Least Trusted Tech Company By 1100% [CHART]
  189. A Musician's Simple Guide To Taxes
  190. Copyright Infringement Lawsuits Empower 'Troll' Rightscorp, says Mike Masnik
  191. AM BRIEF: Music Modernization Act • Spotify May Expand Free • Music Innovation Center
  192. Apple Music Passes 40M Subscribers, New Global Head Of Music Named
  193. What To Expect At Spotify's Big 'News Announcement'
  194. Expanded Music Modernization Act Introduced With Radical Changes To How Musicians Are
  195. The Best Way To Get Your Music On A Spotify Playlist
  196. How To Launch Your Own Music Blog
  197. YouTube Creator Studio Adds Impression, Unique Viewer Metrics
  198. Promote Your Music With Spotify Ads: An Artist's How To
  199. Spotify Acquires Music Licensing Platform Loudr
  200. HD Vinyl To Hit Stores In 2019 After $4.8M Investment
  201. Don’t Let Tax Day Leave You Singing The Blues: A Message For Songwriters, Musicians
  202. Spotify Adds Social Media Links, Image Galleries, But Still No Link To Artist Website
  203. Record Labels Know What Artists Want, And It's The Reason They'll Never Change
  204. 5 Ways To Engage Fans On Social Media
  205. Facebook Flat Fee Music Deals Have Future Implications [Mark Mulligan]
  206. Spotify, YouTube Add Windowing With Jason Aldean Release
  207. 5 Musical Geniuses Who Overcame Disabilities To Achieve Legendary Status
  208. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  209. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  210. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Selling Merch • Financial Lifehacks • Your Music Caree
  211. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  212. This Week In Music Commentary
  213. Full List Of ACM Winners 2018
  214. KendricK Lamar Wins Pulitzer Prize For 'Damn'
  215. Facebook's Struggles Are Good For Musicians, Marketers
  216. Mariah Carey's Former Manager Claims Breach Of Contract
  217. Shovels And Rope Talk Running Their Own Festival [INTERVIEW]
  218. Gigroad: Airbnb For Booking Shows
  219. Hi-Rez Streamer Qobuz Names CEO, Plots Summer US Launch
  220. AM BRIEF: Spotify: Plans Leak, Apple Curator Defects • KEXP Scores $10M • iHeart Expa
  221. QUICK HITS: The Orchard • Bytedance • Downtown Music • LiveXLive
  222. Snapchat Users Rise After Controversial Redesign
  223. Spotify To Announce Major Mobile Updates Next Week
  224. Gigs No Longer Just For Musicians: How A Society Of Starving Artists Is Being Created
  225. Eminem Dishes Up Mom’s Spaghetti At Coachella
  226. Facebook Brings Tough EU Privacy Controls To All Users
  227. AM BRIEF: Facebook Takes EU Privacy Global • Apple Music: 40% Growth • Spotify Leaks
  228. Wise Words From The Most Quotable Women In Music
  229. Apple Music Will Grow 40% Annually, Faster Than Spotify, says Top Analyst
  230. Best Email Marketing Services For Artists
  231. Why Your Band Should Accept Credit Cards & How To Do It
  232. Blockchain Music Startup VEZT Adds All Star Advisors, CSO
  233. #DeleteFacebook Is Dead: Here's Why [David Deal]
  234. 100M Pay For Amazon Prime, 10's Of Millions Stream Music
  235. TheWaveVR Raises $6M For Virtual Reality Music Platform
  236. AM BRIEF: Spotify's Hip Hop Play • Amazon Prime Passes 100M • IDAGIO Inks Warner Clas
  237. ASCAP Paid Songwriters, Music Publishers More Than $1B For First Time In 2017
  238. Vivendi Is Exploring A Universal Music IPO, says CEO
  239. Marketing Strategy For Facebook Music Events
  240. "I interviewed 54 women at Coachella, and they all said they had been sexually harass
  241. Artists Without Label Revenue Up 27%, Industry +$1.4B [Mark Mulligan]
  242. Prepping Facebook Events For Optimal Promotion
  243. How Music Journalists Deal With All Those Albums – One Writer’s Process
  244. Google Services: Your Band's Best Friend
  245. How To Sell Merch Without Being Obnoxious
  246. Capitol Music Group Launches Music Innovation Center
  247. College Radio Unites For Vinylthon 2018 This Saturday
  248. Lessons from Prince’s Estate, Still Unsettled on the 2nd Anniversary of His Death
  249. Jack White Is The Lord Of Vinyl: Here Are 6 Reasons Why
  250. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music