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  1. This Fortnight in Music Supervision & Sync: Awards Shows, Subarus, Shazam, So Much Mo
  2. Facebook Looks To Hire Legal Director Of Music Licensing As It Beefs Up Music Team
  3. Spotify Is Deleting It's Inbox And Messaging Feature
  4. Dart Music Files For Bankruptcy
  5. Hi there!
  6. Trump’s FCC boss calls Net Neutrality a mistake
  7. Nvidia shows off GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  8. Pandora [NYSE: P] Stock Flat
  9. Coachella Website Hacked, User Data On Almost 1 Million Attendees For Sale On Dark We
  10. Twitter Tip, Tricks And Best Practices For 2017
  11. What The Music Industry Can Learn From The Gaming Industry
  12. Crowdmix CEO Alleges "Gangster" Investor Used "Blackmail" To Gain Control Of Company
  13. Appeals court backs Apple against Texas troll
  14. New drivers using smartphones could lose their licence
  15. Spotify Launches #SXSW Fan Hub, Curated Playlists
  16. Spotify Confirms 50 Million Paid Subscriber Milestone
  17. Music Audience Exchange (MAX) Closes $6 Million Funding
  18. Snapchat Stock Surges 50% On Market Debut, Even As User Growth Shifts To The Less Des
  19. Matt FX On Being A Music Supervisor
  20. From Austin To Memphis: What It Takes To Build A Music-Tech City In 2017 [Cherie Hu]
  21. Amazon wants help improving Alexa
  22. ZTE cuts a deal with US prosecutors over Iran
  23. Musicians React To SXSW Contract That Threatens To Inform Immigration Authorities, Fe
  24. The Downsides Of Releasing Music Often Instead Of Rarely
  25. Hypebot Is Partnering With The Music Biz Weekly Podcast and I Am This Week's Guest!
  26. Apple Claims To Be Leading Way On Song Metadata To "Ensure Songwriters Get Paid"
  27. The Real Costs of Music Publishing
  28. SXSW To Change Contract After 50+ "Outraged" Artists Send Open Letter Of Protest
  29. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  30. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  31. This Week In Music Commentary
  32. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  33. FBI allow a “paedophile” to go free
  34. Microsoft and Safari browser use dying
  35. AM BRIEF: Azoffs + Creed = Mega Management Merger • SXSW Debacle • SoundEx, RIAA Supp
  36. Is Something Big Happening At Pandora? Board Nominations Extended As Stock Continues
  37. Infinite Dial Report 2017 From Edison Research, Triton To Be Released This Thurs. [FR
  38. Mass Appeal Lands $6 Million Investment From Universal Music, Usher, Nas, Others
  39. MTV Names 2017 "Woodies" Emerging Artists Nominees, Voting Is Exclusively On Snapchat
  40. Decluttering Your PR: 5 Ways To Simplify And Detox
  41. VW shows off self-driving car
  42. Tech needs open data barks watchdog
  43. Chance The Rapper Pledges $1 Million For Chicago Public Schools
  44. Irving and Jeff Azoff, Brandon Creed Merge Powerful Music Management Companies
  45. How To Get Publicity To Promote Your Music
  46. AM BRIEF: Jay Z Launches Startup Fund • Chance The Rapper Donates $1 Million • Vevo F
  47. Pandora [NYSE: P] Stock Falls Another 6.5%, After Liberty Media CEO Disses Streamer Y
  48. Ed Sheeran's Streaming Success Spreads To YouTube, "Divide" Passes 1 Billion Views Ju
  49. Spotify Acquires Audio Detection Startup Sonalytic To Improve Publishing Data
  50. How To Make A Snapchat Geofilter For Your Event
  51. Understanding Personalized Audio Ads On Pandora and How They're A Game Changer For Mu
  52. Cyberfox is officially dead
  53. ZTE pays $900 million fine
  54. Rounder Records Founder Ken Irwin Named 2017 Airplay Direct Iconic Innovator
  55. Music: A Universal Language That's Difficult To Translate
  56. SXSW Issues New Statement On Immigration Flap
  57. AM BRIEF: Int'l Women's Day • Spotify Player Backlash • Shinoda MIDEM Keynote • iHear
  58. New Spotify Web Player Gets Bad Reviews From Users
  59. Who Will Launch A "Snapchat Stories" For Music? [DAVID EMERY]
  60. How Influential Are You? Leverage Branding And Online Influencing For Creatives
  61. Spotify Could Use It's New Acquisition To Take On Soundcloud
  62. Alternative Power 100 List Honors Women In The Music Business
  63. Global Crossings’ Winnick tunes up his Qello
  64. Dark web shrinking
  65. 10 Key Social Media Tips For Musicians, Bands
