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  1. Thaddeus Rudd Of Mom+Pop Music On Label-Artist-Manager Relationships, Industry's Futu
  2. Could Part Of Universal Music Be Up For Sale?
  3. At Music Biz 2017? Don't Miss My On Stage Interview with A2IM CEO Richard Burgess
  4. Academy of Country Music Names 2017 Industry Awards Nominees
  5. AM BRIEF: Merlin, MQA Bring Hi-Res To Indies • Shazam Forgets Songs • Spotify $13B Va
  6. 2 Quick Methods For Selling More Tickets On Facebook
  7. All Music Is Created Equal: Why The Indie Music Community MUST Fight For About Net Ne
  8. How Artists Gamify Their Fanbases
  9. 5 Lies In YouTube's Content ID Spin [Op-Ed]
  10. Once Promising Nashville Music Tech Startup Dart Music Selling Assets In Chapter 11
  11. Pandora, SiriusXM Acquisition Talks Heat Up... Again
  12. Make It Better: 3 Easy Fixes For Your Music Website
  13. SoundCloud To Integrate With Google Home Smart Speakers
  14. Spotify Acquires Music Machine Learning Startup Niland
  15. AM BRIEF: Pandora, SiriusXM Sales Talks Accelerate • Troy Carter @ Music Biz • Techst
  16. Spotify Losses Widen Despite Big Revenue Rise [REPORT]
  17. Tips For Building A Killer Musician Press Kit
  18. 20 Reasons Your Music Doesn’t Sell [Loren Israel]
  19. Spotify's Troy Carter at Music Biz: On streaming, "the best songs win...(but) the val
  20. Music Biz 2017: Mood Swings, Merch, Hi Res Streaming & More
  21. Facebook Is Getting Into TV: Here's Why
  22. Why You Should Incorporate Playlists Into Your Social Media Strategy
  23. My Song Stories: Sarah Maria Elvira of EMPIRE
  24. U2 Tops StubHub's Hot Summer Concert Tickets
  25. Live Nation Offers Festival Passport: 1 Ticket Entry To 90+ Festivals [FULL LIST]
  26. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  27. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Keep It Together • Following Your Favorite Bands • Mak
  28. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  29. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  30. This Week In Music Commentary
  31. PayPal Sues Pandora Over "P" Logo As Music Streamer's Stock Gets Downgraded
  32. Matt Epp & Faouzia Take Top Honors At International Songwriting Competition
  33. A "Must Use" Tool To Market Your Music and Tours [The Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  34. Why Artists Shouldn't Trust Their Online Presence To Social Networks
  35. Benji Rogers Talks Blockchain’s Present, Future [INTERVIEW]
  36. Ariana Grande Suspends Tour Following Terrorist Attack
  37. Regulation And The Internet’s Adolescence [Mark Mulligan]
  38. 10 Reasons Every Musician Should Buy A Ticket To A Music Festival [Kosha Dillz]
  39. Major Labels Oppose "Moral Rights" That Guarantee Artists Recording Credits (A Right
  40. Major Labels Are Now Earning $9000 A Minute From Streaming
  41. BREAKING: Ariana Grande Suspends Tour, Returns To U.S.
  42. Co-Host Jay Gilbert's Favorite Music Biz Weekly Podcast Episodes
  43. How An "Oddball" Venue In Brooklyn Became A Haven For Artists
  44. How To Comment On FCC's Attack On Net Neutrality and Why The Indie Music Community Mu
  45. How To Slum As A Rock Critic, Like The Rock Critics Before You
  46. Is Video Push Next For Spotify As Former Disney, YouTube Execs Join Board Of Director
  47. GENERATION Z: How 13-20 Year Olds Use Social, Choose Gatekeepers, Consume Media
  48. Heather McBee Talks Startup Accelerator Project Music [INTERVIEW]
  49. It's Not If Artists Deserve "Moral Rights" Recognition, But How Music Industry Should
  50. Death Of The MP3 Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
  51. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  52. Will Digital Aggregators Lead Industry On Transparency With Spotify, Others? [Chris C
  53. Advance Look At MIDiA's "State Of The Streaming Nation" 2017 Report [Mark Mulligan]
  54. Tidal CEO Jeff Toig Out - 3rd Top Exec Departure In 2 Years
  55. YouTube Ads For Musicians
  56. Spotify Settles David Lowery, Melissa Ferrick Class Action Lawsuit with $43.4 Compens
  57. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  58. Southern Rock Icon Gregg Allman Dies At 69
  59. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  60. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Songwriting • Music Blog • Headphone Shopping • More
