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  1. Hypebot Readers Question YouTube, Spotify Payment Stats
  2. What To Expect When You Hire A Music Publicist
  3. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  4. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  5. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Being A Musician During The Holidays • Online Music Ma
  6. Getting It Done: The Week In DIY and Indie Music
  7. This Week In Music Commentary
  8. Microsoft loses security Edge
  9. Cisco has another victory against Arista
  10. + Music Stats: Marvin Gaye Still Rules Bedroom, Kanye and Bieber Fall Flaccid
  11. Guns N' Roses Sells 1 Million Tickets In 24 Hours
  12. Virtual Reality, Live Music Seem Like Marriage Made In Heaven
  13. The Most Played Americana Albums of 2016
  14. How To Launch A Viral Dance Challenge: Taylor Girlz Explain
  15. 10 Most Searched For Lyrics Of 2016
  16. House Judiciary Committee Proposes Copyright Office Reform Making Register Of Copyrig
  17. How To Rekindle Fan Interest With Retargeted Advertising
  18. Carly Fiorina might get intelligence
  19. EU fines three lithium-ion battery makers
  20. How To Crowdfund A Jazz Album
  21. Inside The Business of Providing VIP Fan Experiences
  22. Hedge Your Bets! Inside The Flo and Eddie SiriusXM Settlement
  23. Spotify Tests New 'Jump In' Feature For Free Users That Makes Paying For Premium Much
  24. Instagram Launches Live Video Broadcasts, Facebook Adds Live 360
  25. Apple Brings Back Music Star Ratings In iOS 10.2 Update
  26. Skype and Facebook face tough data rules in EU
  27. IBM promises Trump that it will hire US workers
  28. How Audiotree Used Streaming To Grow The Fanbase Of Two Iconic Chicago Music Venues
  29. 2017 Will Be The Year Of The Platform, Tidal Will Sell To Apple Predicts MIDiA Resear
  30. Radio Once Again Seeks To Pay Songwriters Lower Rates
  31. Tagging, Structuring Your Music Or Band Site To Optimize For SEO
  32. YouTube Delivers Fans, But There's A Big Value Gap [Russ Crupnick]
  33. Trump and Silicon Valley try to bury the hatchet
  34. Businesses mostly pay up on ransomware extortion
  35. CASH Launches Revolving Loan Fun For Musicians
  36. How To Use Social Media To Promote Live Shows [INFOGRAPHIC]
  37. 5 Tips For Getting Bloggers Interested In Your Music
  38. Top 20 Songs, Artists, Breakouts Across 2800 Digital Radio Services Including Pandora
  39. Neil Young To Transform Pono Into High-Res Streaming Service
  40. Instagram grows its user base
  41. German robot maker divorces US arm
  42. Drake and The Weeknd Have Record Breaking Week On Spotify
  43. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  44. Detroit School Of Arts Builds A Community Through Music [VIDEO]
  45. President Obama Signs "Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act of 2016"
  46. Obamacare In Trouble, Musicians Should Sign Up Anyway
  47. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  48. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: 27 Club • Local Concerts • Schema For SEO • More
  49. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  50. What's the best microphone to capture 3D sound ?
  51. This Week In Music Commentary
  52. BANDPAGE ALTERNATIVES: As D2F Service Drops Key Features, Help Us Build A List Of Opt
  53. Apple goes for the worse legal defence ever
  54. Boffins fear book-burning Trump brown-shirts
  55. Links, Live, Mentions, Boomerang All Now On Instagram
  56. BandPage Promises New Features For YouTube Creators In 2017
  57. The "Drake" Effect: Thoughts From A&R Exec, Songwriter Spek
  58. Billboard, Nielsen Finally Add Streaming To 19 Genre Album Charts
  59. In 2017, Experience Should Be Everything [Mark Mulligan]
  60. IBM suits revolt against CEO’s Trump endorsement
  61. Zuckerberg thinks he is Ironman with his own Jarvis
  62. AM BRIEF: Tribune Sells Gracenote • Beyonce Sued Over Roc-A-Fella Logo • Taylor Swift
  63. 3 Unique Online Music Marketing Strategies for 2017
  64. Join Hypebot's Online Holiday Networking Party Starting Wednesday
  65. A BIG Music Marketing Mistake To Avoid
  66. The Record. Co. Celebrates The Finest Of Boston's Musicians [INTERVIEW]
  67. ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Soundtrack: Will It Be As Big As Its Predecessor?
