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  1. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Equipment • Band Agreement • Musical Mayhem
  2. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  3. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  4. This Week In Music Commentary
  5. Jay-Z's New Album "4.44" Still Not On Spotify [UPDATE]
  6. READY TO GET VERY ANGRY? Google Search Results Now Suggest "Best Torrent Sites"
  7. Spotify Has A Big Fake Artists Problem, But Did It Pay To Create It?
  8. Why The Music Industry Needs Computer Coders
  9. 5 Streaming Trends To Keep An Eye On This Summer
  10. 5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For The Release Of Your Next Album
  11. How Chatbots, Blockchain Will Converge And Shape Music's Future
  12. Songs As Skills: How Smart Media Will Govern The Future Of Media [Benj Rogers]
  13. How Music Streaming Creates New Fans for Classic Artists
  14. Facebook Live? YouTube? Can't Decide? Livestream To Multiple Services Simultaneously
  15. How To Use Social Media Influencers To Drive Live Show Attendance
  16. YouTube Monetization And Exclusivity: Is It Right For You?
  17. New Song Release Schedules Explained
  18. Leadership Music Names New Board
  19. Apple Kills iPod Nano and Shuffle, Drops iPod Touch Price $100
  20. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  21. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Save • Merch Sales • Personnel You Need On Tour
  22. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  23. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  24. SoundCloud Nearing Deal To A Sell Majority Stake To Two Private Equity Firms [REPORT]
  25. This Week In Music Commentary
  26. Mercury Prize Shortlist 2017 Revealed
  27. Making Connections: 6 LinkedIn Tips For Musicians
  28. 22,000 Evacuate Tomorrowland Festival As Fire Destroys Main Stage [VIDEO]
  29. Pandora Locks Out 5 Million Users In Australia, New Zealand
  30. Wolf Warriors 2, Dunkirk Top Weekend Box Office
  31. Pandora Reports No User Growth, But Q2 Revenue Grew More Than Expected
  32. Spotify Surpasses 60M Paid Subscribers, Now Adding 2M Per Month
  33. How To Reach Fans On Facebook Live
  34. Paid Music Streaming: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going? [Mark Mulligan]
  35. More Money Does Not GuaranteeSoundCloud's Survival
  36. Radio Faces Big Test In Pennsylvania That Will Affect Whole Country
  37. 5 False Claims About The Music Industry That Can Harm Your Career
  38. Dio Hologram To Go On Tour
  39. TUE. BRIEF: Spotify Expands Podcasts, Passes 60M Subs • Pandora Premium Stalls • Spin
  40. 5 Times Artists Actually Used Auto-Tune Tastefully
  41. THE PITCH - RecordGram: Discover Beats, Connect With Producers, Make Music!
  42. Bandcamp Pledges Friday's Profits To Trans Gender Law Center, Highlights Trans and Ge
  43. On Building A Music City
  44. The Beautiful Secrets Behind Vinyl
  45. Spotify Could Be Forced To Pay Songwriters $345 Million
  46. Live Nation Goes After Counterfeit Concert Merch
  47. What Does Your Music Brand Say About You?
  48. Musicians In News For Mental Health Issues
  49. WED. BRIEF: Raine Eyes SoundCloud Stake • Sony Reports Revenue • Landr Adds Distribut
  50. Spotify Dominates Apple Music Thanks To Rapid Growth [CHART]
  51. Want To Book Better Shows? Go DIY, Stay True To Your Identity
  52. THE PITCH: Looplabs Cloud Based Music Studio
  53. How To Collect Your Share Of $43.5 Million Spotify Songwriter, Publisher Settlement
  54. More Regulations Won't Help Songwriters [Chris Castle]
  55. Your Song, Your Money: A Breakdown Of Songwriting Royalties
  56. $1.25 Million Lawsuit Accuses Universal Music Of Piracy
  57. 20 Best College Radio Stations [Princeton Review Survey]
  58. Bill Before Congress Rewards Infringers, Punishes Songwriter Victims [David Lowery]
  59. Why Event Marketers Should Learn To Lean On Their Ticketing Partners
  60. Why Does So Much Modern Music Sound The Same? [VIDEO]
  61. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  62. 6 Tips For Creating Viral Video Content For Your Band
  63. The Basics Of Music Publishing
  64. In Honor Of Today's Fundraiser, 16 Trans And Gender Non-conforming Musicians On Bandc
  65. Eminem Manager Paul Rosenberg Named CEO Def Jam Records
  66. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  67. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: How Much Practice • Get On A Spotify • Mental Health O
  68. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  69. This Week In Music Commentary