  61. This Week In Music Commentary
  62. MON. BRIEF: Gregg Allman, Chris Cornell Remembered • Spotify Settles Songwriter Class
  63. Another Safe Harbor For Digital Services Coming Soon [David Lowery]
  64. Ariana Grande Returns To Manchester For Benefit Concert w/ Coldplay, Katy Perry, Phar
  65. Spotify Songwriter Settlement Points Finger At Facebook [Chris Castle]
  66. Key SoundCloud Exec Stephen Bryan Exits
  67. Facebook Live's New Guest Feature plus a Music Biz Conference Recap [Music Biz Weekly
  68. Which is best CBSE Schools or ICSE Schools?
  69. Sub Pop, The Label Brought Us Nirvana And Started A Movement [INTERVIEW]
  70. Spotify As Now Important As Facebook For Musicians
  71. Does Pandora Have A "Fake Listener" Problem?
  72. Sony/ATV Partners With Lyric Financial Fast Royalty Advances To Songwriters, Publishe
  73. Google Play Music Extends FREE Trial To 120 Days
  74. What the #covfefe?! Trump Has Nothing On Songwriters... The Most Nonsensical Song Tit
  75. So You've Inherited A Song Catalogue, What Now?
  76. Spotify Users Demand End To Track Limits In Music Libraries
  77. Pandora Adds Free Branded On Demand Streaming
  78. Why Indie Label Mom+Pop Has Had Think, Act Globally And Locally
  79. How To Land Your Band A Support Slot
  80. Internships: What They Mean For The Global Music Industry
  81. Indie Artist Miranda Mulholland On Redefining Success In The Digital Marketplace [Vid
  82. Much More Than Mumford: 10 Years On, Glassnote Entertainment Is All Grown Up
  83. Does Your Website Have A Gig Magnet?
  84. One Love Manchester Benefit Concert Add Acts
  85. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  86. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Tunes And Technology • Private Events • Changing Venue
  87. This Week In Music Commentary
  88. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  89. How To Watch or Listen To Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester, UK Benefit Concert in
  90. Top Apple Music Exec Bozoma Saint John To Exit [REPORT]
  91. Concord Bicycle Music Acquires Imagem To Create 6th Largest Music Publisher Globally
  92. "One Love Manchester" Viewers Add $2.6M To $12.9M Fund In 3 Hours
  93. Apple Introduces "Breakthrough" HomePod Speaker Designed To "Reinvent Home Music"
  94. Apple Music Now Has 27 Million Paid Subscribers
  95. The Orchard Comes Out On Top As Sony Merges RED, Global Indie Distributors
  96. Using Brand Names In Your Songwriting: Creative And Business Perspectives
  97. AM BRIEF: Apple Doubles Down On Music • MIDEM 2017 Begins • Spotify IPO Conflict • M
  98. Midem Day 1: Streaming’s Evolution, Voice Control, Hi-Res Audio & More
  99. Stephen Bryan Joins YouTube as Head of Label Relations [OFFICIAL]
  100. Using Instagram Pods To Get More Fans
  101. What 2018’s Breakthrough Artists Need Now To Do Now To Succeed
  102. Dear Spotify, Just Say No To Unlicensed Music
  103. Arianna Grande’s Manchester Benefit Concert – The Right Thing To Do
  104. Apple Music's Bozoma Saint John Becomes Public Face Of Uber, Shares Reasons For Move
  105. AM BRIEF: St. John Exits Apple Music For Uber • BuzzAngle + Shazam Data • Apple's iOS
  106. Midemlab 2017 Music Tech Startup Winners: HumOn, Truelinked, Soundcharts, Vinci Smart
  107. New York City Music Scene Grows With A2IM Indie Week and Northside Festival
  108. Finding & Maintaining Your Creative Hustle: Lessons From Gregg Allman
  109. MIDEM DAY 2: Music Streaming 2.0 • Andy Ng Of China's Tencent • The EC's Martine Reic
  110. Murky Licensing Evident As Spotify Settles After Failure To Obtain Mechanical License