  68. Russian hackers make a killing showing real ads to non-humans
  69. Blackberry does better than expected
  70. TuneGO Raises $3.6 Million To Connect Musicians With The Industry
  71. AM BRIEFING: Turtles Lose SiriusXM Suit • Music Pubs Push FB • Growth: Apple vs Spot
  72. 10 Music Marketing Predictions For 2017 [JESSE KIRSHBAUM]
  73. Join Our Holiday Only Networking Party: Introduce Yourself To The Hypebot Community!
  74. If Music Is Digital Gold?, Why Do We Always Treat It Like Digital Plastic? [BENJI ROG
  75. Chinese get EM drive to work
  76. Mozilla improves multi-process Firefox
  77. THU. BRIEF: AirPods Debut To Raves • Amazon Scores Garth Brooks Streaming Exclusive •
  78. Billboard Acquires Spin, Vibe and Stereogum, Azoff and Leiweke's Oak View Acquires Ve
  79. Obama Signed The BOTS Act, But Don't Get Too Excited
  80. Turning Pennies To Dollars: Increasing The Efficiency Of Royalty Collections
  81. Lithuania miffed to find Putin’s spyware
  82. Red Hat doing well
  83. Identifying Your Two Types Of Fans
  84. Battle Over Public Performance Rights Of Old Music Heats Up: NY Rejects, Supreme Cou
  85. Music Publishing News 12.23.16: Nielsen Buys Gracenote • Facebook vs Publishers • Lou
  86. John Legend's "All Of Me" Join YouTube 1 Billion Views Club
  87. John Legend's "All Of Me" Join YouTube 1 Billion Views Club
  88. Holidays Hustle: 8 Ways To Promote Your Band Or Brand
  89. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  90. Nearly half of our current jobs will be gone in 25 years
  91. Floating speakers are going to be a thing
  92. Music Industry Leaders Offer Their Predictions For 2017
  93. Fader Adds 2 To Social Media Team
  94. Facebook Video Chat Is An Effective Music Promotion Tool
  95. Maximizing Your Music Collection On Your Smartphone
  96. Sony Music, Bob Dylan Twitter Accounts Hacked - No, Britney Spears Is Not Dead
  97. White House rushes to lock out Russian hackers
  98. Coppers might arrest your smart devices
  99. Modern Music PR With Jamie Roberts [INTERVIEW]
  100. How I Gained 10.5 Million YouTube Followers
  101. SoundCloud Touts Music Discovery, Creator Updates In Year End Report
  102. Internet Gives Musicians Double-Edged Sword
  103. Android bugs hard to shift from tellies
  104. Czech form police fake news unit to defend against Putin
  105. Tidings Of Comfort, Joy, Forgiveness & Success: A Four-Part Exercise For Musicians
  106. How To Go Global On Social Media In 4 Just Steps
  107. Spotify’s Acquisition Of SoundCloud No Longer Likely
  108. Shazam To Add Songkick Concert Listings In 2017
  109. THU. BRIEF: UMG Acquires Office Augusta • Alibaba Plans $7.2B Entertainment Investmen
  110. Consumer Reports will not bow to Apple pressure
  111. Apple sued over fatal crash in Texas
  112. 5 Marketing Takeaways From Music Streaming
  113. Anti-YouTube Crusader Elton John Partners With YouTube
  114. WMG CEO Sends Year End Letter To Staff
  115. FRI. BRIEF: SoundExchange $'s Could Fall $200M In '17 • Run-DMC Sues Amazon, WalMart
  116. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  117. Don’t look at that email when you wake up
  118. 2016 a bad year for tech celebs too
