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  1. Why Spotify, UMG Windowing Deal Won't Work
  2. Samsung has a little trouble in Big China
  3. Android phones vulnerable to booby trapped wi-fi signals
  4. My Song Stories: Ben Blackwell of Jack White's Third Man Records [INTERVIEW]
  5. 5-Step Guide To Getting Music Blog Coverage For Your Next Release
  6. Major Scandal At The Copyright Office With $25 Million 'Fake Budget' Line Item
  7. Miranda Lambert's ACM Awards Performance Spurs Massive Sales Bump
  8. Spotify 'Seriously' Explores Nixing IPO In Favor Of Direct Listing, Motivated By $1B
  9. 1-in-5 Videos Shared On Facebook Are Now Live Streams
  10. The Smart Way To Crowdfund For Your Sick Guitarist
  11. Two violent game studies have been retracted
  12. LG does better than expected
  13. Congress' PROMOTE Act Grants Right To Pull Songs Off Radio, Since They're Not Paying
  14. My Song Stories: Randy Nichols of Force Media Management [INTERVIEW]
  15. ASCAP, SACEM, PRS Form IBM-Backed Blockchain Music Initiative To Improve Royalty Trac
  16. Support Copyright Office Legislation And Call Congress
  17. Q1 Stats Show A Growing Music Industry IF It Can Figure Out Streaming
  18. TakeLessons Acquires Competitor Chromatik
  19. YouTube Has Changed Its Payment Threshold and It's Bad News For New Musicians, Creato
  20. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  21. LyricFind and Turning Your Lyrics Into A Revenue Stream [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  22. 3 Great Services Finding Royalty Money In Unusual Places
  23. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  24. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Top Gear For Indie Artists • Merch Table • Much More
  25. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  26. Jay Z's Catalog Pulled From Spotify, Apple Music
  27. This Week In Music Commentary
  28. Microsoft boosts Windows 10 upgrade savings claims
  29. 1980s BBSes return from the dead
  30. Top Social MediaTrends Of 2017 And How To Make The Most Of Them
  31. YouTube, Creators Respond To Monetization Threshold Change
  32. ASCAP Teams With LANDR To Offer Members Free Mastering
  33. CD Baby Expands Major Latin American Footprint with Local Office In Argentina
  34. Why You Need To Be As Active On Spotify As You Are On Facebook
  35. Pandora Is Asking Record Labels For Cash, Better Rates
  36. Brexit Blighty bets on batteries
  37. Russian “spammer” and Trump suspect finds pain in Spain
  38. ACM Awards Provide Impressive Sales & Streaming Bump
  39. How The Music Industry Makes Money In 2016? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  40. Best Promotional #Instagram #Hashtags For Artists And Bands
  41. Would You Pull Your Music Off The Radio?
  42. The Power Struggle of Music Versus the Machine
  43. Songs are getting shorter
  44. Berners-Lee fears AI monster
  45. A Look At Just How Fast Streaming Music Is Growing [CHART]
  46. 14 Best Instagram Apps For Taking Your Content To The Next Level
  47. The Future Of Windowed Streaming Exclusives [Bas Grasmayer]
  48. How To Be Your Own Music Publicist: Part 2 [Cyber PR]
  49. The Value Of Authenticity: An Artist's Take
  50. Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders eclipse S7
  51. Investors fear Samsung might be over stretching itself
  52. The Reason That YouTube Pays Artists So Little
  53. How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Music Business
  54. Major Layoffs At Slacker Radio [UPDATE]
  55. How Pandora Helped Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and The xx Gain Momentum Before Th
  56. 8 FREE Social Media Tools You Should Start Using Now
  57. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  58. Millions More People Are Using Instagram Stories Than Snapchat
  59. Grow Your Fanbase With A Successful Contest
  60. Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Music and Here's Why
  61. Toronto Office Supplies
  62. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  63. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  64. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Therapy • Join A Military Band • Website Must-H