  111. It's D DAY For Pandora: 4 Stats That Should Scare Investors
  112. Leaked Fyre Festival Emails Show Behind The Scenes Chaos
  113. Pandora Sale Deadline Is Today And It's Stock Is Falling
  114. AM BRIEF: Pandora Stock Falls, Deadline Looms • More From Midem • Amazon Live Boss Ex
  115. Pandora Extends Deadline To Explore Interest Of "A Strategic Investor"
  116. A Guide To Promoting Your Music On Pandora
  117. 7 Tips For Maximizing Your Crowdfunding Success
  118. YouTube Takes Down Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester Benefit Concert On Copyright G
  119. #Midem Day 3: Blockchain • Copyright Reform • MidemLab • More
  120. #MIDEM DAY 4: Deezer • E1 • Mute • The Future • Much More
  121. Drake Wins Sampling Case Over Fair Use, Music Licensing Still A Mess
  122. Pandora Sells Ticketfly To Eventbrite For $200M, A $250M Loss
  123. Sirius XM Invests $480 Million In Pandora
  124. Anxiety And Depression In The Music Industry
  125. A2IM Libera Awards Showcase Indie Music's Best: Radiohead, Run The Jewels, Bandcamp &
  126. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  127. At Indie Label Kill Rock Stars, Chicks Still Rule [INTERVIEW]
  128. 5 Branding Lessons From Third Man Records
  129. 7 Tips For Musicians Prepping For Media Interviews
  130. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  131. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Be Responsible • Get Your First Sync Placement • Recor
  132. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  133. This Week In Music Commentary
  134. How To Be Successful In Licensing Your Music For Film And TV
  135. Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars), Glen Barros (Concord) Vic Zaraya (Razor & Tie) and Th
  136. Thanks For Pushing @Hypebot Passed 55,000 Followers
  137. 3 Big Takeaways From Midem 2017
  138. Former Etsy Exec Chad Dickerson Joins Bandcamp Advisory Board
  139. Pandora Stock Tanked Monday Despite $650 Million Cash Infusion, Cleaner Balance Sheet
  140. YouTube, ASCAP Reach U. S. Performance Rights Deal
  141. Understanding The Importance Of Fan Interaction
  142. Sirius XM's $480 Million Pandora Investment Just Prolongs The Inevitable [Bobby Owsin
  143. Spotify’s Songwriter Charm Offensive Falls Short In Sweden
  144. Two U.S. Senators Ask SXSW To Leave Texas In Protest Of Anti-Immigration Laws
  145. Why You Need To Treat A Band Like A Startup
  146. SoundExchange Royalties: The Producer’s Cut
  147. Apple Music Can't Catch Up To Spotify And That Spells Trouble for Apple's HomePod Sma
  148. Reddit, Amazon Push For July 12 'Day Of Action' To Protest Killing Of Net Neutrality
  149. 6 Ways To Speed Up The Songwriting Process
  150. Do You Really Need A Publicist, Or Just A Little Research?
  151. YouTube For Musicians: How Is The Money Made?
  152. Streaming Revenue Could Surpass Live Income For Many Artists, says Mark Mulligan
  153. 11 Most Expensive Albums Ever Produced
  154. Major Label Issues Yet Another Bogus YouTube Takedown
  155. Which Social Platforms Are Marketers Using The Most In 2017?
  156. Pandora’s Financial Hole: How Deep Is It?
  157. Grammys (Finally) Shift To Online Voting
  158. Using Direct-Response Marketing To Get People To Purchase Your Music
  159. Is Remix Culture's Future Mobile-First?
  160. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  161. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Getting Verified • Concert Tips • Complete SEO Checkli
  162. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  163. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  164. This Week In Music Commentary
