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  1. Investors Are Poised To Disrupt Music Funding [Antony Bruno]
  2. Twitter To Live Stream 3 Major Music Award Show Red Carpets
  3. LG Display does rather well
  4. Yahoo being investigated for handling of data breaches
  5. EXPERIMENT: Is It Possible For And Indie Artist To Earn $20,000 In 200 Days On Spotif
  6. YouTube Launches New Chat Feature
  7. How To Sell Music Online - The Complete Guide
  8. Jack White Is Opening Own Vinyl Pressing Plant
  9. Oscar Nominees 2017 - The Full List
  10. Are Cassettes The New Vinyl? Look At These Stats Before You Answer
  11. How To Use Pandora AMP To Score 50,000 Video Views In 3 Days
  12. Apple Updates iTunes - 12.5.5 Is Available To Download Now
  13. YouTube Pays Indies 10% Of What Spotify Does, says Merlin CEO
  14. How The Big Tidal and Sprint Deal Benefits Both [Mark Mulligan]
  15. Theil heads to Middle Earth to escape the Mordor of Trump’s America
  16. Microsoft wins in mail sharing case
  17. Netflix Not Worried About Death Of Net Neutrality, But Startups Should Be Terrified
  18. For Music, Artificial Scarcity Has Become Scarce [David Lowery]
  19. How Changing In-Store Music Can Change The Way Shoppers Think
  20. 3 Music Tech Trends To Watch In 2017
  21. Enter NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest - Just 5 Days Left!
  22. Bandcamp Reports Strong Growth, Adding 2000 Indie Labels, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ar
  23. BT losing a pizza the action after Italian accounting scandal
  24. Google boots 200 fake news sites
  25. Project Music Names Next Accelerator Class, New Investors
  26. Why You Need A Social Media And Content Strategy
  27. 6 Simple Strategies To Collect More Email Addresses At Shows
  28. Pandora Predictions: Jain Reigns, The Dead South Come Alive
  29. 115 Social Media Facts You Need To Know [INFOGRAPHIC]
  30. Billboard Finally Adds Streaming To All Genre Charts
  31. Music Must Compete In The "Attention Economy" says Sony Exec
  32. Memory chips destined to be a load of old Tosh
  33. Google works out how to make Chrome faster
  34. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  35. Lupe Fiasco Announces New Release, Launches Indie Label with Nashville's Thirty Tiger
  36. Why Do Streams Count As Sales On Billboard Charts? "There is no consumption," says Di
  37. 10 Legal Steps To Take As An Entertainer
  38. Music Industry Has Upper Hand As Spotify Faces Soaring Interest Rates, Stock Discount
  39. YouTube Led Google's 22% Growth, $26 Billion Q4. Maybe They Can Share More Of It With
  40. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  41. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: More Money, More Problems • Stay Safe/Sober • Selling
  42. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  43. This Week In Music Commentary