  119. Apple sued for not making something
  120. iPhone 7 hands free lost with all hands
  121. 2016: A Look Back At Deaths In Music
  122. AM BRIEF: Vinyl Hits 25 Year High • UK Streams 1B Songs Weekly • KLOS Redefines Class
  123. Google Rumored To Be Interested In Acquiring SoundCloud, Pandora Seeking Alternative
  124. BMI Files Federal Rate Court Action Against The Radio Music License Committee
  125. Marketing Your Music Using The Instagram Story Feature
  126. Blame Game Begins After Disastrous Mariah Carey New Year's Eve Performance
  127. Vinyl and One Size Fits All Strategies Will Not Save The Music Business [Mark Mulliga
  128. Telly catches Fire
  129. Qualcomm details Snapdragon 835 processor
  130. Fundraisers Planned For Bankrupt Team Rock's 73 Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog Staf
  131. AM BRIEF: Spotfify "Must" Find Profitability • Coachella, BottleRock Lineups • Facebo
  132. How #Coachella Announcement Exploded On #Twitter [CHART]
  133. Merlin Works To Make Independents Equal With Majors On Streaming Services [INTERVIEW]
  134. SESAC Sold To Blackstone, A Private Equity Firm Known For Leveraged Buyouts, Credit D
  135. Track Your Direct-to-Fan Music and Merch Sales with Flyt's Free Url Shortener
  136. Spotify's Top Artists plus Most Streamed and Viral Songs US, UK and Global Week of 1/
  137. Samsung wants to sell 10 million S8 phones
  138. Apple sells out key ally to the Chinese
  139. Drake, Chainsmokers Top iHeartRadio Music Awards Nominees 2017
  140. Audio Streaming Is Growing MUCH Faster Than Video [CHART]
  141. Rightscorp Rings In New Year By Vowing To Find New Ways To Lose Money
  142. AM BRIEF: Grammys Make NY Moves • Live365 Returns • SESAC Sold • Goodbye Vine • More
  143. Major Labels, Streaming Music Services Endorse Competing Hi-Resolution Audio Formats
  144. SoundCloud Responds To Cash Crunch Claims
  145. 4 Things I Would’ve Done Differently In My Successful Music Crowdfunding Campaign
  146. Paid Audio Streaming Gowing 9X Faster Than Ad-Supported To Drive U.S. Music Consumpti
  147. Ghostship Fire: Mourn The Dead, Fight Like Hell For The Living
  148. Verizon getting cold feet about Yahoo
  149. AMD shows off Vega
  150. 3 Practice Tricks to Become a Better Musician
  151. Music Publishing News 1.6.17: Great Year For Lawyers Ahead • BMI Fights Radio Rates •
  152. Small Goals For Maximum Success In 2017
  153. Irving Azoff Calls Radio Industry A Cartel [Analysis]
  154. AM BRIEF: Music Biz Embraces Hi Res Streaming @ CES • AEG Under Fire • iHeart Stream
  155. Obama On Post-Election Plans: "I'm waiting for my job at Spotify"
  156. Measuring Online Audience Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]
  157. A Label, A Magazine And Band On The Value Of Email Marketing
  158. Meet BeatStars, The Bootstrapped Sampling Startup
  159. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  160. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Small Goals Big Success • Legal Basics • PR Success •
  161. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  162. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  163. This Week In Music Commentary