  66. Embattled FBI Director James Comey Pulls Out Of SXSW Appearance
  67. When Does Brand Extension Stretch Too Far? Jimmy Buffet To Open Margaritaville Retire
  68. Caleb Groh On Why Life Is Too Short For Just One Genre [INTERVIEW]
  69. THU. BRIEF: Airbnb Gets Into Music • Anchor FM Raises $2.8M • Royalty Rates Reviewed
  70. Ed Sheeran's 'Divide' Breaks 1st Week Album Record In 4 Days
  71. 5 Tips & Taboos To Keep In Mind At SXSW
  72. 13 Tips For Using Facebook Live From Hootsuite’s Social Media Team
  73. Join 3700+ Songwriters: SIGN THIS PETITION NOW To Stop Big Tech From Lowering Royalty
  74. Share Of Revenue Music Streamers Paid Licensing Orgs Fell 27% In 2016, Says New Study
  75. Dutch big content sues claiming the government should protect their profits
  76. European court backtracks on right to be forgotten
  77. How One Artist Got Millions Of Spotify Streams Without Being Signed
  78. Ed Sheeran Apologizes To Indie Musician Blocked By Facebook For Covering His Song
  79. Next SF MusicTech Is Oct. 17th & We've Got 10% Off Discount Codes
  80. Promoting Your Sync Placement: How To Make The Most Of Your 30 Seconds Of Fame
  81. THE PITCH: TuneRegistry Takes On Music Rights, Metadata
  82. How To Setup Your Next Album Release [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  83. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  84. 5 Essential Tools For DIY Music PR
  85. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  86. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Pitch Your Music To Fewer Publication • Essential SXSW
  87. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  88. This Week In Music Commentary
  89. Gates rubbished over robot tax idea
  90. Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns about a dying web
  91. Spooks warned of election gaming Russians
  92. Smart meters might diddle users
  93. Weekly Music Publishing Update: U.S. Copyright Royalty Board Begins Rate Deliberation
  94. 5 Tips For Building A Robust Email List
  95. 39 Essential Music Tech Events At SXSW
  96. DJs, Producers Can Now Join SoundCloud Premier And Get Paid
  97. 6 Artists Performing At SXSW That Are Poised To Make It Big
  98. Online job sites block older workers
  99. BAE sued for firing cryptographer who was looking after dying wife
  100. Now Amazon Wants To Commoditize Music Festivals
  101. Pandora Not For Sale, Will Be Profitable This Year, Says Pandora CEO As Stock Falls
  102. How Snapchat Will Change The Music Industry In 2017
  103. The Fame House Stack: Free White Paper Shares Marketing, E-commerce Strategies + A DJ
  104. Ed Sheeran Broke The Charts [Mark Mulligan]
  105. Robot kills fellow worker
  106. US secretary of state catches a bad case of the Hillaries
  107. Best Time, Frequency For Sending Your Event Emails
  108. SXSW Issues Statement On Visa Problems, As They Work To Help Bands Enter U.S.
  109. What Do Users Really Want In Their Premium Streaming Music Service? [Glenn Peoples]
  110. How To Pretend You're At SXSW 2017
  111. The Fight For A Straight Count: Does Streaming Accounting Costing More Than Royalites
  112. Oracle’s increased cloud profits are cool for Catz
  113. North Korea turns to robbing banks
  114. AM BRIEF: #SXSW Updates • EscapeX Adds Tunecore Eexc • Napster + Giphy • Youth Abando
  115. Peter Hollens On How He Changed The Music Industry From His Living Room [INTERVIEW]
  116. LET THEM EAT DIAMONDS: Nat'l Endowment For Arts $148M/Year vs Security At Trump Tower
  117. Walk Off The Earth Gained 636 Million Views With Low Budget Videos: Here's How
  118. Taylor Swift Preps Plan To Offer Fans Music Streaming, But On Her Own Terms
  119. Take Your Followers On The Road Using YouTube Live
  120. Samsung bribery case getting tacky
  121. Trump slashes US science funding
  122. Trump Budget To End All Funding For Nat'l Endowment For The Arts, Corporation For Pub
  123. Move Over Sheeran, Drake Is Breaking Spotify Records Too
  124. Mental Health And The Music Industry
  125. AM BRIEF: Spotify Compromises As Label Deals Near • Vevo Adds Watch Party • SXSW Upda
  126. Chance The Rapper Says Apple Music Paid $500,000 For 2 Week "Coloring Book" Exclusive
  127. YouTube and YouTube Live Tips From A Google Insider [The Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  128. Save Hours Marketing Your Music With IFTTT