  44. Facebook Hires YouTube and Google Play's Tamara Hrivnak To Head New Global Music Stra
  45. Microsoft waking from its Ballmer inspired snooze
  46. Apple getting its “internet of things” clock cleaned by Amazon
  47. HMV Canada Is Bankrupt, Closing All 102 Stores
  48. Billboard Adds Pandora To Chart Data
  49. 5 Tips To Supercharge Your Spotify Marketing Strategy
  50. How Often Should You Release New Music?
  51. Purple Spotify Billboards Point To Prince Streaming Release
  52. Major Lose Out As BMG Acquires Jason Aldean's Broken Bow Records
  53. Sony loses a billion at the movies
  54. EU roaming charge agreement crucial
  55. The Musicians Guide To SoundCloud: Part 2
  56. Which Apple Music Playlists Get You The Most New Fans?
  57. This Week in Music Supervision and Sync 1.31.17
  58. Projecting Trends: The On-Demand Economy In Music
  59. high bay led lighting
  60. Android bug bounties getting huge
  61. 11 Killer Content Ideas For Musicians To Get More Fans On SocialMedia
  62. 5 Steps For Sending The Perfect Demo Submission
  63. Spotify, Playlists and Profitability: On Playing The Long Game
  64. The Musician’s Guide To SoundCloud: Part 3
  65. 12 Playlist Ideas For Breathing Life Into Your Back Catalog
  66. Which Genres Have The Most Engaged Fans?
  67. Oculus ordered to pay up on ZeniMax tech
  68. Nokia does better than expected
  69. Backline With Mary Timony [INTERVIEW]
  70. Thanks Alexa, Music Streamers See Lift From Amazon Echo
  71. Nielsen Completes Gracenote Acquisition
  72. CHANGES @ Triple Tigers • Virgin Records • Atlantic Records
  73. With Music Marketing, Data Is Power
  74. Guide To Independent Radio Promotion: Why It Still Matters
  75. Facebook could be gutted by Trump’s visa crack-down
  76. Sharp sees first profit in two years
  77. Is It Too Late to Learn Music Theory?
  78. Songtrust Partners with DotBlockchain Music
  79. 4 Ways Music Is Used To Soothe And Improve Anxiety Disorders
  80. 200 Indie Artists, Labels Join Bandcamp, Will Donate Share Of Today's Profits To ACLU
  81. Musicians Action Group's Comments To Judiciary Committee Regarding Copyright Reform
  82. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  83. On Getting Sync Placements: An Interview With North Star Media's John Sepetys
  84. 8 New Technologies Redefining How DJs Play Live
  85. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  86. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  87. Indie Music Fans Spent More Than $1 Million On Bandcamp During Friday's ACLU Fundrais
  88. This Week In Music Commentary
  89. Lady Gaga's Paycheck For Playing Superbowl Halftime Is $0.00, But The Rewards Are Eno
  90. Firefox abandons old Netscape APIs
  91. Microsoft does not have to share foreign email but Google does
  92. TuneCore’s New Refer a Friend Program Helps Musicans Earn and Save
  93. RIAA Certified 20 Albums, 181 Singles Gold Or Platinum In January
  94. What Really Happens To Your Concert Ticket Money?
  95. Christopher Sabec Of Rightscorp On Tackling The Songwriter Royalty Mess [INTERVIEW]
  96. Ticketmaster Names Its First Head Of Music
  97. Snapchat vs Facebook vs Twitter Pre-IPO [CHART]
  98. Ed Sheeran Ticketing Fiasco Casts Harsh Light On Broken Industry [Mark Mulligan]
  99. Superbowl Spike: 24,000 Pandora Listeners Added A Lady Gaga Station On Sunday
  100. Dubai and IBM working on Blockchain
  101. Eastern European hacker tried to blackmail Beckham’s spinners.
  102. Drake, the Weeknd, Shawn Mendes Lead Juno 2017 Nominees [Full List]
  103. Snapchat IPO Invites Skepticism, Here's Why
  104. 10 Pandora Initiatives It Says Are Moving The Music Industry Forward
  105. 4 Major Live Music Trends Changing The Industry This Year
  106. Spotify Joins Apple, Facebook, Google, 100+ More Major Companies In Fight Against Tru
  107. Zuckerberg faces shareholder’s night of the long knives
  108. Tech companies are discriminatory
  109. CHANGES @ INgrooves • A2IM • United Talent Agency • Wembley Arena • More
  110. New York Times Subscribers Now Get Free Spotify Premium
  111. 5-Step Guide For Facebook Marketing Beginners
  112. For Continued Growth, Music Streaming Needs Product & Pricing Innovation [MARK MULLIG
  113. Snapchat Faces Challenges And Opportunities As IPO Nears
  114. UK sorts out insurance for self-driving cars
  115. Wikipedia lists the Daily Mail as an “unreliable source”
  116. Department Of Justice Should Drop 100% Licensing Push
  117. Leadership Music Now Accepting Class Of 2018 Applications
  118. Bandcamp Makes Major Improvements To Help Sell More Merchandise, Physical Goods
  119. Trump Advisor Pens Useless, Uninformed Piece On Intellectual Property Theft
  120. 33% Of US Net Households Pay To Stream Music: Amazon Prime Music Surges 50% To #1, Sp
  121. Republicans are destroying their emails
  122. Twitter’s woes deepen
  123. Pandora Stock Falls On Disppointing Forecast, No Listener Growth
  124. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  125. Music Video Reset: YouTube, Vevo, Facebook Rethink Streaming's Killer App [Mark Mulli
  126. 101 Techniques For Breaking Into The Music Industry
  127. YouTube Launches Mobile Live Streaming, Super Chat
  128. OFFICIAL: Prince Comes To Streaming This Sunday [UPDATED]
  129. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  130. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Instagram Live • Don't Scratch It! • The Release • Mo
  131. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  132. Two Top SoundCloud Execs Exit As Financial Pressures Mount