  65. This Week In Music Commentary
  66. Woz predicts dystopian future with Apple still there
  67. Headless AI bots making huge leaps in productivity
  68. Bridging The Gap For Women In Music: Interview with Grammy Winning BMI Composer Laura
  69. Closing The Value Gap - On Terrestrial Radio?
  70. Purple Pain: Universal Music Ponders Cancelling Prince Deal
  71. My Song Stories: Stef Pascual of Sony Red Essential
  72. Concert Hall Managers SMG Holds Kindness Contest For Employees
  73. Intel IDF is No More
  74. 7 Steps For Organizing Your Own DIY Music Festival
  75. How Turkish trolls tried to kill movie
  76. Vacuum outfits suck on Roomba law suit
  77. Spotify Is Launching A Facebook Messenger Bot For Music Discovery And Sharing
  78. Streaming May Have Slowed Piracy, But It Certainly Hasn't Stopped It [CHART]
  79. Increase Your Audience Reach, Album Sales Using Pinterest
  80. Survival Of The Shortest: Did Streaming Kill Song Intros?
  81. Fan Insights Rebrands As Spotify For Artists, Now Available To All Artists and Manage
  82. Facebook Announces Full Spotify, Apple Music Messenger Integration At F8 Conference
  83. GarageBand Is Now FREE For All Apple iOS & macOS Users
  84. Acing The Basics Of Social Media To Grow Your Followers
  85. Jamendo Reports 50% Licensing Growth For 5000+ Indie Artists
  86. 10 Patreon Do's And Don'ts [MATTHEW EBEL]
  87. Forget Ed Sheeran and Drake, Justin Bieber Just Had The Biggest YouTube Debut Of 2017
  88. Spotify For Artists Now Available FREE To All Musicians, As Streamer Drops 250 Follow
  89. Oak Ridge boffins work out how to dry their clothes
  90. Tesla settles autopilot lawsuit
  91. "The Last Songwriter" Film Looks At The Craft's Future [VIDEO]
  92. Showtime At The Apollo To Return To TV
  93. Spotify: Last Week's Most Streamed & Viral Tracks US, UK, Global
  94. YouTube Analytics For Musicians
  95. Record Store Day 2017: A Reminder That Americans Still Buy Music
  96. Assange betrayed by Trump
  97. Musk wants electronic telepathy in four years
  98. The Art Of Using Cover Songs To Grow Your Audience
  99. Playlist Placement's Critical Role In Having Your Music Discovered
  100. Will The Online Music Experience Another Myspace Moment?
  101. Nora Germain Shares Advice, Inspiration For Artists
  102. Why You Should Be Using Bandsintown [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  103. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  104. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Why Music Careers Fail • EPK• Karoke To Relieve Stress
  105. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  106. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  107. Today Is Record Store Day - GO BUY SOMETHING
  108. This Week In Music Commentary
  109. German hackers are revolting
  110. Another player signs up for a load of old Tosh
  111. iHeartMedia, Largest Owner Of Radio Stations In US, Admits It May Not Survive The Yea
  112. AM BRIEF: Roc Nation Renews w/Live Nation, Seeks Label Cash • iHeart On Edge • Neil Y
  113. Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino Advocates For Free Market Approach To Ticket Resales
  114. RIAA, BMG Are Copyright Cop Rightscorp's Biggest Customers
  115. Facebook Video Profiles For Musicians Plus Instant Social Videos
  116. Spotify Is Planning Its Own Music Hardware, Voice Control
  117. Why Can We Still Buy Music? [Thomas Euler]
  118. Ericsson does worse than expected
  119. Spy probe starved of resources
  120. Legal Basics For The DIY World
  121. IFPI Music Industry Revenue Report 2017 - Quick Take [Mark Mulligan]
  122. iHeartMedia Stock Fell 24% Monday As Radio, Streaming Giant Flirts With Bankrupcy
  123. AM BRIEF: Twitch Pays Live Streamers • Streams Propel Latin Music • FCC Net Neutralit
  124. How To Construct A Visually Appealing Email
  125. How Instagram Has Eaten Snapchat's Lunch In A Single Chart
  126. How To Get Music On Spotify’s Playlists
  127. New Survey Says Millennials Pay For Streaming Services And Use Pirate Streams When Co
  128. How To Be Your Own Music Publicist Part 3 [Cyber PR]
  129. Google is Home alone
  130. Thyssenkrupp sets up 3D printing centre
  131. Key To Widespread Artist Adoption Of Blockchain Could Be Via Esoteric Copyright Law [
  132. Social Media Image Size Chart 2017
  133. Streaming Music Has Changed What It Means To Be Successful
  134. Copyright Explained For Creatives [ACM’s Patrick Rackow]
  135. Hospital Records’ Romy Harber On Industry Trends [INTERVIEW]
  136. General Music Licensing: Where Are All My Royalties? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  137. Spotify Acquires Blockchain Innovators Mediachain Labs
  138. Enjoy The Radio Silence: What The PROMOTE Act Could Mean
  139. Samsung makes a killing
  140. Hackers exploited a Word hole for months
  141. How To Convert More Interested Fans Into Attendees Using Bandsintown
  142. How Kendrick Lamar Achieves Mainstream Appeal Using A Complex, Innovative Approach
  143. Instagram Growth Accelerates Past 700 Million Users
  144. Streaming Income For TuneCore Artists grew 85% Last Year
  145. Simple Growth Hacks Necessary For Building A Solid Music Career
  146. Apple Music To Relaunch With More Video, Original Programming [REPORT]
  147. Industry Navigation Tips For Songwriters
  148. Foxconn in secret talks with Trump
  149. Microsoft profit slumps a bit
  150. TOP POSTS: The Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  151. Record Store Day 2017 Top Selling Singles, Albums & More
  152. 10 Best Facebook Practices For Artists, Bands
  153. Chance The Rapper Takes His Disdain For Record Labels On Tour [VIDEO]
  154. What Is The Music Business Association? [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  155. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  156. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: First Indie Album • Growth Hacks • Metadata • More
  157. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  158. This Week In Music Commentary