  165. AM BRIEF: New Jay Z To Be Tidal/Sprint Exclusive • UMG To See Price Warners Contract
  166. How To Treat Spotify Like A Social Platform And Get More Plays
  167. Streaming Shifting The Industry For Labels and Artists
  168. An Interview With A2IM CEO Richard Burgess: Challenges and Opportunities For Independ
  169. A Sneak Peak At CD Baby's 2017 DIY Musicians Conference
  170. Tuhin Roy Named To Senior Digital Post At UMG
  171. YouTube, ASCAP Make A Deal
  172. Bots, Playlists, Blockchain, Value Gap & Growth - Top Trends From #Midem 2017
  173. With Spotify's New "Sponsored Songs" Labels Can Pay For Song Plays
  174. AM BRIEF: Royalty Exchange + $6.4M • Supremes Side with Slants • Annual Apple Music S
  175. Supreme Court Sides With The Slants In Landmark Trademark Case
  176. How To Get Verified And Use Analytics On Shazam
  177. Royalty Exchange Adds $6.4 Million Funding, 3 Industry Veterans To Advisory Board
  178. Top 10 Sites That Will Feature Your Music Video
  179. Spotify's Growth Comes At A High Cost [Mark Mulligan]
  180. Supreme Court Won't Hear Prince, Dancing Baby Appeal Despite Government's Acknowledge
  181. How Musicians, Labels Can Take Advantage Of Key Digital Trends
  182. Since Tunecore May Be Getting Sold, Is It Time For An Audit? [Chris Castle]
  183. 4 Reasons To Focus On Small Music Blogs Instead Of Large
  184. Slicing The Pie: The Opportunities, Challenges Of Multi-Credit Copyright
  185. Things We Learned From Austin Music Foundation’s DIY Musician Marketing Panel
  186. How The Empty Pockets Found Success On Multiple Billboard Charts With A 2 Year Old D.
  187. Coping Strategies For Dealing With Performance Anxiety And Stage Fright
  188. Bandzoogle Adds No Commission Beat Sales With Airbit Integration
  189. 15 Steps To Build A Fanbase
  190. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  191. Using Spotify's New Codes Creatively
  192. Not All Spotify Playlists Are Created Equal: An Unedited Look Behind The Green Curtai
  193. Elon Musk, Tesla In Talks To Launch Streaming Music Service
  194. How to Promote Your Shows To More Fans On Spotify
  195. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  196. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Being A Star • Breaking Into The Industry • Why Your H
  197. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  198. This Week In Music Commentary
  199. Deadlines Kill Good Music, Phased Check-Ins Save It
  200. Pandora [P] Stock Up On Report Of CEO Westergren's Exit
  201. My Song Stories: Marni Wandner of Sneak Attack Media
  202. 10 Things A Musician Must Do To Achieve Success [George Howard]
  203. SoundCloud Finally Adds "Up Next" Feature
  204. 5 Biggest Myths About Music Streaming
  205. MUSO Raises $3.2 Million Series A Round For Anti-Piracy Tech
  206. Will The Next Pop Culture Icon Be Augmented Reality?
  207. Imagine Dragons Offer Advice To Struggling Musicians: 'Have No Ego... And Say Yes To
  208. How Much Bigger Will Streaming Get? Projections For The Future
  209. Music Biz Conference To Return To Nashville In 2018
  210. How To Manage Your Rights On YouTube: Anatomy Of A Claim
  211. You Can Be The Band Nobody Wants To Play With In 10 Easy Steps
  212. #FreeFader Trends As Twitter Bans Fader, Pigeons and Planes, Other Top Music Sites
  213. Facebook Now Has 2 Billion Monthly Users
  214. In A Seismic Shift, More Of Gen Z Get Their Music From Spotify Than YouTube [MARK MUL
  215. Compromise Proposal To Fix Streaming Royalties, Licensing, Notification [DAVID LOWERY
  216. Successful Pitching: 5 Steps To Getting Gigs, Sync Placements
  217. How Smart Musicians Protect And Secure Their Songs
  218. Contract Dispute With Game Publisher Causes Game Music Composer To Go On DMCA Blitz A
  219. Getting Out Of The Garage: Tips For Starting A Band Successfully
  220. AM BRIEF: Jay Z's 4:44 Drops As Tidal, Sprint Exclusive • Twickets US Launch • Sony A
  221. New Jay-Z Album 4:44 Explodes On Twitter Despite (Or Because Of?) TIDAL, Sprint Exclu
  222. 6 Types Of Posts Musicians Should Archive On Instagram
  223. How to Manage A Release Across Multiple Territories [PODCAST]
  224. Taylor Swift's Return To Streaming Pays Off
  225. How To Be Your Own Music Publicist: Part 2 [Cyber PR]
  226. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  227. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  228. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  229. This Week In Music Commentary
  230. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Therapy • Get Out Of The Garage • Protect Your M
  231. How Facebook's 2 Billion Monthly Users Compare To Other Social Networks [CHART]
  232. The Current State Of AI: Artificial Intelligence In Music, Movies & More
  233. How To Create An Online Fan Contest In 3 Steps
  234. Kanye West Exits Jay-Z's Tidal, Claims He's Owed $3M [REPORT]
  235. MON. BRIEF: Kanye Splits With Tidal Over Money • $2M In Good Guvera News • "Devastate
  236. Snoop Dogg Admits To Pirating Jay-Z's 4:44 Because He Doesn't Subscribe To TIDAL
  237. Jay-Z's New TIDAL, Sprint Exclusive Album 4.44 Was Pirated Almost 1 Million Times In
  238. AM BRIEF: SoundCloud Has Suitors • BuzzAngle Mid-Year Music Report • Pirates Are Lovi
  239. Spotify Weekly Charts US, UK Global - Week Ending 6/30/17
  240. Draw Inspiration From These 15 Iconic Rockband Logos
  241. 4 Signs You're Ready To Hire A Publicist
  242. SoundCloud Cuts 173 Staffers In Effort To Remain Afloat
  243. Jay-Z and The Art of Windowing: Why 4:44 Is A Very Different Kind of Exclusive Releas
  244. FAKE HITS: Millions Of Streams vs. A True Fan Connection [David Emery]
  245. How To Market To Your Core Fans
  246. Introducing India’s Digital Music Industry
  247. Illegal Stream Ripping Is Soaring And YouTube Is The Source [New Study]
  248. UMG Moving Forward With Plan To Pull Out Of Prince Deal
  249. Inside PledgeMusic with SVP Bryan Mead [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  250. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music