  129. Just 3% Of Apple Users Subscribe To Apple Music: Room For Growth or Failed Service?
  130. Analysis Of How Users Of Each Streaming Music Service Differ
  131. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  132. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  133. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: State Of Music Videos • Know If Your Song Is Ready For
  134. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  135. TSMC mulls US chip plant
  136. Time warp takes a jump to the left on common sense
  137. Artificial Intelligence And Its Place In The Music Industry [INTERVIEW]
  138. CD Baby Adds Free Marketing Tools via Show.co Acquisition
  139. 5 Steps To Get Your Music On Spotify, Apple Music Playlists
  140. Last Week In Music Commentary
  141. Indie UK Music Publisher Sentric Adds $3.7M To Fund Int'l Expansion
  142. Chuck Berry Music Sales Explode After His Death
  143. Drake Smashes Sheeran's Single Day Spotify Streaming Records
  144. Age: Still An Issue In The Music Business?
  145. Ed Sheeran Goes To Bat For Musician Who Covered His Song
  146. James Grant Group Acquires Deckstar Management For $12.1 Million
  147. Beijing turns to tech to resolve the battle of the bog rolls
  148. Apple may have knifed Andy Rubin in his Essentials
  149. Bandcamp Makes A Pitch To Indie Labels
  150. ASCAP Names New Board Of Directors
  151. It's All About 'Location' For Pandora Trendsetter Khalid
  152. Welcome To The Post-DIY Music Era [Mark Mulligan]
  153. MusiComms Plans First Convention For 9.11.17 At The Smithsonian
  154. Linux had a killer flaw for 11 years and no one noticed
  155. IBM lets dog eat its home workers
  156. Rihanna Gives 45 Minute Video Lesson On How To Use Instagram Live
  157. How To Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: 10 Tips
  158. Song Stories: How Music Shaped Our Lives [INTERVIEW]
  159. 7 Reasons Why Spotify Finally Has Real Leverage Negotiating With The Major Label Grou
  160. A2IM Indie Week Announces Initial 2017 Speakers
  161. Lithuanian phishes two big US tech companies
  162. Google and Facebook investigated by Israeli tax man
  163. Variety Poaches Two Senior Billboard Editors To Expand Music Industry Coverage
  164. SoundCloud Gets A Lifeline: $70 Million In Debt Financing
  165. Stock Falls As AT&T, Verizon, Others Join Google, YouTube Boycott
  166. Using Merchandise As A Fan Engagement Tool
  167. Essential Guide To Getting Verified On Twitter
  168. German boffins make artificial sunlight
  169. Intel goes to Nervana to sort out its intelligence
  170. Google Stock Fell Again Friday As YouTube Ad Boycott Continues
  171. 15% Of Pandora's 100M Users 'Intend' To Upgrade To Paid Premium
  172. Suzanne Ciani, Electronic Music Pioneer, On A Life Of Innovation [INTERVIEW]
  173. Teaser, Pseudo and Lyric Videos Need To Be Part of Your Content Strategy [Music Biz W
  174. Bill Introduced That Will Politicize U.S. Copyright Office
  175. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  176. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  177. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  178. Music Think Tank Weekly: Promoting Your Music On The Cheap • What Labels Look For • M
