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  1. Ex-Maker, MySpace Music, MTV Exec Courtney Holt To Head Revamped Spotify Video Effort
  2. CD Baby Donates Net Proceeds From Digital Sales To Hurricane Harvey Victims
  3. "Not a single grammy winner thanked radio," Recording Academy Head Scolds Broadcaster
  4. 3 Pillars Of A Successful Artist Brand
  5. How College Students Discover and Consume Music
  6. Spotify Announces Playlist Based "Who We Be Live' Just Days After Apple Abandoned The
  7. 4 Pieces Of Equipment Every Entrepreneur Needs When Building A Music Venue
  8. How To Promote Music On Spotify Using 'Behind The Scenes' Playlists and Commentary Tr
  9. Ahead Of iPhone 8 Announcement, Apple Music Finally Gains Traction With iOS Users
  10. Spotify Decides That Streaming Does Not Equal Reproduction, Distribution [Op-ed]
  11. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  12. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Go Green • Building A Music Venue • 5 Bad Habits
  13. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  14. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  15. Last Week In Music Commentary
  16. AM BRIEF: ShareBeast, AlbumJams Operator Guilty • "We Shall Overcome" Copyright Weake
  17. 4 Ways The Right Social Media Tools Can Save You Time, Money
  18. Spotify For Artists Adds Multiple Logins, Access Levels For Team Members
  19. 3 Positive Ways To Use Community Involvement To Boost A Career In Music
  20. Is Spotify Ending Support For Apple's Safari Browser A Tech Glitch Or A Bitch Slap?
  21. Austin Welcomes New Short Run Vinyl Pressing Plant
  22. We're About To Be Reminded Of How Important Music Is To Apple: A Very Short List Of T
  23. AM BRIEF: Songs Music For Sale • Tencent, Alibaba Deal • Berklee's Open Music Initiat
  24. All The Music Announcements From Today's #AppleEvent
  25. Building An Online Presence – 7 Key Tips For Musicians
  26. Tips For Bringing A Crowd: Local Artist's Guide To Beating The Struggle
  27. Soundcharts Raises $3.1 Million For Music Analytics
  28. Music Industry Asks Google Why It Doesn't Do More To Stop YouTube Stream Ripping
  29. 100 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice: Part 1 [CyberPR]
  30. Watch Grammy Winner Esperanza Spalding Record Her New Album In 77 Hours On Facebook L
  31. Bandcamp Shares Impressive Stats, Adds Bulk Edits
  32. The World Wide Web Of Music Influence [Infographic]
  33. Apple Releases New & Improved iTunes 12.7 including Social Music Sharing For Apple Mu
  34. Facebook Live Toolkit For Musicians
  35. The Music Industry Still Doesn't Understand Blockchain Tech
  36. Event Marketing Tactics For Music Festivals
  37. New Spotify Songwriter Lawsuits, Legal Filings Threaten Streaming Driven Music Indust
  38. Vivian Campbell Shares Upside Of Music Piracy For Def Leppard
  39. Digital Marketer Darren Hemmings Talks Online Branding, Music Marketing Strategies
  40. International Entertainment Buyers Association Announce 2017 Industry Awards Nominees
  41. CD Baby Donates Share Of Digital Sales To Hurricane Relief: 'Using Music To Benefit O
  42. Crackdown On Torrent Sites Is Resulting In More Moles To Whack
  43. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: 5 Reasons It Pays To Collaborate
  44. YouTube Discovers Way To Pay Artists Even Less
  45. I Spent $500 Promoting My Song On Deezer [Brian Hazard]
  46. Judge Denies Spotify Motion That Would Have Upended Songwriter, Music Publisher Payme
  47. How To Prepare For Your First Big Music Event
  48. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  49. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  50. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  51. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap Concert Conversions • Selling Out House Concerts • More