  70. Pandora Sells 'Radio Loophole'
  71. Is The Comedy Boom About To Bust?
  72. We've Revamped Categories On Hypebot
  73. Bandcamp Raised More Than $100,000 For Transgender Law Center
  74. In Another Step Towards Music, Facebook Acquires Source Draft
  75. Best Ways Musicians Can Gather Feedback On Social Media
  76. Social Media Is Adding 1M New Users Per Day, Total Tops 3B Globally [CHARTS]
  77. Continuing Your Music Education with Berklee Online [Music Biz Weekly]
  78. Def Leppard Says Music Piracy Brings A Younger Audience To Its Shows
  79. PledgeMusic Launches Amplify, A New Artist Development Platform
  80. How To Get A Sync Placement
  81. Does Sensenbrenner Bill Mean It’s Time For A Grand Jury? [David Lowery]
  82. TIDAL Names Fourth CEO In 2.5 Years, Former Kobalt, Sony Exec Richard Sanders
  83. AM BRIEF: Taylor Swift Trial Testimony • Instagram Gets Friendly • RapCavier Relaunch
  84. How The YouTube Algorithm Works: A Guide To Getting More Views
  85. Calvin Harris Tops 10 Highest Paid DJs For Fifth Year
  86. Spinfire Brings Pay To Play To The DJ Booth
  87. 4 Steps To Building Community Engagement On And Offline
  88. Gaming Facebook's Latest Algorithm To Get Views On A Budget
  89. Live Nation Revenue Jumps 29%, Stock Soars [NYSE: LYV]
  90. AM BRIEF: Facebook Adds Video 'Shows' • Live Nation Earnings Soars • Spotify Boosts V
  91. Disney Pulls Content From Netflix To Start Own Paid Service. Could The Same Siloing H
  92. How Brett Newski's Attempt To Help Other Indie Musicians Was Perverted By Digital Mus
  93. '1984', New Rembrandt And Spotify's 'Fake Artists'
  94. 6 Ways To Get Fans To Take More Photos At Your Show, And Why It's Important
  95. How Guest List Abuse Is Costing Musicians Much Needed Cash
  96. 21st Century Marketing Restriction: No AI Licensing [Chris Castle]
  97. SoundCloud Won't “Continue" Unless Investors Rescue It Now, Says CE0 Lung [UPDATED]
  98. Happy Birthday Hip Hop!
  99. Indie Because Group Acquires London Records Catalog
  100. FRI. BRIEF: D-Day For SoundCloud Funds • Labels Explore Thurs. Releases • Because Buy
  101. SoundCloud Saved By Emergency $169.5M Investment As CEO Ljung Steps Aside [OFFICIAL]
  102. 5 Techniques For Making Every Fan Feel Special
  103. Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen Just Doesn’t Get It (Unless He Does?)
  104. Join The World's First Live Facebook Festival - A Call To Artists and Fans
  105. Amazon Is Eyeing U.S. Ticketing Business
  106. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  107. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Educational Benefits • Soft Skills • Make Money With I
  108. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  109. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  110. This Week In Music Commentary
  111. AM BRIEF: SoundCloud Saved, But For How Long? • MTV Goes Old School • Social Data Is
  112. Warner/Chappell Launches Copyright Claim Over YouTube Video Deliberately Featuring No
  113. Pandora Names Sling Exec Roger Lynch As CEO and President
  114. 10 Minute Silent Song Is A Hit On iTunes Because It Solves A Very Annoying Problem
  115. A2IM Calls Out Billboard For "Erroneous" Independent Music Power Players List
  116. 7 Ways To Actually Enjoy Putting Out Your Album
  117. Prince Gets His Own Official Shade Of Purple
  118. Smart Touring: Six Keys To A More Lucrative Tour
  119. How UnbelievableBeats Makes Money From Free Beats [CASE STUDY]
  120. TuneIn Raises $50 Million For Online Audio Service
  121. Taylor Swift Wins Groping Trial, Issues Statement
  122. Mega-hit "Despacito" Was Not Submitted To MTV's Video Music Awards In Apparent Protes
  123. Former Billboard Editor Bill Werde Named Director Of Syracuse University Bandier Musi
  124. How To Get More Followers On Spotify
  125. Kesha's "Rainbow" Is Shining Bright On Pandora
  126. Elvis Lives! Spotify Shares Top Tracks, Cities 40 Years After His Death
  127. This Man Is The Secret Weapon That Investors Believe Will Save SoundCloud