  179. This Week In Music Commentary
  180. Trump makes more bizarre tech claims
  181. Anti-science republican will make US grate by gutting science
  182. Facebook Ramps Up Hiring To Implement "A Comprehensive Music Strategy"
  183. How Royalties From Soundexchange Kept Our Band Together
  184. Drake's "More Life" Just Broke Record For Single Album Streams In U.S.
  185. Spotify Acquires MightyTV, Names New VP Of Technology
  186. Growth Slows In Italy's Recorded Music Market
  187. 5 Simple Ways To Drive More Video Views On YouTube
  188. A New Strategy For Releasing Music
  189. QUICK HITS: Holder Exits BMI For Sony/ATV • Warner Music • Pasquale Rotella • Much Mo
  190. Swedish Ericsson works its way out of borkage
  191. Romans declare piracy sites legal
  192. My Song Stories: Brian Popowitz of Black Box [INTERVIEW]
  193. Hacked Coachella, Stagecoach Account Holders Offered Free ID Protection By Promoter G
  194. Apple Puts Another Nail In Snapchat’s Coffin
  195. Eriq Gardner, David Sonenberg Among Personal Managers Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees
  196. How to Make Free Music Make Money [Dave Kusek]
  197. 2017 And The Future Of Email
  198. #DIYProud - Help Us Celebrate Indie Artist, Label Success Stories
  199. Introducing Voltra's 'Stream To Own' Approach
  200. Galaxy 8 out today and the Tame Apple Press is terrified
  201. Republicans vote to end US internet privacy
  202. Latin America And The Ascent Of Digital Music [Exclusive White Paper]
  203. The Music Business And The Quest For Consumer Data [Bas Grasmayer]
  204. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Copyright Case
  205. My Song Stories: John Raso of Harry Fox Agency and Rumblefish [INTERVIEW]
  206. Music Discover Platform TuneGo Launches A Record Label
  207. Apple’s App store’s days of glory have passed
  208. Blackberry still trying to escape jam
  209. How Music Festivals Are Changing [Interview w/Evan Harrison of Huka Entertainment]
  210. Being On Official Spotify Playlists Has A Lasting Effect, Even For Unknown Artists
  211. Apple Music Had 20% More Users Last Month Than Spotify or Pandora
  212. Artists Are Humans And Mental Health Care Is A Human Right
  213. DMCA Helps YouTube Underpay Music Industry Up To $1 Billion A Year, Claims New Study
  214. Streaming Now Generates More Revenue For Music Industry Than Downloads, Physical Comb
  215. US FCC wants to reform big data to help poor telcos
  216. Silver Lake and Broadcom want Toshiba’s flash
  217. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  218. Calculate Your Spotify Payments With This FREE Per US Stream Mechanical Calculator
  219. How To Find Music Supervisors Using Tunefind [Hypebot's Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
  220. The Red Paintings Send Clues To Supporters Using Disposable Cameras
  221. Why, How And When Artists Should Use Instagram Live
  222. This Week In Music Commentary
  223. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  224. Music Think Tank Weekly: Why You're Not Getting What You Want • Stop Wasting Money •
  225. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  226. US state wants to give its drones guns
  227. US to train kids to handle fake news
  228. ACM Awards Winners 2017 - The Full List: Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Thomas Rhett
  229. Mitch Glazer To Helm RIAA When Cary Sherman Retires Next Year
  230. 2016 Was A Year Of Progress For Music, says RIAA's Cary Sherman
  231. How Music Fans Are Choosing Their Summer Festival Lineup
  232. Are Record Labels About To Encourage Spotify's 50 Million Free Users To Become Pirate
  233. Artist, Manager Relationship - Recording Industry Management Agreements [Part 1]
  234. Intel finally gets rid of McAfee
  235. Apple orders 70 million bent OLED screens from Samsung
  236. New Fair Play, Fair Pay Act: What's Inside?
  237. Facebook Testing Option To Link Groups, Pages - How It Works
  238. New Leaked Documents Expose Waste, Incompetence At U.S. Copyright Office
  239. Spotify and Universal Music Ink New Deal That Includes Album Windowing
  240. Samsung makes record earnings from chips
  241. General Motors connects its robots to StarNet
  242. Snapchat Tips & Tricks 2017
  243. 5 Steps To Success For Every Emerging Artist
  244. ASCAP Reports Record $1B Revenue Fueled By 41% Increase In Streaming Income
  245. YouTube Go Launches In India
  246. AM BRIEF: Spotify UMG Deal Reaction • Kayne Steams Platinum • ASCAP's 3rd $1B Year •
  247. Snapchat's User Base Is Getting Much Older
  248. 10 Women Sound Engineers Changing The Game
  249. How To Get A Job At Spotify
  250. Artist vs Manager: Overcoming The Internal Struggle