  52. This Week In Music Commentary
  53. AM BRIEF: Rolling Stone For Sale • Spotify + Waze To iOS • "Cash Me Out" Scores Atlan
  54. ABBA Reportedly Working On Virtual Reality Tour In 2019
  55. Pandora New Music Insights For Week of 9/18/17
  56. 8 Advantages Social Media Has Over Traditional Media
  57. Indie Rock Is Thriving On Pandora
  58. Simple Guide To Setting Up Your First Messenger Bot
  59. Great Music Sharing Features Available On iPhone, iPad Today with Apple's iOS 11 Rele
  60. Ed Sheeran, U2 Cancel St. Louis Shows Amid Ongoing Violent Protests
  61. AM BRIEF: Music AR App Blin.gy Shutters • Ricall Fire Sale • Beyoncé Vinyl Hacked • M
  62. Patreon Raises $60M More For Fan-To-Creator Patronage Platform
  63. Four Organizations Using Music To Make A Difference
  64. Music Industry Paints Target On YouTube Ripping Sites, Despite Many Non-Infringing Us
  65. YouTube's Lyor Cohen Dishes On Music's "New Golden Age," Streaming Subscriptions and
  66. Spotify is Beating Apple Music and Here Is Why
  67. AM BRIEF: IFPI Confirms Streaming Growth • WolfGang's Vault Hit With Class Action • A
  68. Hello from New Jersey
  69. Chatbots: Reality Or Hype?
  70. 23 Top Music Organizations Sign Letter On NAFTA Talks Demanding Protections For All C
  71. All Streaming Music Services Gain After A Q1 Lull, But Rankings Remain Unchanged
  72. Watch Trailer of Clive Davis Doc with Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Iovine, Paul Simon, Didd
  73. How To Save Money, Make Money On Tour [Kosha Dillz]
  74. Concord Music Acquires Savoy Label Group, 429 Records
  75. Spotify Takes A Crack At Music Sharing With New Messaging App
  76. AM BRIEF: RIAA Confirms Streaming's Ascendancy • Yoko Nixes John Lemon • Facebook's S
  77. Announcement Of Latin Grammy Nominees Delayed Indefinitely By Natural Disasters
  78. RIAA Releases State Of Music Business Mid-2017: Streaming Subscriptions Drive Revenue
  79. Metadata Explained And 7 Key Reasons Songwriters Should Manage It Themselves
  80. Why Moving To Brooklyn Isn't Necessary For Your Band To Make It Big
  81. FREE WEBINAR: How To (Properly) Release Music Online
  82. Money Is Streaming Into The Music Industry: A Breakdown Of Where It's Coming From [CH
  83. Tip For Canadian/Mexican Bands Coming To The US In The Trump Era
  84. Do Less, Get More Done: The Ultimate Time Management Tip For Musicians
  85. Lyrics And Legacies: The Way We Remember Artists
  86. Unreleased Beatles Demo For Sale On eBay [LISTEN]
  87. SiriusXM Completes $480M Investment in Pandora, 3 Join Board
  88. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  89. 3 Tips To Make Your Online Marketing Campaign More Effective
  90. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  91. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Equipment • Crossing The Border • Guide To Buying Drum
  92. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  93. This Week In Music Commentary
  94. YouTube Kills Its Paid Channels But Adds Sponsorships
  95. AM BRIEF: Royalty Exchange Nabs Eminem • Taylor Swift Trademarks Lyrics • HAAWK Buys
  96. Zedge Acquirehires Freeform, Will Launch Marketplace for Artists to Monetize Their Wo
  97. Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" Takes Pandora By Storm plus More New Release Reaction
  98. 10 Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic]