  128. Spotify Is Set To Dominate Music Just Like Google Dominates Search
  129. TPG, Dragoneer Rethink $1 Billion Spotify Investment
  130. Understanding Music and Blockchain Minus All The Hype
  131. Bruno Mars, Live Nation Donate $1 Million For Flint Water Crisis
  132. Wilco Releases New Song "All Lives, You Say?" In Response To Charlottesville Violence
  133. Today Is The LAST DAY For GRAMMY 2018 Submissions
  134. 12 Must-Have Apps For DIY Artists And Bands
  135. SoundCloud Usage Is Falling, Making Turnaround More Difficult
  136. Coalition Of Songwriter Groups Protest RIAA "Moral Rights" Stance In Strongly Worded
  137. The Single Place That Prince Looked For True Talent
  138. Spotify Exec Confirms Self-Serve Ad Platform, Shares Future Plans and It's Good News
  139. Post Ad-Pocalypse: How To Get Back Your YouTube Earnings
  140. The State of Unclaimed U.S. Music Royalties and Licenses
  141. How A Full-time Solo Pianist Made A Living Via Streaming Royalties
  142. Free and Simple Invoice Generator For Bands, Musicians
  143. Lyor Cohen Drinks The YouTube Kool-Aid: The money will come, but for now "fans not be
  144. Building A Music Content Pipeline: How To Be Prepared For Anything
  145. Music Streamers Pledge To Purge Neo- Music, But How Did It Get There In First Pla
  146. 3 Lessons In Songwriting From Lennon And McCartney
  147. Elvis Presley and The Tale Of Two Very Different Music Industries
  148. How I Got My Song On 200 Deezer Playlists Using Feature.fm
  149. How To Encourage Fans To Buy CD's, Vinyl: 5 Techniques
  150. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  151. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Educational Benefits • Soft Skills • Make Money With I
  152. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  153. This Week In Music Commentary
  154. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  155. Why Are Taylor Swift's Web Site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr All Blank?
  156. 3 Tips For Getting Your Mailing List To Stand Out
  157. David Skorton Talks Berklee Online, The Future Of Education
  158. Celebrate National Radio Week With A Field Trip To KRLX 92 FM In Minneapolis
  159. 5 Unexpected Cities Seeing A Live Music Renaissance
  160. Co-Founders Case Against TuneCore To Move Forward, says Judge
  161. Taylor Swift Returns To Social Media With Cryptic Video [WATCH]
  162. Crowdcasting App Helps Fill Your Gigs, But Not With Fans. Is This A New Kind Of Pay T
  163. Don't Ignore The College Market [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  164. YouTube, Facebook and Every Musician's Moral Rights
  165. 7 Key Clauses In An Artist Management Agreement
  166. President's Committee On the Arts and Humanities Resign En Masse
  167. CHANGES @ MassConcerts • APA • Ticket Arena and Event Genius • JRA Fine Arts • Percio
  168. 5 Locations Fight To Become The Next Mecca For EDM
  169. Apocalypse Or Not: Top 5 Bands In North Korea Right Now
  170. How To Increase Purchase Frequency Of Music and Merch [CyberPR]
  171. Did Technology Kill Your Local Music Scene?
  172. Early Music Marketing Tips For Indie Artists
  173. Ticketmaster Sued After Allegedly Sabotaging Tour
  174. Music And The Power Of Public Sector Radio
  175. Diggers Factory Brings Community To Indie Vinyl Pre-Sales
  176. Pirate Bay Ordered To Pay Labels A Paltry $477,000
  177. How To Transform A Live Mistake Into A 'Moment' With The Crowd
  178. Content Is King! 10 Essential Tips To Crush Your Content Hustle [Kosha Dillz]
  179. Curated Playlists' Rise To Power
  180. BMG Launches Royalty Tracking App
  181. How To Download Your Original SoundCloud Files - From The Better To Be Safe Than Sorr
  182. Spotify Inks New Deal With Warner Music Group Clearing Path To Stock Listing [OFFICIA
  183. Spotify Predicts Who Will Win Every MTV VMA 2017 Award
  184. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  185. A Mini Finance Guide For Indie Musicians