  159. Why Spotify Wants Blockchain & How All The Music Industry's Blockchain Dreams Can Com
  160. How To Get Music Bloggers To Respond To Your Email
  161. This May Day, We Salute Working Class Musicians Everywhere
  162. 5 Things Congress Can Do To Curb Mass Filings Of “Address Unknown” NOIs
  163. Metallica Replaces Tribute Band's Stolen Gear
  164. SoundCloud Slashes 3 Month Subscription To Just $1
  165. SoundExchange Q1 Collections Dip Thanks To Pandora Direct Deals
  166. Justin Kalifowitz Founder/CEO, Downtown Music Publishing [INTERVIEW]
  167. Run Your DIY Music Career Like A Tech Start-up
  168. My Song Stories: Phil Birch of Raw Power Management
  169. AM BRIEF: Apple Earnings Report • More Fyre Fest Fallout • YouTube Redesign • More
  170. Facebook Rights Manager Finally Lets Creators Make Money
  171. YouTube Has A Slick New Look: Here's A Sneak Peek
  172. YouTube Has A Slick New Look: Here's A Sneak Peek
  173. My Song Stories: Marieke Bianchi of Warner Music Nashville
  174. A Look At Music's Future Inspired By A Cheap Vietnamese Restaurant In Berlin [Bas Gra
  175. Comparing "Stories" on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
  176. Getting Your Band Booked At Festivals
  177. The Orchard Acquires Two Top European Music Distributors and Merlin CEO Charles Calda
  178. AM BRIEF: Facebook Q1 Report • Still More Fyre Fallout • Live.me + $60M • (Live)Style
  179. May The Fourth Be With You: Pandora Celebrates Star Wars Day With Top Tracks
  180. Twitter Confirms Commitment To Video with Major Partnerships Including Live, Vox Buzz
  181. Music Journalism Is Still Dead
  182. Appeal Fails In Lawsuit To Allow Managers To Book Gigs For The Bands They Represent
  183. How The Market For Premium Streaming Music Can Grow 70% In Just 4 Years [Glenn People
  184. Led Zeppelin Reunion? 3 Words From Robert Plant Break Internet
  185. Is Your Song Ready To Pitch?
  186. Live Nation Reports Earnings Growth In Q1
  187. WED. BRIEF: YouTube Finances New Shows • Live Nation Reports Strong Q1 • Songtradr 2.
  188. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  189. Spotify Adds 'Codes' For Quick Song, Playlist Sharing
  190. No Internet, No Music: Why Musicians Must Care About Net Neutrality
  191. YouTube Channel Checklist [HOW TO]
  192. 5 Unorthodox Music Marketing Techniques You Need To Try
  193. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  194. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Rating Music • Get Booked At Festivals • Marketing Mus
  195. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  196. This Week In Music Commentary
  197. YouTube Comments On "Difficult" New Warner Music Deal
  198. Warner Music Signs YouTube Deal "Under Very Difficult Circumstances"
  199. WMG CEO Steve Cooper's Leaked Memo To Staff On YouTube Deal [FULL TEXT]
  200. 2 Simple Ways To Include Event Discovery Sites In Your Marketing
  201. Fast Rising Kobalt Music Adds $75 Million At $775M Valuation To Finance Growth
  202. Will The Music Industry Soon Be Under The Control Of Computers?
  203. TuneRegistry Links with Harry Fox To Help Indie Songwriters Get Paid Spotify, Streami