  99. The Shopkeeper: A Must See For The Artist Rights Movement [Video]
  100. Impact of Piracy On Music Creators: What To Make Of A Newly "Unearthed" Study
  101. How To (Properly) Release Music Online [FREE WEBINAR]
  102. Instagram Now Has 500 Million Active Daily Users
  103. 4 Safest Concert Venues
  104. Amazon Music Adds Alexa Voice Control To Mobile Streaming App
  105. Vimeo Acquires Livestream, Launches Live Video Platform
  106. BMG Production Music Acquires Immediate Music, 1 Revolution
  107. 5 Tiny Must-Play American Venues
  108. Loss Of Fair Pay And Why We Should All Write Rock Operas [David Lowery]
  109. Making Your EPK Stand Out: 3 Techniques
  110. What Does All Of This Action On Healthcare Mean For Musicians?
  111. Henny Tha Bizness Talks Producers As Leaders [INTERVIEW]
  112. One Look At Ed Sheeran's Spotify Earning Could Change Your Mind About Streaming
  113. CHANGES: Atlantic Adds President • Bianco Re-ups w/Interscope • Live Nation Gets A Bo
  114. Our Next President's Husband Could Be An Entertainment Attorney
  115. Did The RIAA Helped Pave The Way For Spain To Undermine Democracy? [Op-Ed]
  116. Spotify Now Valued At $16 Billion By Investors
  117. Music And Technology: 4 Disrupters You MUST Pay Attention To
  118. Every Time A Piracy Rock Is Turned Over, White Nationalists, ’s, Bigots Scurry Ou
  119. What Possessions Do Musicians Cherish The Most?
  120. Live Nation Launches Facebook Messenger Concert Finder Bot
  121. Hip-Hop Now Officially Dominates Music
  122. Apple Music Now Has "Well Over 30 Million" Subscribers
  123. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  124. Guide To Livestreaming Your Concert or Event On YouTube
  125. YouTube Adds Restrictions To External Links In Videos
  126. How To Claim Your Artist and Label Pages On Spotify, iTunes, Google, Shazam, Deezer a
  127. Do-It-Yourself PR Tips For Musicians, Bands
  128. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  129. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  130. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Gumption • Copyright Law • Relocating • More
  131. This Week In Music Commentary
  132. 50 Dead, More Than 200 Injured At Las Vegas Concert Shooting
  133. Microsoft Names Spotify Preferred Music App On 400M Windows 10 Devices, As Tech Giant
  134. Concert Promoter Live Nation Issues Statement On Las Vegas Tragedy
  135. 100 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice: Part 2 [Cyber PR]
  136. LinkedIn: Musician's Guide
  137. As "Despacito" Nears 4 Billion Views, YouTube's Consumption vs Revenue Gap Widens [MA
  138. You Can Now Purchase Stock In Eminem's Royalties
  139. Music Industry Reacts With Horror, Sympathy To Las Vegas Shooting Tragedy
  140. AM BRIEF: Las Vegas Tragedy Aftermath • Tom Petty R.I.P. • Snapchat Gets Arty • MORE
  141. Jason Aldean Issues Statement On Las Vegas Tragedy: "We are all Americans and its tim
  142. Aaron Bay-Schuck, Tom Corson To Lead Warner Bros. Records, Cameron Strang To Exit [OF
  143. 4 Indicators K-Pop Band K.A.R.D. Is Bound For Worldwide Success
  144. Techstars Music Accelerator Launches Global Search For 2018 Class
  145. How to Get Music Licensed On Music Libraries - 4 Steps To Get Started
  146. Soundcloud Adds Playlist Stats, New CEO Promises More For Creators
  147. Major Announcements From Sonos and Soundcloud Today
  148. How Musicians Can Respond And Help Others In The Wake Of Tragedies And Senseless Acts
  149. Jason Aldean, Some Las Vegas Casinos Cancel Shows In Wake Of Sunday's Tragedy
  150. Organizers Of Route 91 Harvest Festival Issue Statement On Las Vegas Shooting Tragedy
  151. 5 Tips For Making, Marketing, Monetizing Holiday Music
  152. A Look Inside The 'Despacito' Hotstreak
  153. Sonos Adds Voice Control via Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google Assistant To Fol
  154. 100+ Tools To Make Your More Effective, Efficient And Creative As A Music Marketer
  155. Live Streaming Sees Further Changes
  156. Las Vegas Attacker Appears To Have Considered Similar Attack On Life Is Beautiful Fes
  157. You Can Now Cross-Post Instagram Stories On Facebook
  158. How Social Media Acts As Online Word Of Mouth
  159. Google Yanks YouTube From Amazon Echo - Control Issue Or More Corporation On Corporat
  160. Tom Petty’s Music Genome And His Legacy-Defining Traits
  161. Spotify Partners With Lin-Manuel Miranda To Support Hurricane Maria Relief, Superstar
  162. More Than 50% Of Americans Check Facebook "Several Times A Day" [CHART]
  163. Spotify Expands Voice Control To All Android Devices via Google Assistant
  164. Holding The Line On Statutory Damage Tradeoffs
  165. Creating Music In The Wake Of A Major Life Struggle
  166. Spotify Threatened Researchers Of Upcoming Tell-All Book Not To Reveal Its 'Pirate' P
  167. Microsoft Is Shutting Down Groove Music - How To Get Your Mechanical Royalties Before
  168. EDM Magazine Acquired For $2.5 Million, Will Relaunch As Dance Music Trade
  169. 'Six Strikes' Potentially Dead, ISPs Continue To Threaten Pirates With Disconnection
  170. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  171. Spotify For Artists Now Offering Stats For All Your Songs
  172. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  173. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Lessons • Did Led Zeppelin Steal? • Mess With So
  174. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  175. Last Week In Music Commentary