  133. Prince Music Now Streaming On Spotify, Amazon, Pandora And Other Major Services
  134. This Week In Music Commentary
  135. Toshiba gutted by nuclear write down
  136. US rocket man held phone searched by airport security
  137. Grammy Award Winners 2017 [The Complete List]
  138. This Company Will Press Your Cremated Ashes Into Vinyl [VIDEO]
  139. How The Music Industry Can Change (For The Better)
  140. Collect All Your Royalties For Pandora Plays: A How To Guide
  141. The Music Business Is More Innovative Than You Think
  142. SoundCloud Accuses Financial Times Of Fake News That It's "Begging For Money" As 2 To
  143. Google paid car unit too much
  144. Harvard boffins invent decade lasting battery
  145. Amazon Music Just Hired A "Global Head of Programming & Content Strategy"
  146. This Fortnight In Music Supervision & Sync: The Young Pop • Springsteen Does Harry Po
  147. Apple Music "Well Past" 20 Million Subscribers As Top Exec Eddie Cue Shares 'Exclusiv
  148. A Complete Guide To SEO For Musicians
  149. TUE. BRIEF: Apple Tips • Grammy Gains • Prince Is Played • Facebook Soundtracks • Mus
  150. Prince Fans Add 686,348 Pandora Stations In Single Day
  151. Passion Pit Frontman Raises $250 Million To Support Legal, Educational and Healthcare
  152. Comprehensive Grammy 2017 Impact Report Released By Buzz Angle
  153. SXSW Expands Music, Film, AR/VR Hackathon
  154. Twitter For Events & Concerts: What You Need to Know
  155. South Korea prosecutors expand charges against Samsung boss
  156. Digital “Geneva Convention” is Smith’s dream
  157. The Grammys aka "A Night Ruined By Old Men In Suits"
  158. How To Build A Spotify Playlist That Appears In A Search
  159. SoundCloud Named Merrit Farren As New General Counsel
  160. Folk Alliance Announces 2017 Spirit of Folk Awards Recipients
  161. Soundcloud, Netflix, Vimeo And Other Streamers Sued Over Offline Playback Patent
  162. Spotify Adds 1000 Jobs In NYC, Will Move To World Trade Center Thanks To $11M In Stat
  163. BMG Awarded $8M More From Cox In $25M Music Piracy Battle
  164. Live Video Streaming? Which Platform Delivers The Biggest Audience? [CHART]
  165. Youtube's Super Chat: A Guerilla Marketing Gift
  166. Hypebot To Host Indie Music Forum At Music Biz 2017 In Nashville
  167. It's About Entrance Exam Date For Admit Card
  168. Simple Javascript hack breaks most chip protection
  169. Russian hackers seek to game Euro elections
  170. Pandora Makes The Case For Building A Full Stack Streaming Music Company
  171. After 40 Years, Is The CMJ College Radio Chart Dead?
  172. Four Companies Could Buy Spotify And None Are U.S. Based, Says Mark Mulligan
  173. Prince's Songs Were Streamed 4.7 Million Times In First 2 Days
  174. Facebook Is Facing User Fatigue
  175. Songkick Alleges Live Nation's Ticketmaster Used Old Password To Steal Trade Secrets
  176. Sirius XM Wins Flo & Eddie Pre-1972 Royalties Case As Judge Reverses Lower Court Deci
  177. Who Will Actually Contribute To Your Music Crowdfunding Campaign?
  178. EU watchdogs want privacy assurances from Trump
  179. Seven-year-old asks Google for a job
  180. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  181. Dangerous: Judge Claims It 'Objectively Unreasonable' For Cox To Claim DMCA Safe Harb
  182. 6 Key Ways To Enhance Your Instagram Content
  183. It's Time For Congress To Get Serious About Artists' Performance Rights - #IRespectMu
  184. Rochelle Holguin Named To Creative Strategy Post At UPMG
  185. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  186. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Master The Side Hustle • Celebrate Success • Best Musi
  187. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  188. This Week In Music Commentary
  189. Techdirt asks court to throw out email defamation suit
  190. Blackberry sued by former workers
  191. CD Baby Site Still Down After 21+ Hours