  186. California Dems May Draft Bieber Manager Scooter Braun To Be Candidate For Governor
  187. Key Principles To Viral Videos
  188. Using The Lean Start Up Method For Music Promotion?
  189. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  190. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  191. This Week In Music Commentary
  192. Full List Of MTV VMA Award Winners 2017
  193. Taylor Swift Shatters First Day, Single Day Spotify Streaming Records
  194. Pandora Partners With Fitbit Smartwatch As Exclusive Music Streamer
  195. Sounds Great, But Sounds Familiar: Where To Draw The Line With Digital Sampling Of So
  196. Prevent Failure by Managing Your Expectations [MusicBiz Weekly]
  197. Obsession: 4 DJs, Producers, Share What Keeps Them Up At Night
  198. Taylor Swift Turned Right Said Fred’s Body-Positive Hit Into A Revenge Fantasy: Here'
  199. A List Of The Best Music Video Festivals Worldwide
  200. FREE Webinar Tomorrow On Booking Corporate, Private Gigs
  201. Taylor Swift Fans Not Happy About New 'Buy On' Ticket Policy
  202. AM BRIEF: Billboard's Top Digital Music Power Players • Sonos To Add Smart Speakers •
  203. Neighboring Rights: An Updated Look
  204. Bandzoogle Launches New Fan Data Dashboard
  205. Snail Mail Makes A Comeback To Contact Fans
  206. RIAA Rebuts Songwriter Moral Rights Critics: 'We love metadato too!'
  207. Hinder Sues Its Own Frontman
  208. 3 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe At Concerts
  209. Battling Ticketmaster Lawsuit, Songkick Struggles With Skeleton Staff
  210. Deezer Expands High Fidelity Streaming as Spotify, Napster Prep Competitors
  211. Best Instagram Practices For Indie Artists
  212. To Survive, Spotify Must Follow Apple's Example
  213. Is Music Streaming Really Worth $28 Billion? [Mark Mulligan]
  214. If 'Everyone Just Wants Free Stuff' Mentality Responsible For Piracy, Why Isn't Ninte
  215. Kalbells Talks Beating Cancer, Saying Yes To Yourself, Sowing Songs
  216. Important Info For Organizing/Performing At Hurricane Harvey Benefit Concert
  217. Spotify Names Most Streamed Songs Of The Summer Of 2017
  218. Why You Can’t Put The Music Industry On A Blockchain
  219. Spotify Shifts Gears On Video, Podcasts As Division Head Tom Calderone Exits
  220. BMG Reports Impressive 28% Revenue Gain
  221. Developer Puts Game On The Pirate Bay Claiming Steam Key Resellers Are Bigger Evil
  222. How To Make A Good Show A Great One
  223. YouTube Red Gives Offline Listening An Upgrade
  224. TOP POSTS: Last Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  225. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  226. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Fight For Your Rights • Feedback On Your Music • Keep
  227. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  228. This Week In Music Commentary
  229. "Hitman's Bodyguard" Topped Domestic Box Office
  230. AM BRIEF: YouTube-MP3 Settles with RIAA • Streaming Earned Major Labels $1.3B In Q2 •
  231. AM BRIEF:YouTube-MP3 Shutters • HARD's Gary Richards Joins LiveStyle • Hi-Rez Music
  232. Pandora, Smart Speakers and Other Surprises From The Infinite Dial Study
  233. 7 Tips For Publishing Engaging Facebook Video Content
  234. The Reasons Why CD Artwork Is Important to Your Band
  235. Why Didn't Google Shut Down YouTube-MP3 Sooner?
  236. RIAA Forces Shut Down Of Top Streamripper YouTube-MP3
  237. Facebook Offering Labels, Publishers "Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars" For Music Righ
  238. AM BRIEF: Facebook Offers Music Biz "Hundreds Of Millions" • BandLab Acquires Chew.tv
  239. Desktop Still Beats Phones For YouTube Viewing [New Survey]
  240. Goldman Sachs Predicting $28 Billion Streaming Music Market - Should Anyone Care?
  241. Spotify Could Have Dodged Songwriter Lawsuits If They'd Just Asked The Record Labels.
  242. Musicians: What Is Your Vision? What Is Your Goal? [Music Biz Podcast]
  243. Record Store Day Summer Camp: 200 Record Store Staffers Converge On New Orleans
  244. Spotify, Hulu Partner For Discounted Premium Streaming Bundle
  245. Warner Music Acquires Spinnin' Records For Reported $100 Million
  246. Apple Music Cuts New Warner Music Group Licensing Deal At Lower Rate, Sony Reportedly
  247. AM BRIEF: Apple Music Cuts New WMG Deal • Spotify Hulu Partner • Maker's Holt To Head
  248. New Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu and Label Deals Mean Musicians Will Be Paid Less
  249. Get Familiar With YouTube’s New Monetization Icons
  250. 6 Ways To Use Storytelling As A Musician (That Have Nothing To Do With Lyrics)