  176. Jason Aldean Performs Tom Petty's "Don't Back Down" On "Saturday Night Live" In Tribu
  177. Expecting Too Much From A PR Campaign Can Kill Your Chance Of Success - Here's Why
  178. Blade Runner 2049 Tops Disappointing Box Office Weekend
  179. For Online Music Success, Keep The Theory Of 22 In Mind
  180. Billboard To Add YouTube Plays To Chart Calculations [REPORT]
  181. LiveXLive Follows Slacker, SNAP Interactive Acquisitions With Public Stock Offering
  182. Remote Work + Touring: A Match Made In Heaven
  183. CHANGES @ AEG • Atlantic Records • Superbowl Halftime • peermusic • Dualtone • MORE
  184. How Music Conferences Perpetuate The Industry's Gender Parity Crisis
  185. What is BlockChain and How Can BlockChain Help Musicians & The Music Industry
  186. Record Labels Are (Kind Of) Dead. Long Live Label Services!
  187. Be Bold. Pile On. Stay Punk. Reunion Tour [INTERVIEW]
  188. Billboard Has NOT Decided To Include YouTube Plays In Chart Calculations [UPDATE]
  189. New Report Says Spotify Used “Pirated” MP3 Files To Launch Service and Why It Matters
  190. Indie Music Publicity Case Study: Sleeping Lion [Cyber PR]
  191. 8 Creative Techniques For Promoting Your Music On Spotify
  192. New YouTube Analytics Help Artists Get To Know Their Subscribers
  193. US Music Industry Considers Launching "Official" Alternative To Billboard Charts
  194. Twickets Launches Low Cost Ticket Resale Platform In US
  195. YouTube vs Vevo Videos: A Look At The Differences
  196. Live Radio Must Embrace Technology To Survive
  197. Techstars Music Accelerator Adds Three Member Companies
  198. Free Streams On Spotify Pay 75% More Than YouTube, Paid Streams Pay 515% More
  199. Radiohead’s "In Rainbows" Is Beloved By Fans Ten Years After Release (And The Data Pr
  200. Boston Based Record Co. Focuses On Access Not Profit
  201. Atlantic Records, AEG, Artist Partner Group Team Up For New Online Talent Search
  202. Spotify For Artists Gets Its Own Free iOS App
  203. Spotify Revenue Up 40%, But Losses Continued In First Half Of 2017
  204. Piano Competitions
  205. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  206. 15 Most Powerful Independent Curators On Spotify
  207. Solutions To Close The YouTube Value Gap
  208. 5 Band Skills That Can Apply Towards A Career
  209. Warner Music Cuts Deal With Mixcloud
  210. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  211. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Relationship On Tour • Real Entrepreneurs • Advertise
  212. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  213. 4 Ways To Identify If Your Mix Is Too Busy (And How To Fix It)
  214. AM BRIEF: Tech Giants Fight Pirate Crackdown • AR + Music • Live Nation Admits Onerou
  215. Best Selling Artists Of All Time
  216. 3 Reason's To Use YouTube's Artist Hub
  217. 4 Things You Can Giveaway In Exchange For An Email Address
  218. 6 Creative Social Media Contest Ideas For Engaging With Event-Goers
  219. Last Week In Music Commentary
  220. Spotify Will Become A Full Stack Music Company [Mark Mulligan]
  221. 10 Principles Of Great Music Web Design
  222. Facebook Buys 3 Month Old TBH App, As It Battles For Teens
  223. Best Ways To Invest In Your Music Career And In Yourself
  224. Universal Music Launches Music Tech Startup Initiative
  225. 8 Songs For The Reverb Hall Of Fame
  226. INGrooves Founder Rob McDaniels Named Beatport CEO
  227. Big Tech Is Hurting Professional Creators and Why It Matters [Op-Ed]
  228. How Not To Get Booked
  229. Need Get Your Copyrights Back? (Here's What You Need to Know)
  230. A7X Lawsuit Bears Potential To Forever Change Label Contracts
  231. The Songwriter/Music Publisher Relationship Examined [PART 1]
  232. The Music Business Has Its Own Weinstein Problem
  233. Top 10 Tips For Aspiring Music Bloggers
  234. FUGA Nabs $7 Million For US Expansion, Acquisitions
  235. Dispatch From MONDO Part 2 – By Ariel Hyatt CyberPRMusic.com [Cyber PR]
  236. Tony Conway, Mohegan Sun, Adam Kornfeld, Summerfest Among Winners At 2017 IEBA Awards
  237. Full List Of Dove Awards 2017 Winners: MarcyMe, Bernie Herms, Reba McEntire and More
  238. How To Instantly Improve A Band Bio
  239. What Is Congress Bringing Songwriters? A Lump Of Coal Or Justice? [Chris Castle]
  240. Tunecore Passes $1 Billion In Revenue To Artists
  241. Using Facebook Live To Generate More Fans, Money
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  243. 10 Things You Should Do As Soon As You Sign Up New Music For Distribution
  244. How To Guide To Advertising Music On Instagram
  245. Billboard Adjusts Chart Calculations To Favor Paid Streaming Over Ad-Supported Stream
  246. Spotify Launches RISE Emerging Artists Program and Here Are Troy Carter's First Four
  247. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  248. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Concert Backlash • Home Studio Mistakes • Essential Re
  249. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  250. Tyler Perry's 'Boo 2' Tops Weekend Box Office