  164. Court delivers a nasty precedent for patent trolls
  165. Nokia gets back into smartphones
  166. Spotify Creates "Presidents Of Playlists" Position For Obama
  167. James McMurtry On State of Texas, State Of The Music Business Plus The Digital Tip Ja
  168. Artist vs. Songs: Building An Identity In The Streaming Era
  169. Is CES The New SXSW?
  170. Blockchain For Music: The Promise and Problems
  171. Alibaba promises Trump a million new jobs
  172. Yahoo gone, Mayer to quit
  173. How To Release An Album – The Definitive Checklist
  174. Facebook Is Searching For In-House Composer
  175. Pandora Is Worth $700 Million Less Than Just 6 Months Ago, As Stock Slide Continues
  176. Your Marketing Resolutions For 2017: COLLECT
  177. 8 Rules You Need ToKnow To Get Songs Placed In Film And TV
  178. Samsung CEO is a suspect in Park probe
  179. MacFarlane quits Sonos
  180. Spotify's Top Artists plus Most Streamed and Viral Songs US, UK and Global Week of 1/
  181. Artist vs. Songs: Building An Identity In The Streaming Era (Part II)
  182. Lil Yachty Named Creative Designer For Nautica
  183. Rudy Sarzo On Being A Hired Gun [INTERVIEW]
  184. How DJ Khaled Uses Visual Storytelling to Sell His “Keys”
  185. Pandora Passes 4.3M 'Plus' Subscribers, Ups Revenue Estimate, Starts Major Staff Cuts
  186. YouTube Launches “Super Chat” To Help Musicians Make Money From Live Streams, But Dis
  187. The Many Ways Of Accepting Payment For Your Music and Merch [HOW TO]
  188. Why Getting Signed To A Label Shouldn't Be Your Goal
  189. SoundCloud Makes Two Executive Appointments
  190. Microsoft staff sue over being force to watch smut
  191. Windows 10 to lock when you move away
  192. AM BRIEF: Apple Music To Add Scripted Programs • Sheeran Soars • Chrome + FLAC • Asyl
  193. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  194. Spotify , Pandora, YouTube Top 10 App Earners In 2016 Proving That Freemium Still Wor
  195. Why Bonnaroo Will And Should Never Be Coachella
  196. How To Survive The Music Industry In 2017
  197. Why So Many Music Startups Fail And What We Can Do About It
  198. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  199. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music In World Cultures • Car Audio System • Earn As M
  200. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  201. This Week In Music Commentary
  202. South Korea mulls giving Samsung boss a get out of jail free card
  203. Facebook says it will reduce fake news
  204. YouTube’s Safe Harbor: The Push For Reform
  205. MUST READ: Well-Being In The Music Industry
  206. How Musicians Can Benefit From Creating Mobile Apps
  207. Full List Of Bandcamp Artists Performing At Trump's Inauguration
  208. Midemlab: 10 Years Of Music and Music Tech Innovation
  209. Angry Birds descend on London
  210. Windows 7 is a chocolate teapot, Microsoft warns
  211. Study Suggests Connecting With Fans, Public Shaming More Effective Than Legislation A
  212. How Radio Concert Wristbands Can Scale For Smaller Shows
  213. When Artists Lead Their Audiences: Roger Waters, Alice Cooper, Beyoncé and More
  214. Thinking Like A DJ Can Make Studio Mixes Better
  215. Major Music Manager Accused Of Direct Secondary Market Sales
  216. FTC sues Qualcomm for antitrust antics
  217. AT&T kills off first iPhone
  218. Spotify's Top Artists Plus Most Streamed and Viral Songs US, UK And Global Week Of 1.
  219. How One City Supports Its Music Scene: Philadelphia, PA
  220. Music Streaming's New Playlist Economy
  221. How A Christian Rock Star Started A Six-Figure Music Business Online [INTERVIEW]
  222. My Electric Toothbrush Hums in Middle C: Using the Sounds Around You to Improve Your
  223. Tosh takes another kick in the nadgers
  224. Samsung boss goes free for now
  225. MusicFirst Coalition Pens Open Letter to Congress
  226. Pandora Tops YouTube, Spotify In 2016 Music Listening, As Streaming Beats Radio For F
  227. 6 Types Of Spotify Playlists That Will Feature A New Song
  228. INgrooves' Bryan Mead Named SVP Artist and Label Relations At PledgeMusic
  229. Musicians Sues Distributor E1 Direct Deal With SiriusXM
  230. A brain does not work like a computer chip
  231. Mark Zuckerburg becomes the evil land magnet
  232. ReverbNation's Simon Perry On Identifying A Curating Talent [INTERVIEW]
  233. How To Use Soundcloud To Drive iTunes Sales
  234. Have $9.99 Streaming Subscriptions Reached A Saturation Point? [MARK MULLIGAN]
  235. An Indie Album Tops SoundCloud 2016 Chart
  236. How U.S. Music Consumption Changed 2016 vs. 2015 [CHART]
  237. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  238. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  239. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: McCartney's Lawsuit • Jennifer Holliday Cancels Perfor
  240. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  241. This Week In Music Commentary
  242. Foxconn will build in the US
  243. China invests $14.55 billion into internet
  244. How Netflix Can Turn A Profit While Spotify Has Not (Yet)
  245. IBM's Watson Tells Us The Happiest, Maddest and Saddest Musicians Of All Time [INFOGR
  246. Is Artist Sponsorship Today’s Music Payola?
  247. Sprint Acquires 33% Of Jay Z's TIDAL For $200M, Promises $75M Fund For Artists
  248. AM BRIEF: Sprint Invest In Tidal • Net Neutrality Foe To Head FCC • PIAS Acquires In
  249. Band Of Heathens, Jamestown Revival, Tift Merritt Top Americana Music Chart This Week
  250. Not All Art And Music Are Scalable and Not All Businesses Should [Maggie Vail]