  204. 7 Things That Help You Get Added To A Spotify Playlist [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  205. Pandora Use Ticks Down, Premium Service Off To Late Start
  206. Pandora Nabs $150M Investment From KKR, Losses Top $71 Million
  207. 85% Stop Watching Video If It Takes Too Long To Load
  208. Spotify Adds QR-Like Codes: A New Music Sharing & Engagement Tool For Artists, Market
  209. How to Save Time Promoting Music On Social Media [Dave Kusek]
  210. Jack White Gives A Tour Of Third Man Records [VIDEO]
  211. 4 Stats That Should Worry Pandora And Investors
  212. The Music Industry's Digital Transition [David Emery]
  213. My Song Stories: Jeremy Gruber of Friends at Work
  214. Americana Music Awards Names 2017 Nominees [FULL LIST]
  215. 4 Things All Artists Should Do At Every Live Show
  216. Grammys Return To New York City In 2018 [OFFICIAL]
  217. CHANGES @ LiveStyle • Warner Nashville • Rhino • UPPM • Wow & Flutter • Big Machine •
  218. How An Unknown Duo Broke Top 10 On iTunes New Jazz Releases
  219. Pandora [P] Stock Continues Falling Despite New $150M Investment, Sale Rumors
  220. The Global Songwriter Shell Game Revisited [JEFF PRICE]
  221. Spotify Partners With Capital One For 50% OFF All Subscriptions
  222. Snapchat Lost $2.2 Billion Last Quarter, Stock Drops 23%
  223. YouTube’s Content ID: What Is It?
  224. Apple's iTunes Is Coming To Microsoft Windows Store
  225. 6 Inspirational Ideas For Upping Your Music Merch Game
  226. YouTube Plays Offense, Funds Study Showing It Cuts Piracy, Doesn't Cannibalize Paid S
  227. Spotify Attempts A QR Code Comeback
  228. L.A. Reid Out As Chairman, CEO Of Epic Records
  229. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  230. A Look Inside CD Baby's New Suite Of Free Marketing Tools
  231. Spotify To Forgo IPO, Direct List On NYSE As Early A Q4 [REPORT]
  232. Dear Google, You Could Start Fixing Content ID By Taking Down Dozens Of YouTube Video
  233. Spotify, Blockchain And Music's Future [Thomas Euler]
  234. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  235. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Securing Brand Sponsorship • Things Singer/Songwriters
  236. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  237. This Week In Music Commentary
  238. Sony Confirms L.A. Reid's Exit In 6 Terse Words, As Multiple Sexual Harassment Claims
  239. AM BRIEF: Warners Nears Spotify Deal • LA Reid Accused Of "Unlawful Harassment" • Mus
  240. Americana Music Chart 5.15.17: Willie Nelson, The Mavericks, Rodney Crowell and Ryan
  241. SoundExchange Expands Mission With Acquisition Of CMRRA, The Harry Fox Of Canada
  242. Rank On Google: How To Manage SEO For Events
  243. President Trump Comments On L. A. Reid Sexual Harassment Claims [VIDEO]
  244. Share The Love, Don't Share The Post
  245. Latest "Twist" In The Prince "Dancing Baby" Saga
  246. Universal Music Ties With Tencent In Major Expansion Into China
  247. Universal Music Ties With Tencent In Major Expansion Into China
  248. AM BRIEF: Pandora Eyes Ticketfly Sale • L.A. Reid Fallout • UMG Signs Tencent China D
  249. PWR BTTM Pulled Off Streaming Services, Dropped By Label, Managment After Sexual Assa
  250. 5 Often Overlooked Music Promotional Campaign Ideas