  192. Forget PewDiePie: YouTube Still Hosting 100s Of Hate Rock Bands
  193. 5 Countries Showing Big Streaming Gains In 2016
  194. Tosh will flog off most of its chip business
  195. Nintendo’s CD refusal pays off
  196. CD Baby Back Online After Multi-Day Outage
  197. Compare User Growth On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat [CHART]
  198. Bandcamp Grew Fan Signups 4X By Making A Very Simple Change
  199. Everything I Know About Digital Entrepreneurship, I Learned from YouTube
  200. Tom Petty’s MusiCares Speech: "I joined the conspiracy to put black music on the popu
  201. YouTube Unleashes Power Of Live Streaming
  202. EE to build drones and balloons for better reception
  203. Intel soups up its Atoms
  204. AM BRIEF: T Bone Skewers Copyright Laws • Jay Z's Venture Fund • Amazon Goes Country
  205. Spotify's Most Streamed & Viral Tracks US, UK, Global
  206. Top D.I.Y. PR Tips For Every Creator
  207. 5 Things Artists Can Do To Grow Their Network
  208. NY Court Declares No Performance Rights For Flo and Eddie: “POOF” Goes 5 Million Doll
  209. Hypebot's 'Believe It Or Not' - iTunes Is Still The Most Popular Music Platform In Th
  210. HP does well this quarter
  211. Mobile Dialog expects good revenue growth
  212. Roger Waters Eyes "The Wall" Protest Concert On U.S. - Mexico Border
  213. How Do Bands Effectively Manage Royalties AndContracts?
  214. Brit Award Winners 2017 - The Full List From David Bowie To Beyonce
  215. AM BRIEF: Music Biz, Google File DMCA Comments • Jay Z: 1st Rapper To Win Songwriter
  216. How To Structure Your Website To Convert Fans To Customers
  217. Former RIAA Executive Lets Loose On Fair Use
  218. Use The Right Format To Submit Music To Blogs, Radio, Festivals And More
  219. Spotify Adds 3 Original Music Business Focused Podcasts
  220. Most Common Music Publishing Agreements Explained
  221. Youtube cuts giraffe feed because of smut
  222. Cellbrite can unlock the iPhone 6 and 6S
  223. What Do Don Henley, Deadmau5, The Beatles Have in Common w/ Hotel California? Faceboo
  224. LIve Nation Reports Revenue Growth For 6th Straight Year
  225. Fast Company Names 10 Most Innovative Music Companies 2017
  226. 4 Ways A Great Graphic Designer Can Help Musicians Market Their Music
  227. Virginia Legislature Passes Bill Legalizing Ticket Scalping
  228. "YouTube Can Do Better" - Black Keys, Rush, Cee Lo, Others Call For DMCA Reform [WATC
  229. 10 Things You Can Do To Get Better Tour Data
  230. Organic Reach From Social Media Is Declining, Here’s What You Can Do About It
  231. Techstars Music Names 11 To Inaugural Startup Class
  232. 4 Things Which Will Score You A Record Deal Long Before Social Media
  233. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  234. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Which Sound System? • Great Graphic Design • Royalties
  235. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  236. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read On Hypebot
  237. This Week In Music Commentary
  238. Russian cyber treason charges are ancient
  239. Windows security cure is sorting out Admin rights
  240. Expert Towing Services
  241. New Scientific Study Identifies Most Important Member Of Every Band, And It Is...
  242. Why DMCA's Notice & Takedown Already Has 1st Amendment Problems, Plus RIAA/MPAA Want
  243. Independents Grabbed Biggest Share Of Global Music Market In 2016
  244. Stagelink Expands To US Backed By Seven Figure Investment
  245. Axeman looms large at Huawei
  246. Blockchain gains as software giants form alliance
  247. SoundCloud 101: Guide To Making Money On SoundCloud
  248. The New Music Discovery [Deborah Jourdon, Deezer]
  249. A Look At The 11 Startups Named To TechStar Music's Inaugural Class [Bas Grasmayer]
  250. Music Streaming Subscriptions Are Still Stuck In Early Adopter Niche [CHART]